Nature Canada 1998 - Abstracts

Nature Canada 1998
A borderline decision.(white wood aster included in Canada's threatened species)Science and technologyWake, Winifred
A dangerous female.(black widow spiders)Science and technologyJensen, Philip
A lasting heritage.(wild bergamot)(includes related article on the cultivation of wild bergamot)Science and technologyBeresford-Kroeger, Diana
A learning experience.(a study on pigeons' behavior)Science and technologyHunt, Steven
Amazing greys.(grey whales)Science and technologyBusch, Robert H.
Another streamside attraction.(environmental significance of riparian zones)Science and technologyOelbermann, Maren
A rosy picture.(includes related article on growing specie roses)Science and technologyBeresford-Kroeger, Diana
A seasonal symphony.(includes related article)(Cover Story)Science and technologySchneider, Dan
A short-horned lizard suit of armor.Science and technologyWake, Winifred (Cairns)
Bear necessities: Mike McIntosh is a self-taught expert at rehabilitating injured and mistreated bears.Science and technologyTebby, Mary-Lyn
Bogged down in the Tonquin Valley.(Canada)Science and technologySeaton, Jill
Cows and fish: a "made-in-Alberta" success story.(conservation programs in Alberta, Calgary)Science and technologyTighem, Kevin van
Dead and gone.(blow flies as one of nature's important insects)Science and technologyHamilton, Garry
Desert oasis.(visiting Canada's Cypress Hills Interprovincial PArk)Science and technology 
Desert rats.(adaptive difference of kangaroo rats in the US and Canada)Science and technologyWake, Winifred Cairns
Eden north.(travelling the ice-capped region of the Arctic islands)Science and technologyStruzik, Ed
Farming the oceans.(aquaculture saves Canada's falling fishing industry)Science and technologyHiggins, Mark
Getting their act together.(protecting Canada's national parks)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin
Heard but not seen.(yellow-breasted warblers)Science and technologyWake, Winifred
Interpreting thunder.Science and technologyChadwick, Phil
Jewels of the bird world.(watching and identifying warblers)Science and technologyRuntz, Michael
Loon magic.(loons as nature's pollution indicator)Science and technologyLeahy, Stephen
Madcap maples: if only the Royal Canadian Mint had taken a course in basic botany.Science and technologyAaron, Richard
Making her point.(forming Canada's first Hemispheric Shoebird Reserve)Science and technology 
Missing pieces.(unexplained extinction of squirrels in Canada)Science and technologyStruzik, Ed
Niagara newlyweds: one on the brink of extinction, the endangered anatum sub-species of the peregrine falcon is making a comeback in the wild.Science and technologyForest, Leah de
No nose is good news.(skunks' peculiar defense)Science and technologySchenider, Dan
Pincer attack.(pseudoscorpion)Science and technologyStabb, Mark
Predicting the storm.(how to anticipate climatic changes in Canada)Science and technologyChadwick, Phil
Retaining water.(benefits of storm water retention ponds)Science and technologyMacDonald, Jake
Schools for species: CNF's endangered species poster contest was a hit with students.Science and technology 
Seal of approval.(how trees manage to recover from injuries)Science and technologyStabb, Mark
Securing a safe haven for herons.Science and technology 
Shaggy mushroom stories.Science and technologyAaron, Richard
Short end of the stick: both of Canada's short-horned lizard species are on the endangered list.Science and technologyWake, Winifred (Cairns)
Something for everyone.(visiting the Bruce Peninsula National Park)Science and technologyJackson, Matthew
The bird-woman of Turtle Lake.Science and technologyPolachic, Darlene
The lovely duckling: a cautionary tale.Science and technologySaunders, Gary L.
The magical mullein.(medicinal and ornamental values of mullein)(includes related article on how to plant mullein)Science and technologyBeresford-Kroeger, Diana
The moose-watcher's paradise.(visiting the Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario)Science and technologyAniskowicz-Fowler, B.T.
The parent trap.(brood parasitism)Science and technologyRuntz, Michael
The promiscuous plant: Amelanchier is so successful at hybridizing that estimates of the actual number of species vary from nine to 25.Science and technologyBeresford-Kroeger, Diana
The sound of silence: when it comes to aquatic ecosystems, bullfrogs and other amphibians are 'canaries in the coal mine'.Science and technologyLeahy, Stephen
The tides of life: semipalmated sandpipers depend on the bounty of Fundy's tides to fuel their southbound journey each year.Science and technologyRuntz, Michael
Toad's legacy: thanks to the efforts of one man, B.C.'s Columbia River wetlands remain a haven for wildlife and humans alike.Science and technologyTighem, Kevin van
Underwater bloomers: it took almost 2,000 years for observers to realize that the flower-like sea anemone belonged to the animal kingdom.Science and technologyBackhouse, Frances
Uneasy neighbors: can national parks and timber harvesting get along?(Canada)Science and technologySearle, Rick
Using their heads.(how woodpeckers get their food)Science and technologyRuntz, Michael
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