Nature Canada 1993 - Abstracts

Nature Canada 1993
A Carolinian mecca. (untouched attractions of Backus Woods in Ontario)Science and technologyStabb, Mark
Active Living: a new approach to physical activity. (physical fitness program for Canadians)Science and technology 
Against all odds. (growth of flora in the Arctic region)Science and technologyBergeron, Jean-Francois
A hiker's paradise. (Gaspesie Park)Science and technologyAutoitte, Christian
A well-travelled road. (Ontario's French River)Science and technologyAniskowicz, B. Theresa
A wolf kill at any cost. (wolf extermination as solution to the high calf mortality rate in the Yukon Territory) (Nature Alert )Science and technologyAniskowicz, B.T.
Breaking down the barriers. (small initiatives count in meeting the objectives of the Go for Green campaign in Canada) (Active Living: Go for Green!)Science and technology 
Breaking the rules: phalaropes are very peculiar shorebirds indeed.Science and technologyBrown, Richard
Canadians go for green. (Go for Green campaign in Canada) (Active Living: Gofor Green!)Science and technology 
CNF tackles mining section on protected areas. (opposition of mining industry to Canadian Nature Federation's target of reserving 12% of Canada for park use)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin
Cold comfort. (arctic animals' protection from the cold) (Illustration)Science and technology 
Count yourself in! (activities for participants in the celebration of Fitweek in Canada) (Active Living: Go for Green!)Science and technology 
Debating the future of Gwaii Hanaas. (Queen Charlotte Islands)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin
Deciphering the otoliths. (stones located inside the ears of fishes)Science and technologyKingsmill, Suzanne
Decision time on the Tashenshini. (alternative uses of the Tatshenshini wilderness in British Columbia) (Nature Alert)Science and technologyMcNamee, Kevin
Diving with the devilfish. (Cover Story)Science and technologyBusch, Robert H.
Far from home. (discovery of ancient white prairie gentian plant in Walpole Island, Ontario)(includes related article on how to make a giant gentian using toilet paper)Science and technologyWake, Winifred
Go for Green pins big hopes on small actions. (Go for Green campaign initiatives in Canada) (Active Living: Go for Green!)Science and technology 
Going North. (endangered woodland caribou retreats northward in Canada) (Species in Danger)Science and technologyWake, Winifred Cairns
Halifax's best-kept secret. (McNabs Island)Science and technologyMcLeod, Carol
Hard-headed carpenters: woodpeckers really know how to use their noggins.Science and technologyDi Labio, Bruce, Di Labio, Laurie
High-density housing takes the shine off Glencoe Cove.Science and technologySearle, Rick, Tanaka, Tracy
How cold was it? (temperature based on beetles of Ice Age period)Science and technologyMcLeod, Carol
Hunting for naturalists. (Sila Lodge as a sanctuary for naturalists)Science and technologyKarpan, Robin, Karpan, Arlene
In the hot seat. (effects of global warming on the polar bears in the Arcticregion)Science and technologyStruzik, Ed
Is this jewel a fake? (logging at the Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario)Science and technologySchultz, Caroline
Journey through time. (glimpse of an ancient landscape provided by a ride along the Red Deer River in Alberta)(includes related articles)Science and technologyBailey, Paul
Loonacy. (loons)Science and technologyBrown, Richard
Marine ambassadors. (whales as messengers of the sea)Science and technologyShaw, Greg
Marsh ghosts. (extinction of rails)Science and technologyDi Labio, Bruce, Di Labio, Laurie
Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow.Science and technologySearle, Rick, Tanaka, Tracy
No laughing matter. (endangered harlequin ducks)Science and technologyWake, Winifred (Cairns)
Paradise paved. (fir ecosystem in Vancouver Island)Science and technologySearle, Rick, Tanaka, Tracy
Picture perfect. (mountains of the Canadian Shield)Science and technologyOrlak, James
Pollinators in peril: insects have been keeping plants' evolutionary juices flowing for centuries. (factors that may cause depopulation of insects)(includes related articles) (Cover Story)Science and technologyKingsmill, Suzanne
Poll probes attitudes toward physical activity and the environment. (Environics Research's survey on mature Canadians) (Active Living: Go for Green!)Science and technology 
Praying for food. (praying mantis' cannibalism)Science and technologyBennett, Thomas
Reclaiming the land. (Saskatchewan farmer extracts oil from polluted soil)Science and technologyKrueger, Steve
Ringing in the year with reindeer. (how to make a paper reindeer decoration) (Kidstuff)Science and technologyWake, Winifred Cairns
Teach your children well. (ways to develop love of animals and nature in children)(includes related articles)Science and technologySchneider, Dan
The breadfruit caper. (failed attempt to transport seedlings of Malaysian breadfruit to West Indies)Science and technologyBrown, Richard
The people's Paleontology Project. (British Columbia's Paleontology Project)Science and technologyBailey, Paul
This theory's belly-up. (energy theory on the snake's slithering motion)Science and technologyKingsmill, Suzanne
Toxic cannibals: eating your own kind can be hazardous to your health. (risks of cannibalism among animals and insects)Science and technologyKingsmill, Suzanne
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