Mayo Clinic Health Letter 1997 - Abstracts

Mayo Clinic Health Letter 1997
Acid blockers: how you can head off heartburn before it starts.Health 
Antibiotics: 'miracle drugs' are losing ground to infections. (includes related article on prevention of drug-resistant infections)Health 
Bone density testing: should you be checked?(includes related information on who who should be tested)Health 
Breast lumps: what to do if you find one. (includes advice for preparing for a breast exam and list of questions to ask the doctor)Health 
Bursitis of the hip: a simple shot often helps.Health 
Cancer myths: don't let misconceptions interfere with treatment.Health 
Cholesterol-lowering drugs: how they work and who may need them.(includes related information on causes of high cholesterol)Health 
Coffee: what's the scoop on its health effects?Health 
Congestive heart failure: what happens when your heart can't keep up? (includes related articles on new treatments and salt substitutes)Health 
Dental care: how to help your teeth last a lifetime.(includes related information on signs that a dental check-up is needed and on how to relieve a toothache)Health 
Diabetes quiz: are you at risk?Health 
Dialysis: need for artificial kidney treatment is increasing.Health 
Eggs: innovations haven't changed recommendations.(includes related article on reducing the cholesterol in eggs)Health 
Essential tremor: it's not simply another part of growing older.(includes related article on the use of a thalamic stimulator)Health 
Exercise as you age: how to get off the sidelines and back in the game.(includes related articles)(Medical Essay)Health 
Falls: you can reduce your risk. (includes related information on hazards)Health 
Family medical tree: charting your health heritage can be valuable.Health 
Fibromyalgia: coping with the pain.Health 
Food servings; you're not only what you eat, but how much you eat. (food portions)Health 
Food triggers of migraines; diet may play a role.(includes related information about migraine pain)Health 
Frozen shoulder. (causes, symptoms, and treatment)Health 
Glaucoma: you don't have to go blind. (eye disease)Health 
Hair loss in women: it's more common than you may think.(includes related information on hair care)Health 
Health info on the Internet; how to find it, and how to know if it's reliable. (includes World Wide Web addresses)Health 
Hidden calories: they can add up fast.Health 
High blood pressure: managing the 'silent killer.'Health 
Home care: how to find a service that's right for you.(includes related information on types of home health care)Health 
Homocysteine: too much may be bad for your heart.(includes related information on sources of vitamin B-6, B-12 and folic acids)Health 
Hospice care: when comfort, not cure, is the focus of treatment. (includes a related article on finding a suitable hospice)Health 
Impotence: don't let embarrassment stop you from getting help. (includes a related article on the drug sildenafil)Health 
Lactose intolerance: you may be able to handle it without treatment.(includes related information on diet)Health 
Living alone: being alone doesn't have to mean being lonely.(includes related information on depression caused by isolation)Health 
Loss of appetite: what to do when eating loses its appeal. (includes a related article on preventing unwanted weight loss and improving appetite)Health 
Macular degeneration: early detection is critical.Health 
Melatonin: separating the hype from the hormone. (includes a related article on possible side effects)Health 
NSAIDs: helpful medications with serious side effects.(nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)Health 
Osteoporosis: it's never too late to protect your bones.(includes related information)(Medical Essay)Health 
Pain after shingles: finding relief from postherpetic neuralgia.(includes a related article on the new vaccine Varivax)Health 
Pill splitting: can cutting pills in half help save you money?Health 
Policy to help babies has implications for older adults, too. (folic acid fortification)Health 
Rheumatoid arthritis: treatment focuses on rest, exercise and medication.(includes related information on diet, climate and alternative therapies)Health 
Safety of the blood supply: there's little disease risk from having a transfusion.(includes related information on the chances of getting HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and Malaria)Health 
Smoking cessation aids: there are many ways to break nicotine's grip.Health 
Soy: a healthful diet addition.(includes related information on sources of soy)Health 
Spells: finding the cause can be difficult. (symptoms and causes)(includes a related article on taking your own pulse rate)Health 
Steroid injections: targeted pain relief. (includes a related article on qualifying for steroid injections)Health 
Vitamin and nutritional supplements: sorting out fact from fiction amid a storm of controversy.(includes related information)(Medical Essay)Health 
Weight-loss medications: the risks vs. the benefits.(includes related information on diet drugs to be introduced in the near future)Health 
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