Managerial Finance 1998 - Abstracts

Managerial Finance 1998
A cointegration analysis fo interest rates in Germany.BusinessBessler, Wolfgang, Norsworthy, John R.
A current look at the debate: whole life insurance versus buy term and invest the difference.(Financial Planning for Retirement.)BusinessCarney, Robert J., Graham, Lise
An analysis of the problems and obstacles to global accounting harmonization.BusinessOmolehinwa, Eddy, Gbenedio, Pender O., Benson, Eric D.
An evaluation of user ratings of cash vs accrual based financial reports in Australia.(The Role of Earnings and Non-Earnings Data.)BusinessJones, Stewart
A social security reform proposal.(Financial Planning for Retirement.)BusinessHaley, Joseph D., Saunders, William
Bank performance measurement in a developing economy: an application of data envelopment analysis.BusinessAyadi, O. Felix, Adebayo, Arinola O., Omolehinwa, Eddy
Before-tax versus after-tax earnings as performance measures in compensation contracts.(The Role of Earnings and Non-Earnings Data.)BusinessShelley, Marjorie K., Atwood, T.J., Omer, Thomas
Cointegration in return series and its effect on short-term prediction.(Special Issue: Interest Rates and Market Returns)BusinessSeiler, Michael J., Webb, James R., Myer, F.C. Neil, Tuluca, Sorin A.
Cost management system: an operational overview.BusinessSiegel, Philip H., Agrawal, Surendra P.
Divergence of analysts' earnings forecasts and stock returns-earnings relation.BusinessLobo, Gerald J., Kirk, Florence R.
Do changes in the discount rate and Fed funds rate affect financial market returns?(Special Issue: Interest Rates and Market Returns)BusinessSeiler, Michael J., Shyu, Peter, Sharma, J.L.
Do financial analysts decompose past earnings when making future earnings forecasts?BusinessNewman, Harry A., Bannister, James W.
Dual office holding, corporate governance and takeover gains.BusinessDuggal, Rakesh, Cudd, Mike
Economic value added: some empirical EVAdence.(The Role of Earnings and Non-Earnings Data.)BusinessBiddle, Gary C., Bowen, Robert M.
Emerging equity markets in India: a case study.BusinessHess, Dan W.
Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs): an international comparison and analysis.BusinessPhilippatos, George C., Clark, Roger W.
Estimation of the Nelson-Siegel parsimonious modeling of yield curves using an exponential GARCH process.(Special Issue: Yield Curves and the Term Structure on Interest Rates)BusinessChristofi, Andreas C.
Federal Reserve policy and information flow.(Special Issue: Interest Rates and Market Returns)BusinessMadura, Jeff, Schnusenberg, Oliver
Financial analysts' earnings forecasts for loss firms.BusinessDas, Somnath
Financial intermediation under information asymmetry: implications for capital market efficiency in selected developing countries.BusinessAgbetsia, Douglas K.
Foreign currency exposure and the hedging possibilities for pension funds.(Financial Planning for Retirement.)BusinessChaudhry, Mukesh K., Sackley, William H., Christie-David, Rohan A.
Interaction of volatility and autocorrelation: evidence from major stock exchanges.BusinessBooth, G. Geoffrey, Koutmos, Gregory
Investing for retirement.(Financial Planning for Retirement.)BusinessSigler, Kevin J.
Large retail time deposits and the U.S. Treasury securities (1986-95): evidence of a segmenting market.(Special Issue: Interest Rates and Market Returns)BusinessGilkeson, James H., Porter, Gary E.
Management controls in Sino-American joint ventures: a comparative case study.BusinessO'Connor, Neale G., Chalos, Peter
Multinationality and profitability: the contingency of the investment opportunity set.BusinessRiahi-Belkaoui, Ahmed, Picur, Ronald D.
Multinationality of U.S. corporations: the auditing implications.BusinessTucker, Robert R.
Multinationality of U.S. corporations: the tax implications.BusinessStiner, M. Susan, Sage, Judith A., Sage, Lloyd G.
Multinationality: the financial accounting implications.BusinessFekrat, M. Ali
On the need and opportunities for improving costing and cost management in healthcare organizations.BusinessChow, Chee W., McNamee, Alan H., Capettini, Robert
Perpetual analysis and continuous improvements: a must for organizational competitiveness.BusinessMehra, Satish
Predictability of short-term interest rates: a multifactor model for the term structure.(Special Issue: Yield Curves and the Term Structure on Interest Rates)BusinessMiller, Tom W., Stone, Bernell
Price discovery in German stock and futures market.BusinessLoistl, Otto, Booth, G. Geoffrey, Broussard, John Paul
Pricing of mortgage-backed securities with option-adjusted spread.(Special Issue: Yield Curves and the Term Structure on Interest Rates)BusinessLiu, Jian Guo, Xu, Eugene
Pricing the competing risks of mortgage default and prepayment in stochastic metropolitan economies.(Special Issue: Yield Curves and the Term Structure on Interest Rates)BusinessYang, Tyler T., Buist, Henry
Re-indexing the Heath, Jarrow, and Morton term structure model and empirical evidence of forward function following a martingale.(Special Issue: Yield Curves and the Term Structure on Interest Rates)BusinessGuo, Chen
Seasonality in returns and volatilities: a revisit on the Hong Kong stock market.BusinessTang, Gordon Y.N.
Some evidence on regime shifts in international stock markets.BusinessNishiyama, Kazume
Stock return seasonalities in low-income African emerging markets.BusinessAyadi, O. Felix
Stock return volatility in an emerging market: a case study of the Karachi stock exchange.BusinessUppal, Jamshed Y.
The Bombay Stock Exchange: seasonalities and investment opportunities.BusinessIgnatius, Roger
The CEO pay-performance relationship: pooled vs. industry models.(chief executive officer)BusinessHogan, Stephen, Sigler, Kevin
The determinants of U.S. foreign direct investment in India: implications and policy issues.BusinessManiam, Balasundram, Chatterjee, Amitava
The effect of CEO control on compensation risk management through golden parachute adoption.(chief executive officer)BusinessMillar, James A., Toyne, Michael F.
The effects of country return and risk differences on prediction performance of earnings forecasts.BusinessRiahi-Belkaoui, Ahmed, Alvertos, Dimitra Koula
The effects of management control mechanisms on firm level capital equipment investment.BusinessTinius, David E., Yates, Barbara M.
The empirical characterization of financial markets in developing countries.BusinessPlatt, W. Gerald
The risk of signaling failure and managers' trading before self-tender stock repurchases.BusinessFeng-Ying Liu, Gombola, Michael
The stock market reactions to termination of overfunded pension plans.(Financial Planning for Retirement.)BusinessHassan, M. Kabir, Singha-Uthorn, Nobchanok
The usefulness of the value added statement in South Africa.(The Role of Earnings and Non-Earnings Data.)BusinessStaden, C.J. van
Three routes for target costing.BusinessReinstein, Alan, Bayou, Mohamed E.
Tradeoffs within costing systems between incentives and measurement objectives.BusinessAlles, Michael, Gupta, Mahendra
Usefulness of value added reporting: a review and synthesis of the literature.(The Role of Earnings and Non-Earnings Data.)BusinessRiahi-Belkaoui, Ahmed, Evraert, Serge
Validity of the short- and long-run Fisher relationships: an empirical analysis.(Special Issue: Interest Rates and Market Returns)BusinessChen, Sheng-Syan, Shrestha, Keshab
What is so special about emerging markets?BusinessAyadi, O. Felix
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