Mayo Clinic Health Letter 2006 - Abstracts

Mayo Clinic Health Letter 2006
Back care: Overcoming pain and staying active.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Beyond Viagra: What are your options?(Drug overview)Health 
Bird flu: Surviving a pandemic.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Burning mouth syndrome: Turning down the heat.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Chronic cough: It can be helped.Health 
Chronic kidney disease.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Chronic subdural hematoma: Bleeding on the brain.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Food advertising: Separating fact from fiction.Health 
Gallstones: Common, but not to be ignored.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Healing grief: Dealing with loss.Health 
Heart imaging: Matching the best view to you.Health 
Jet lag: Getting back in sync.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Keeping the beat.Health 
Macular degeneration: Advances in treatment.Health 
Managing hair loss.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Managing nausea.Health 
Monitoring an unstable heart.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Osteoporosis: Treatments for men and women.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Preserving vision: Recognizing retinal problems early.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Proteomics: Health at the cellular level.Health 
Rebound headaches; stopping the cycle of pain.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Rosacea: A manageable condition.Health 
Second opinion.Health 
Shellfish: off the cholesterol blacklist.Health 
Sjogren's syndrome: When tissues dry out.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Skin cancer epidemic; take steps to avoid sun damage.Health 
The national sleep debt: Too many get too little.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Thumb arthritis.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Tinnitus: overcoming the noise.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Treating sleep apnea: Fine tuning CPAP.(continuous positive airway pressure )Health 
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