Mayo Clinic Health Letter 2004 - Abstracts

Mayo Clinic Health Letter 2004
Actinic keratosis: Early skin cancer.Health 
Adjuvant therapy for breast cancer: An additional hope.Health 
Adrenal gland failure.Health 
Aldosterone: An important factor in heart failure treatment.Health 
Anal and rectal problems: Set aside embarrassment, seek medical care.Health 
Anticoagulants: Oral drug options may expand.Health 
Bruising: When to be concerned.Health 
Cancer-fighting foods: Food choices and cancer risks.Health 
Cardiac echo: Echocardiography provides a look inside your heart.Health 
Cornea transplants.Health 
Coronary bypass.Health 
Dengue fever: World travelers beware.Health 
Dental surface repairs: Veneers and laminates.Health 
Denture anchors: Implants can improve stability, comfort.Health 
Enlarged prostate: Know when to seek treatment.Health 
Enlarged prostate: Therapies have advanced.Health 
Giant cell arteritis.(inflammatory disorder )Health 
Hand dermatitis: Treat your skin well.Health 
Head lice.(CARE AND TREATMENT)Health 
Hip replacement.Health 
Hives: Welts with many causes.Health 
Inflammatory spine arthritis: Back trouble of a different sort.Health 
Influenza: Options for prevention.Health 
Knee pain: Conservative treatment may be the answer.Health 
Lupus: Usually manageable.(chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease)Health 
Managing chronic pain: Therapy for your mind and body.Health 
Motility disorders.Health 
News and our views.Health 
Off-label use of medications: A common practice.Health 
Organ transplants: Proven therapies renewing life.Health 
Ostomies: Alternative methods for waste elimination.Health 
Peripheral arterial disease: are your legs at risk?Health 
Peripheral neuropathy.Health 
Polymyositis: An inflammatory muscle disease.Health 
Pulmonary embolism: Prompt treatment may save your life.Health 
Restless legs syndrome: An urge to move.Health 
Secondary hypertension: High blood pressure with a specific cause.Health 
Shoulder surgery: Techniques are advancing.Health 
Speech therapy: Regaining your voice.Health 
Statins: Cholesterol treatment and beyond.Health 
Sunscreen: From buying to applying.Health 
Surgery: What to expect and how to prepare.Health 
Vascular Dementia: More than memory loss.Health 
Winter exercise: Staying fit, staying warm.Health 
Wrinkle solutions: Turning back the age clock.Health 
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