Mayo Clinic Health Letter 1995 - Abstracts

Mayo Clinic Health Letter 1995
Activity therapy. (hobbies and health)Health 
Anemia: it's more than just too little iron.Health 
Artherosclerosis: more ways to clear 'clogged' arteries.Health 
Arthritis. (arthritis aids)Health 
Artificial limbs: they look and work more like the real thing.Health 
Atrial fibrillation: newer treatments improve management of this irregular heartbeat. (includes related information on catheter radio-frequency ablation and maze procedure)Health 
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: not just for kids.Health 
Bursitis: common inflammation responds to simple care.Health 
Calcium channel blockers: the real story.Health 
Calcium: here's how to bone up on this essential mineral.Health 
Cancer: what you eat can affect your risk.(includes information on food chemicals that may prevent cancer)Health 
Can you blame weight problems on your set point?Health 
Chaplains: bridging modern medicine and traditional support. (hospital chaplains) (includes related information)Health 
Cholesterol: test your knowledge.(includes answers on page 8)Health 
Circadian rhythms. (biological rhythms)Health 
Dementia: when you suspect a loved one's problem.Health 
Discovery may help identify your risk of Alzheimer's disease.Health 
Does having asthma mean earlier death?Health 
Emphysema: advances can help you breathe more easily. (includes related article)Health 
Estrogen replacement therapy: is it right for you? (includes related information on types of estrogen supplements)Health 
Exercise: guidelines emphasize activity, not intensity.Health 
Food and mood: can what you eat affect your behavior? (includes related information on chocolate cravings)Health 
Food-borne illnesses.Health 
Health tips. (food handling tips)Health 
Heartburn: when a little indigestion becomes a big problem. (includes related information on surgical treatment)Health 
Home medical tests: why, when and how to do it yourself.(includes related articles on how to use home test kits properly and the development of a home test for HIV testing)Health 
Immune system: an internal force armed and ready for battle. (includes related information)(special supplement)Health 
Infection. (includes related article)Health 
Learning: are you ever too old to learn something new? (includes related information)Health 
Leg ulcers: veins are the problem more than half of the time.Health 
Medical myths.Health 
Medical progress: 1994 was a very good year.Health 
Multiple sclerosis: new leads into its cause and treatment.Health 
Nail infection: newer medications tackle this stubborn problem.Health 
Nose sprays: direct relief for congestion and irritation.Health 
Options to "going under." (general anesthesia)Health 
Overuse strain injury: progressive conditions respond to simple care. (includes related articles on prevention)Health 
Radial keratotomy: this surgery involves more than meets the eye. (includes related article)Health 
Reduced-fat snacks.Health 
Salad dressings: plenty of choices make it easy to limit fat and calories.Health 
Second opinion. (questions on pinkeye, slipped disc and saw palmetto)Health 
Social networks: the company you keep can keep you healthy. (includes related article)Health 
Sodium: straight talk about salt, sensitivity and your blood pressure. (includes related article about how to reduce the intake of dietary sodium)Health 
Spinal stenosis: a subtle source of leg pain.Health 
Stress: how you respond affects your health.(includes related article on breathing exercise)Health 
Stroke: your guide to prevention and recovery. (includes related article)Health 
Sun protection.Health 
Tongue troubles. (includes related information on tongue cancer)Health 
Tricks to try when you're out of sync. (tips to combat jet lag or night work)Health 
Ulcerative colitis: manageable, with a brighter outlook.Health 
Using over-the-counter pain relievers isn't risk-free.Health 
Vegetarian diets: they're no longer radical, just good for you. (includes related information)Health 
Viral hepatitis: a decade of discovery and progress in prevention.Health 
Vision and your eyes: managing common problems. (includes related articles on treatments, the invention of glasses and how diet affects vision)Health 
Wrinkles. (includes related article)Health 
X-ray: a century of advances in diagnostic imaging.Health 
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