Mayo Clinic Health Letter 2001 - Abstracts

Mayo Clinic Health Letter 2001
Acupuncture: procedure is gaining acceptance.(includes related article)Health 
Adrenal tumors: A cause for concern?Health 
Aging of the urinary system.(health)Health 
Angina treatments.(includes related articles)Health 
Atrial fibrillation.(nonrhythmic heartbeat)Health 
Atrophic vaginitis.(includes related article)Health 
Breast cancer and hot flashes.(includes related article)(treatments for menopause)Health 
Breast cancer: early detection and prompt treatment are critical.(Medical Essay)(includes related aticle)Health 
Cellulitis.(includes related article)Health 
Chocolate: Your heart's delight?Health 
Cholesterol and triglycerides.(includes related article)(cardiovascular health monitoring)Health 
Chronic pain: considering the role of medication.(includes related article)Health 
Diabetic retinopathy.Health 
Dry month.(care and treatment)Health 
EECP: putting the squeeze on chest pain.(includes related article)Health 
Enlarged prostate gland: Many treatment options.Health 
Exotic diseases.(risk factors)Health 
Family cancer syndromes.Health 
Getting a good night's sleep.(Medical Essay)(includes related articles)Health 
Gout: a painful joint disorder.(includes related article)Health 
Healthy flying: Planning can make for a better trip.Health 
Healthy weight: a process of changing your lifestyle habits.(includes related article)Health 
Inflammatory bowel disease.(includes related articles)Health 
Joint replacement: Help for when pain changes your lifestyle.Health 
Laparoscopic hernia repair: A faster, easier way.Health 
Lung cancer treatment: No easy answers.Health 
Mad cow disease.(includes related article)Health 
Multiple medications.(includes related article)Health 
Multivitamins: Do you need one?Health 
Myelodysplastic syndrome.(blood cell production)Health 
Obsessive-compulsive disorder: No need to hide.Health 
Parkinson's disease: New treatments, still no cure.Health 
Peyronie's disease.(includes related article)Health 
Post-polio syndrome: New problems from an old disease.Health 
Postsurgical recovery.(includes related article)Health 
Prolonged QT interval.Health 
Spinal stenosis.Health 
Statins: cholesterol-lowering and more in a pill.(includes related article)Health 
Sudden cardiac death: Fast action is needed.Health 
Sudden hearing loss.Health 
Tea for you?Health 
Vascular skin ulcers: Handle with care.Health 
Wrist fractures.(care and treatment)Health 
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