Mayo Clinic Health Letter 2003 - Abstracts

Mayo Clinic Health Letter 2003
Abscesses: the result of an infection.Health 
Alcohol and health: The pros and the cons.Health 
Back arthritis: Ways to manage the pain.Health 
Barrett's esophagus.Health 
Being a cancer survivor.Health 
Bladder cancer: Treatments improving.Health 
Blood pressure.Health 
Burns: what to do right away.Health 
Caring for the caregiver.Health 
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia: New approaches.Health 
Colon polyps: Little bumps, big significance.Health 
Endometrial ablation: Stop the bleeding.Health 
Erectile dysfunction: More treatment options.Health 
Exercise and your health: How much is enough?Health 
Fiber sources: Food and supplements.Health 
Hallucinations: May signal larger problem.Health 
Hearing aids: Choices for every need.Health 
Hemorrhoids and anal tears: Sometimes painful.Health 
Improving bone density: Tips may help.Health 
Managing your weight: A moving experience.Health 
Medical news: Sorting hype from hope.Health 
Monoclonal antibodies: Targeted treatment.Health 
Multiple sclerosis: treatment is shifting.Health 
Otosclerosis: untimely hearing loss.Health 
Pets and you: Companions for health.Health 
Preventing a second heart attack.Health 
Proper use of inhalers: Technique is key.Health 
Prostate cancer drugs: Making sense of the options.Health 
Reducing diabetes risk: diet, exercise are key.Health 
Renewed threat of smallpox has government considering vaccination options.Health 
Root canals.Health 
Sciatica: Lower back pain with many causes.Health 
Seasonal depression: A matter of light.Health 
Staying mentally sharp.Health 
Testosterone: An important hormone.Health 
The changing face of infectious disease: New threats, new science.Health 
Thickened toenails: Common, embarrassing.Health 
Thyroid testing: Chemical messengers.Health 
Trigeminal neuralgia: Treating facial pain.Health 
Understanding arthritis: Joint pain, many varieties.Health 
Vegetarian diets: Consider the benefits.Health 
Vitamin K: A possible help in bone health.Health 
Water exercise for arthritis.Health 
Yoga and breathing.Health 
Your liver: a vital organ that's durable but not indestructible.Health 
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