Mayo Clinic Health Letter 1993 - Abstracts

Mayo Clinic Health Letter 1993
Alternative medicine: the scientific method separates help from hype. (includes related articles on reading material and treatment for scrapes, cuts and puncture wounds)Health 
Antioxidants: what are they? Can they keep you healthy?Health 
A shake-down on dandruff.Health 
Aspirin: should you take a daily dose? (includes related information on side effects)Health 
Blood thinners: how they prevent clots; when you may need one. (includes related information about aspirin)Health 
Butter vs. margarine: is butter better for your heart? (includes related article on nutritional value)Health 
B vitamin helps prevent birth defects. (includes related information on birth defects caused by excessive heat)Health 
Can drinking beer lead to colon cancer?Health 
Caregiving: success depends on planning and taking good care of yourself. (includes related information on sources of help)Health 
Cat allergy: what to do if you're itching to keep the cat that makes you scratch and sneeze. (includes related article on treatment)Health 
Chocolate: is your passion also your poison?Health 
Cholesterol: put knowledge behind your numbers to lower your confusion level. (includes related informations)Health 
Chronic voice disorders: new diagnostic and surgical procedures show promise.Health 
Commercial diets: how helpful are they?Health 
Common baldness. (treatments for baldness)Health 
Coronary angioplasty: using balloons to open clogged arteries. (includes related information on treating a heart attack)Health 
Dental equipment: ask your dentist to fill you in on sterilization. (includes related information)Health 
Diarrhea: diet dos and don'ts for short-term distress. (includes related information on when to consult a doctor)Health 
Drinking water: how safe is yours? (includes related information)Health 
Eating out: healthful eating at not-so-fast restaurants. (includes related information)Health 
Exercise: it's never too late to start.Health 
Good grandparenting. (includes related information on remaining close over distances)Health 
Handwashing: here's a habit that helps keep you healthy. (includes related information)Health 
Headache: new way of looking at pain is leading to better control of this universal affliction. (includes related information)Health 
Healthful stretching.Health 
Health tips: food safety at picnics.Health 
Health tips: getting the most from a visit to your doctor.Health 
High blood pressure: new classification stresses impact of hypertension on your risk of heart disease.Health 
Hostility and your heart: can your personality make you sick?Health 
How to lose weight.Health 
Juice machines: can you drink your way to better health? (includes related article)Health 
Laughter: can it help keep you healthy?Health 
Leukemia: steady progress brightens outlook on blood disease. (includes related information in new drugs and treatments)Health 
Lump in your throat: it's a common sensation, with many possible causes.Health 
Massage: the lowdown on rubdowns - it's nice to be kneaded. (includes related article on credentials of massage therapists)Health 
Pain after shingles: multiple remedies offer different degrees of relief. (includes related article)Health 
Pet-borne illness. (includes related article on rabies vaccines)Health 
Salads: try different vegetables to add interest and nutrients.Health 
Secondhand tobacco smoke: how dangerous is it?Health 
Sexuality and aging. (special supplement)(includes related information)Health 
Sinus surgery: new technique offers relief with less pain, swelling. (endoscopic sinus surgery)Health 
Soothing minor sore throat pain.Health 
Staying well.Health 
Tips for travelers: plan carefully for vacations abroad. (health tips) (includes related information)Health 
Tuberculosis: a ticking time bomb. (includes related articles on drug-resistant tuberculosis and spread of tuberculosis)Health 
Ulcers: are antibiotics an answer? (includes related information on bacteria and lifestyle)Health 
Walking canes: how to pick one that's right for you.Health 
Warts: their cause and treatment. (includes related information)Health 
Women and heart disease: here's what you can do now to avoid heart trouble later. (includes related information)Health 
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