Mayo Clinic Health Letter 2005 - Abstracts

Mayo Clinic Health Letter 2005
Achilles rupture: Tending to tendon health.Health 
Adult acne: Troublesome, but treatable.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Advance directives: A plan for end of life.Health 
Alcohol withdrawal: Making a safe, clean break.Health 
Alternative treatments: Dealing with chronic pain.Health 
Anesthesia options: Spinal vs. general: Different risks, benefits.Health 
Aortic aneurysm: Ballooning of an artery.Health 
Basal cell carcinoma: A skin cancer with a high cure rate.Health 
Beans: Make them diet regulars.Health 
Beyond menopause: Life after estrogen.(hormone replacement therapy)Health 
Bone transplants: Many options for repair.Health 
Bruxism.(steps to interfere with or even stop the teeth-grinding habits are discussed)Health 
Bunions: From shoe selection to surgery.Health 
Cardiac PET scans: Sometimes, a clearer answer.(Positron Emissive Tomography scanning)Health 
Decreasing dietary fat: 10 ways you can make it happen.Health 
Dementia: Delaying its onset, slowing its progression.Health 
Depression: A definable disorder.Health 
Diverticular disease: The importance of getting enough fiber.Health 
Emphysema: First, stop smoking.Health 
Erythropoietin: Treating severe anemia.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Fatigue: A cue to rest, or a sign of something more?Health 
Forgiveness and health: An act of healing.Health 
Gastric bypass: Surgery's role in treating obesity.Health 
Glaucoma: Early detection can minimize vision loss.Health 
Health tips: Benefits of eating breakfast.Health 
Heart attack: Get help without delay.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Hot and cold treatments: Relieving aches and pains.Health 
Joint infections.(diagnosis and treatment)Health 
Less stress: Ten ways to manage it day by day.Health 
Marital trouble: Meeting life's challenges together.Health 
Metabolism: How you burn calories.Health 
Ovarian cancer: Be aware of warning signs.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Pain medications: Options may be changing.Health 
Panic attacks: Scary, but treatable.Health 
Phobias: Overcoming your fears.Health 
Preventing high blood pressure: Taking action can help.Health 
Prostate health: Early detection, informed choices.Health 
Rabies: Deadly but preventable.Health 
Sleep and aging.Health 
Stroke rehabilitation.Health 
Ten gotta-have foods.(foods for future good health and to avoid diseases)Health 
Urinary incontinence: Know your drug options.(Disease/Disorder overview)Health 
Vitamin D: Individualize your dose.Health 
Weight loss: Strategies that work.Health 
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