Mayo Clinic Health Letter 1992 - Abstracts

Mayo Clinic Health Letter 1992
Aging successfully: how to succeed at the business of growing older.Health 
Anxiety: manage your worries - or they'll manage you. (includes related articles)Health 
Back pain: gardening without grief.Health 
Benign breast lumps. (fibrocystic breast disease)(includes related article on mammograms)Health 
'Bone cancer': still no cure, but good progress in treatment. (includes related article on care)Health 
Buffet lines: how to get the most from all-you-can-eat menus.Health 
Burning feet: it's a common problem with many possible causes.Health 
Can lowering cholesterol help prevent a second heart attack?Health 
Chronic fatigue syndrome: is a virus to blame?Health 
Cigarettes and censorship. (cigarette advertising and magazine publishing)Health 
Colon cancer screening: comparing your options for early detection. (includes related articles on symptoms, diet and aspirin)Health 
Cookbooks: what to look for when shopping for one. (Bibliography)Health 
Corns and calluses: how to treat your feet.Health 
Curable cancers. (part 2) (includes related articles on treatments, side effects and terms) (Cover Story)Health 
Diagnostic ultrasound.Health 
Early detection improves your chance of survival. (Curable Cancer, part 1) (includes related article)Health 
Eating right: with aging, good nutrition can require special effort. (includes related checklist)Health 
Exercise equipment: how to select a machine that's right for you. (Buyers Guide)Health 
Flu shots: avoid winter influenza with a fall vaccine.Health 
Food irradiation: harmful or helpful? (includes related articles)Health 
Forgetfulness: a sign of Alzheimer's? (includes related article on memory enhancement)Health 
Free radicals: are they a chemical link to disease and aging?Health 
Frozen dinners: how to choose and use 'healthy' fast-food meals. (includes related article on supplementing meals)Health 
Fruits and vegetables: eat five a day every day. (includes related articles)Health 
Genetic research: finding new ways to prevent and treat disease. (Thomas C. Spelsberg)(includes related information on cell structure and DNA codes) (Interview)Health 
Glaucoma medication may diminish tremor. (methazolamide)Health 
Gum disease: you can often prevent this cause of tooth loss. (periodontal disease)(includes related article on tooth care)Health 
Habits: a little know-how can turn '92 resolutions into reality.Health 
Halcion and Seldane: how safe are they?Health 
Health care debate; what should a fair system include?Health 
Health tips for air travelers.Health 
Health tips for low-fat cooking.Health 
Health tips on rectal itching.Health 
Health tips on seasonal allergies.Health 
Health tips on skin care.Health 
How safe is your asthma inhaler?Health 
In men. (Urinary Tract Infections, part 2)Health 
Insomnia: how you can conquer it. (includes related article on sleeping techniques) (Interview)Health 
In women. (Urinary Tract Infections, part 1)(includes related article on cranberry juice)Health 
Irritable bowel syndrome: simple measures often relieve symptoms. (includes related article on diagnosis)Health 
Kidney stones: how to avoid them.Health 
Latex may cause allergic reaction.Health 
Lawn chemicals: can they harm you?Health 
Living alone: can social isolation affect your health? (includes related information on cooking for one)Health 
Nutrition quackery: how to spot a food fraud. (includes related article on herbal supplements)Health 
Osteoarthritis; it's the most common form of arthritis; here's how you can cope. (includes related articles) (special medical supplement)Health 
Ovarian cancer: lack of early symptoms underscores your need for an annual pelvic exam. (includes related articles)Health 
Pacemakers: new 'rate-adaptive' models respond to your activity level. (includes related information on programming a pacemaker)Health 
Pneumonia vaccination is important for older adults ... especially men.Health 
Preventive care: what can you expect from a routine checkup? (includes related article on Medicare coverage)Health 
Prostate gland enlargement.Health 
Second opinion. (answers to mail-in questions about medical problems)Health 
Sinusitis: time and an antibiotic are usually effective treatments. (includes related article on self-help)Health 
Skin patch can help you stop smoking.Health 
Sugar: relax and enjoy it, but always in moderation.Health 
Suicide: are you at risk?Health 
Tears; medical research helps explain why you cry. (Interview)Health 
The common cold. (includes related information)Health 
Varicose veins. (includes related article on self-help )Health 
Yo-yo diets. (on-again, off-again diets) (includes related article on calories)Health 
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