Nature Canada 1996 - Abstracts

Nature Canada 1996
A Canadian rarity: after migrating north 5000 years ago, deerberry is retreating to its southern home.Science and technologyWake, Winifred
A clear cut decision. (preserving the British Columbia's temperate rainforest by abandoning clearcutting)(Cover Story)Science and technologyPielou, E.C.
A link with the past. (wild irises)(includes related article on choosing the right iris for the garden)Science and technologyHodgins, James L.
A shore thing: lakeshore ecosystems are ill-equipped to handle development. (includes related article on how to preserve lake ecosystems)Science and technologyLightly, Marion
A test for the Whitehorse Mining Initiative.(Nature Alert)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin
BC's backyard nature program. (Naturescape British Columbia)(Nature Alert)Science and technologyStevenson, Barbara
Big city park: the Rouge Park is a wildlife oasis in the middle of the bustling metropolis.Science and technologyLeahy, Stephen
Bioplanning for the future. (includes a list of plants with healing properties)Science and technologyPirisi, Angela
By land and sea. (marbled murrelet)Science and technologyWake, Winifred
Canada gets a new national park! (Wapusk National Park opens in Churchill, Manitoba)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin
Cause and effect. (causeway construction boom in the 1950s and 1960s)(includes related article on the Petitcodiac River)Science and technologyHiggins, Mark, Jeffery, Debbie
Dragons of the air: the primitive dragonfly has been honing its predatory skills for 250 million years. (includes related articles on the migratory practices of green darner dragonflies, distinguishing characteristics of damselflies and dragonflies and water-residing dragonflies)Science and technologySchneider, DAn
Dust to dust: lowly "dust" lichens have been dividing to conquer their inhospitable habitat for millions of years.Science and technologyGoward, Trevor
Electrifying performance: thunderstorms are nature's sound and light show. (includes related articles on lightning)Science and technologySchneider, Dan
Endangered species legislation push is on.(Nature Alert)Science and technologyBinda, Francesca
Feeding strategies. (birds)Science and technologyRuntz, Michael
Fishing for answers: can BC's salmon fishery be saved? (British Columbia)Science and technologySearle, Rick
Freshwater Institute in hot water. (Canadian government's plan to reduce number of scientists at the research facility)Science and technologyRobson, Barbara
How do bees make wax and honey?(Q & A)Science and technologyAniskowicz, B.T.
Invasion of primacy: exotic plants are squeezing out native vegetation in Canada's most populated regions. (includes related articles on invasive plants, why they are thriving, and how to avoid them when planting)Science and technologyCundiff, Brad
Masters of the night: when the sun goes down, owls rely on stealth, sharp eyesight, and keen hearing to hunt for prey.Science and technologyRuntz, Michael
Nature's wrecking crew. (termites)Science and technologyHamilton, Garry
Old-growth bears.Science and technologyBackhouse, Frances
Park site identified for Manitoba Lowlands region.(Nature Alert)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin
Pay per view. (user fees for visitors to Canada's national parks)(includes a history of Parks Canada)(Cover Story)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin
Possible agreement on the Torngats by fall. (proposals on the development of the Torngat Mountains as a park site)Science and technologyKendrick, Anne
Separate tables: some park wardens are using aversion therapy to keep wildlife from mixing with the clientele. (includes related article on how to handle brushes with wildlife)Science and technologyPotter, Mike
Speak out for Banff National Park. (overdevelopment and mismanagement of Canada's first national park)(includes survey questionnaire)(Nature Alert)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin
Standing tall on the prairies: the Manitoba Naturalists' Society believes in stewardship. (managing the tall grass prairie)Science and technologyWaytiuk, Judy
Storm troupers: a coalition of citizen's groups is determined to save the Oak Ridges Moraine. (Save The Oak Ridges Moraine coalition)(Connections)Science and technologyLeahy, Stephen G.
The blue zone; even though oceans and seas cover 70 percent of the planet, their vast size hasn't protected them from harm. (includes related article on the government's marine agenda)(Cover Story)Science and technologyBeckmann, Leslie
The CNF's conservation programs. (Canadian Nature Federation)(CNF Annual Report)Science and technology 
The collector. (butterfly collector Jon Shepard)Science and technologySullivan, Ross
The green rush; BC's largest wilderness area is in danger of being mined for its forests. (300% increase in annual allowable tree cuts threaten the Cassiar region)Science and technologyBassett, Monty
The mists of time: ancient rocks border a rich estuary that has drawn visitors to Bic's shores for centuries. (Bic Provincial Park in eastern Quebec)(Pathways)Science and technologyMercier, Annie, Hamel, Jean-Francois
The plant with nine lives. (Physocarpus capitatus, the Pacific ninebark shrub)(Green Gardner)Science and technologyCostanzo, Brenda
The rites of spring: a bird's repertoire can affect its chances of attracting a mate. (includes related article on house finches)(Birdwatch)Science and technologyRuntz, Michael
The water-wise garden: planting with drought-resistant native species can help conserve water and protect the environment. (includes list of suggested plants for xeriscaping)Science and technologyCross, L.D.
Time for political action on Torngat Mountains Park.Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin
Weathering the storm: harsh winters have brought the northern bobwhite to the verge of extinction in its Canadian range.(Species in Danger)Science and technologyWake, Winifred (Cairns)
Winners and losers in wilderness protection grades. (reports from the Endangered Spaces Campaign report card)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin, Levita, Judi
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