Mayo Clinic Health Letter 1998 - Abstracts

Mayo Clinic Health Letter 1998
Back care: what's behind back pain and what you can do to prevent it. (reprinted from Mayo Clinic Health Letter, February 1994)Health 
Balance exercises: staying steady on your feet.Health 
Bladder cancer: early detection is critical.Health 
Cataracts: deciding when not to live with them.(includes related information on protecting eyes from ultraviolet light exposure)Health 
Chest pain: if it's not your heart, waht's causing it? (noncardiac causes of chest pain)(part 2 of 2)Health 
Claudification: stepping out of the poor circulation problem.(includes related article on benefits of taking the drug Trental, development of vascular endothelial growth factor and the potential of a special formulation of the herb ginkgo biloba)Health 
Colon cancer screening: early detection is key. (includes related information)Health 
Depression: new understanding, new drugs help to lift the weight of despair.(Medical Essay: Supplement to Mayo Clinic Health Letter)Health 
Diabetes: weight control and exercise may keep you off the road to high blood sugar.(Medical Essay)Health 
Dietary fiber: bulking up you diet can be a healthful decision.(Statistical Data Included)Health 
Diverticulitis: a byproduct of our refined eating habits.Health 
Garlic: the latest on this legendary herb. (health benefits)Health 
Heart attack rehabilitation: helping your heart heal.Health 
Hepatitis C: the surprise infectious disease of the decade.Health 
Hip fractures: surgery is usually effective, but recovery takes time.Health 
Hoarse voice: sometimes your voice is telling you something.(includes related treatment information for hoarse voices)Health 
Incontinence: ways to help you stay dry.(includes related article on exercising the pelvic floor muscles)Health 
Iron overload: early diagnosis can prevent serious damage.(includes related testing information)Health 
Laxatives and constipation: 'regular' may not be as often as you think.Health 
Living with chronic illness: redefining "normal."(includes related article)Health 
Lycopene: another good reason to eat tomatoes.(health benefits of tomatoes)(includes recipe)Health 
Near-death experiences: being supportive can help. (includes a related article on the common aspects of near-death experiences)Health 
Outpatient surgery.Health 
Peripheral neuropathy: managing the pain and frustration.(includes related self-care tips)Health 
Pneumonia: preventing and treating this common condition .(includes information on reasons to consult with a physician)(Brief Article)Health 
Preventing back pain: how to support what supports you. (includes exercise tips and advice on when to see a physician)Health 
Prostate cancer screening: know your options.(includes related information on prostate-specific antigen testing)Health 
Pulmonary embolism: what you know may save your life.(one or more blood clots becoming suddenly lodged in lung arteries leads to pulmonary embolism; includes article on balacing anticoagulant medications)(Cover Story)Health 
Rosacea: are you red in the face?Health 
Rotator cuff injuries: when your shoulder throws you a curve.Health 
Skin care: keeping your skin healthy at any age.(the leading cause of skin cancer is excessive exposure to the sun)Health 
Sun sensitivity: some drugs and products can cause skin reactions. (includes related article)Health 
Surgery for obesity: when is it appropriate? (treating chronic weight-related problems)Health 
The DASH diet.Health 
Trans fat: another artery-clogger? (includes a related article on reading food labeling for fat content)Health 
Varicose veins: new techniques allow outpatient treatment. (includes a related article on compression stockings)Health 
Weight control: what works and why. (several related articles)Health 
What to expect in the ER.(includes related articles)(Chest Pain, part 1)Health 
Winter exercise: what to do when the weather turns cold.(includes tips for outdoor winter exercising)Health 
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