Mayo Clinic Health Letter 2000 - Abstracts

Mayo Clinic Health Letter 2000
Acute delirium: It sometimes occurs in a hospital setting.Health 
Alcohol and older people: a hidden epidemic.Health 
Anemia: a blood condition with many causes.Health 
Anesthesia: safer than ever before.Health 
Aortic stenosis.Health 
Assisted living: all the right moves.Health 
Assisted living.(options available for assisted living for older people in US)Health 
Back surgery: Coming back from pain.(includes related article)Health 
Blepharoplasty: an eye-opening experience.(treatment for droopy eye-lids)Health 
Blood donation: a much needed gift.Health 
Bone and joint infections.(need for prompt treatment)Health 
Botulinum toxin: Can a poison help?(includes related article)Health 
Breast pain.Health 
Bunions.(care and treatment of bunions)Health 
Bunions: don't crowd your toes.Health 
Celiac disease: how to manage gluten intolerance.Health 
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.(Medical Essay)Health 
Clinical trials: removing the mystery.(includes related article)Health 
Colon cancer: Regular screenings could save your life.(includes related articles)Health 
Coronary bypass surgery.(heart blood supply surgery)Health 
Cruise safety: keep health needs in mind.Health 
Diabetes advances.(includes related article on injectors)(advice on new types of equipment which can be used in the management of diabetes)Health 
Elbow surgery for arthritis.Health 
Flexibility: stretching to stay limber.Health 
Heartburn.(signs, symptoms and remedies of heartburn)Health 
High protein, low carb diets: Are they right for you?Health 
Home blood pressure monitors: Tools you can use.Health 
Kidney failure: early detection is a key.(includes related articles)Health 
Laser surgery.Health 
Neck pain.(suggested remedies for neck pain)Health 
Neck pain: when it's serious, when it's not.(includes related information on home treatment)Health 
New drug labels.(Health Tips)Health 
Nosebleeds: an irritation, but sometimes more.Health 
Online pharmacies.(advice on using pharmacies on the Internet)Health 
Outdated medicaitons: toss out expired drugs.Health 
Outer ear infections.(advice on the treatment of an infection of the outer ear)Health 
Platelet counts: What it means when they're high or low.Health 
Prostate cancer.(Medical Essay)(includes related articles)Health 
Psoriasis.(care and treatment of psoriasis)Health 
Psoriasis: tailoring treatment may help you find relief.Health 
Recognizing depression.Health 
Scleroderma.(includes related articles)(signs and symptoms)Health 
Seafood safety: steps to safer eating.Health 
Second opinion: questions and answers.(Questions and Answers)Health 
Spains: how to care for these common injuries.Health 
Stem cells.(medical and research aspects)Health 
There are many options for supplemental oxygen use.(Medical Essay)Health 
Transient ischemic attack.(potential of stroke after an incident of transient ischemic attack)Health 
Vertigo: Taking the spin out of life.(includes related articles)Health 
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