Mayo Clinic Health Letter 1999 - Abstracts

Mayo Clinic Health Letter 1999
Alcohol and health.Health 
Anti-aging therapies: youth in a bottle?(Living Longer: Staying Healthy as You Age)Health 
Antibiotic-associated diarrhea: it can be serious.(antibiotic side effect may produce imbalance of intestinal bacteria)(includes related article on whether yogurt helps the condition)Health 
Aortic aneurysms.Health 
Appendicitis: symptoms are more subtle in older adults.Health 
Arthritis: new treatments and daily decisions are keys to an active lifestyle.(Medical Essay)Health 
Bleeding inside the head.Health 
Brain tumors: new technology helps diagnosis, treatment.Health 
Canes, walkers and crutches: don't let choosing one throw you off balance.Health 
Carbohydrates: what role do they play in your diet?Health 
Coronary stents.Health 
COX-2 inhibitors.Health 
Cuts and scrapes: when to see a doctor.(includes related article on how to care for puncture wounds)Health 
Diagnostic imaging: getting the inside view.(technological innovations aid in viewing human body)(includes related articles about other imaging tests and picturing past and present images)Health 
Disaster preparedness: planning for the unexpected.(includes related article on potential Y2K problems on January 1, 2000)Health 
Easy bruising: should you be worried if you bruise easily?Health 
Eating Mediterranean: consider the benefits.(includes list of ingredients)Health 
Eye allergies: avoiding the discomfort, soothing the irritation.(includes examples of allergic conjunctivitis)Health 
Fatigue: when to rest, when to worry.(includes related article on when to see a doctor)Health 
Fat in your diet: how low should you go?(includes related article on different types of dietetic fats)Health 
Hypertension drugs: they can treat more than high blood pressure.Health 
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.Health 
Immunizations: are you protected against these vaccine-preventable diseases?Health 
Irritable bowel syndrome: gaining control of your symptions.Health 
Laser eye surgery.Health 
Leukemia: there are reasons for hope.Health 
Lifestyle and aging: your choices play a role.(Living Longer)(includes related article of secrets of long life)Health 
Living longer: series looks at how to stay healthy as you age.(Staying Healthy as You Age; includes related articles on oldest living people and centenarians' secrets for long life)Health 
Loss of height.Health 
Low-carolie sweeteners: just 'sweet nothings'?Health 
Making health a priority.Health 
Memory: staying sharp as you age.Health 
Menopause and beyond: advances in medicine, understanding , shift focus from an ending to a beginning.(Medical Essay: Supplement)(includes related articles on hormone replacement therapy)Health 
'Mono' fats.Health 
Nutrition as you age: your needs change.Health 
Overactive thyroid: is your thyroid `hyper'?(includes related article on thyroid causes and symptoms)Health 
Pancreatitis: painful attacks should not be ignored.Health 
Peptic ulcers: new understandings, new treatments.Health 
Pet loss and grief: coping with the pain.(includes information on helping a friend)Health 
Portable defibrillators: jump-starting the heart.Health 
Postural hypotension: faintness upon standing.Health 
Prostatitis: a common, other vexing problem.Health 
Second opinion: questions and answers.(Questions and Answers)Health 
Second opinion: questions and our answers.Health 
Silent coronary artery disease: what you don't know can hurt you.(includes related articles)Health 
Sinus infection: often mistaken for a cold.Health 
Staying connected: close ties promote health.Health 
Strength training: keeping your muscles working for you.(includes books on strength training)Health 
Tuberculosis: are you at risk?(includes related article on TB's dormancy)Health 
Understanding your cancer diagnosis: what you need to know.(includes related article on where to get more information)Health 
Urinary tract infection: a common problem not to be ignored.(includes related articles on kidney infections and UTIs in men)Health 
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