Marketing Management 2007 - Abstracts

Marketing Management 2007
"Adverstories."(advertising that retells a story)Business, generalSmith, J. Walker
Another shibboleth bites the dust.(brand personification)Business, generalSchultz, Don E.
A tale of two brand experiences.(On Brands and branding)Business, generalSchultz, Don E.
Boomers are business.(Marketing that works)(consumer behavior of the baby boom generation)Business, generalWyner, Gordon A.
Building blocks.(marketing measurement and investments)Business, generalLaPointe, Pat
Case in point: reaping rewards.Business, generalKale, Sudhir H., Klugsberger, Peter
Cementing relationships.(Case in point)(customer choice)Business, generalBraselton, Jim, Blair, Bruce
Cost, performance, and value.(Marketing briefs)(B2B PERSPECTIVES FROM INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF BUSINESS MARKETS)Business, general 
Courting excellence.(conducting Wimbeldon)Business, generalOlson, Eric M., Milliman, John F., Slater, Stanley F.
Customer bonding: beyond communications.(Column)Business, generalMarks, Wayne
Dividing devotion.(customer relationship segmentation)Business, generalStory, John W.
Enhancing salespeople's effectiveness.Business, generalLane, Nikala, Cravens, David W., Piercy, Nigel F.
'E-volution' to revolution.(e-services)Business, generalParasuraman, A., Colby, Charles L., Woodall, Regina D.
Experience required.(client development techniques)(Cover story)Business, generalCrosby, Lawrence A., Johnson, Sheree L.
Extending from the core.(Marketing that works)(strategic planning)Business, generalWyner, Gordon A.
Face the media future.(marketing)Business, generalWyner, Gordon A.
Food and drink.(Marketing briefs)(Graph)Business, general 
For good measure.(customer loyalty measures)Business, generalBrandt, D. Randall
Green is not an attitude.(After thoughts)(getting people to act green)Business, generalSmith, J. Walker
Hear and now.(listening-centered marketing)Business, generalBlackshaw, Pete
Iron determination.(learning from World Triathlon Corporation's Ironman Triathlon)Business, generalGrapentine, Terry
Leader as buccaneer.(leadership management)Business, generalLuechauer, David L.
Leader as inquirer.(leadership JOURNEY)Business, generalLocander, William B., Luechauer, David L.
Leadership as golf.(leadership JOURNEY)(comparison of golf techniques and marketing management techniques)Business, generalLocander, William B., Luechauer, David L.
Leadership is like theater.Business, generalLocander, William B., Luechauer, David L., Pope, John
Lost in transition.(branding products and services)Business, generalSchultz, Don E.
Loyalty linkage.(Customer bonding)(customer loyalty metrics)Business, generalCrosby, Lawrence A., Lunde, Brian
Marketing counterterrorism IT in the digital era.(implementation of statewide intelligence management system)Business, general 
Marketing that works: customer experiences in the bag.(Column)Business, generalWyner, Gordon A.
Mocha Moxie: metaphors of leadership.(chocolates and leadership)Business, generalLocander, William B., Luechauer, David L.
Mouth to mouth.(Marketing briefs)(New Ideas from MARKETING SCIENCE INSTITUTE)(measurement of online discourse)Business, general 
On brands and branding: social call.(Column)Business, generalSchultz, Don E.
Online leverage for salespeople.(B2B PERSPECTIVE FROM)(Institute for the study of Business Markets)Business, general 
On their behalf.(marketing innovations)Business, generalCrosby, Lawrence A., Johnson, Sheree L., Marks, Wayne
On the mark.(trademark laws)Business, generalOsler, Rob
Passion comes alive.(Customer bonding)Business, generalMarks, Wayne
Product for hire.(marketing innovations to attract customers)Business, generalAnthony, Scott D., Sinfield, Joseph V.
Quiet commute.(Marketing briefs)Business, general 
Relationship management revisited.(customer relationship management)Business, generalWyner, Gordon A.
Remapping the marketplace.(use of GeoWeb)Business, generalSmith, J. Walker
Risk jockey.(brand valuation)Business, generalHaxthausen, Ove
Rocket plan.(a rigorous pricing approach)Business, generalBurton, Mark, Haggett, Steve
Saving the world with cause-related marketing.Business, generalChiagouris, Larry, Ray, Ipshita
Service smarts.Business, generalSchneider, Benjamin, Young, Scott A., Macey, William H.
Sowing the seeds.(understanding the customer buying process)Business, generalPocharski, Mark, Jacobson, Sheryl
Surveyor of the fittest.(assessing market viability)Business, generalLi, Hongjun
The endless debate.(customer measures)Business, generalCrosby, Lawrence A.
The golden rules.Business, generalWeaver, Dianne Altman, Grapentine, Terry H.
The inside track.(marketing information technology investment)Business, generalSteven, David
The medium is the product.Business, generalSmith, J. Walker
The nature of nurture.(Marketing briefs)(New Ideas from Marketing Science Institute)(organic growth)(Excerpt)Business, general 
The right tools.(return on investment tools)Business, generalGow, Glenn
The terror of marketing.(After thoughts)(Column)Business, generalSmith, J. Walker
The village voice.(communities of customers)Business, generalHanssens, Dominique M., Taylor, Earl L.
Time to lead.(new MEDIA)(need for leadership in marketing)Business, generalBlackshaw, Pete
Unlock profit potential.(use of return on investment as a marketing metric)Business, generalLenskold, James
Vision quest.(Case in point)Business, generalZimmer, John, Wolfe, Catherine
What they know and we don't.(On Brands and branding)Business, generalSchultz, Don E.
Widening the moat.(achieving corporate growth through brand management)Business, generalNeal, Willaim, Struass, Ron
Will your online retailing be a site for sore eyes?Business, generalLong, Mary M., Chiagouris, Larry
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