Nature Canada 1995 - Abstracts

Nature Canada 1995
A backyard pond idea.Science and technologyMeredith, Greg
A geologist's dream. (Parc d'Aiguebelle's trails)Science and technologyAutotte, Christiane
A hyperactive mammal. (Pacific water shrew; includes children's craft project)Science and technologyWake, Winifred Cairns
A thorny problem. (eastern prickly pear cactus)(includes related article)Science and technologyWake, Winifred
Attracting and keeping beneficial insects in the garden.Science and technologyMarshall, S.A.
Become an heirloom gardener. (promoting biodiversity)(includes related article)Science and technologyIrving, Elizabeth
Bison will still roam in Wood Buffalo home. (Wood Buffalo National Park)(Nature Alert)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin
Bringing it all back home. (biodiversity in gardens)Science and technologyHough, Michael
Butterfly blues. (disappearance of Karner blue butterflies from Ontario)(includes related articles on role of Canadian Nature Federation and captive breeding)(Cover Story)Science and technologyCundiff, Brad
Cardinal rules. (cardinal flower)Science and technologyHodgins, James L.
Gardening Canadian-style. (includes related articles)Science and technologyBurnett, J. Alexander
Give Jasper expansion the cold shoulder. (planned expansion of Jasper Park Lodge in Canada)Science and technologySeaton, Basil, Seaton, Jill
Good guys in the garden. (beneficial insects)Science and technologyMarshall, S.A.
Great Dane. (bald-eagle lover Thor Froslev)Science and technologyHamilton, Garry
Help wanted to strengthen endangered species act. (species protection legislation in Canada)(Nature Alert)Science and technologyBinda, Francesca
Here for a long time, not a good time.Science and technologyGoward, Trevor
Home sweet home. (gall insect habitats)Science and technologyAniskowicz, B.T.
Identifying features. (bird camouflage)Science and technologyRuntz, Michael
Lawsuit over the Bonnet Plume. (Bonnet Plume River in the Yukon)Science and technologyMadsen, Ken
Life after death: the death of one species can mean life for many others.(Cover Story)Science and technologyMason, Adrienne
Lobsters in the woods. (lobster mushroom)Science and technologyKroeger, Paul
Looking for heron. (personal narrative about heron watching)Science and technologyHoyt, Erich
Matching native perennials to your garden.Science and technologyBurnett, J. Alexander
Mineral development threatens proposed Labrador national park.(Torngat Mountains National Park)Science and technologyMacNamee, Kevin
Mining our heritage. (Bonnet Plume River in the Yukon)Science and technologyMadsen, Ken
Mixed grades on endangered spaces report card.(Nature Alert)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin, Levita, Judi
Of mud and feathers. (swallows)Science and technologyHuemer, Cendrine
People power. (restoration of Point Pelee National Park in Ontario)(includes related article on impact of birdwatchers)Science and technologyMorin, Brian
Rabies go-round. (raccoon rabies)Science and technologyLeahy, Stephen G.
Rediscovering the Quill Lakes. (part three)(includes related articles)Science and technologyKarpan, Robin, Karpan, Arlene
"River of the long tides." (Kouchibouguac National Park)Science and technologyHersey, Linda
Second State of the Parks Report tabled in parliament.(Canada)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin
Shooting stars. (shooting star plant)(includes related articles on growing tips and seed resources)Science and technologyRainer, Jim
Shrinking violet. (least bittern)Science and technologyWake, Winifred
Silken subterfuge. (why insects are attracted to spider webs)Science and technologyKingsmill, Suzanne
S.O.S. (cleanup of Winnipeg's Seine River)Science and technologyWaytiuk, Jude
Spot the ladybug; join in the Canadian Nature Federation's EPIC lady beetle survey. (includes related article)Science and technologyMacRae, Maria
The great white hope. (environmental policy of Justice Thomas Berger)Science and technologyStruzik, Ed
The marvels of migration.Science and technologyRuntz, Michael
The mysteries of the animal mind.Science and technologyOelbermann, Maren, Milburn, Michael
The status of wildlife in Canada.(Nature Alert)Science and technologyChute, Christie
Turning the tide. (preservation of the Fraser River delta in British Columbia)(includes related articles)Science and technologyBackhouse, Frances
Water works. (ponds and birdbaths in the garden)(includes related articles)Science and technologySchneider, Dan
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