Managerial & Decision Economics 2007 - Abstracts

Managerial & Decision Economics 2007
An industrial organization perspective on the influenza vaccine shortage.(Report)EconomicsScherer, F. M.
A primer on the economics of re-importation of prescription drugs.(Report)EconomicsBerndt, Ernst
Are they always offering the lowest price? An empirical analysis of the persistence of price dispersion in a low inflation environment.(Report)EconomicsWeiss, Christoph R., Bahadir-Lust, Sebnem, Loy, Jens
A sociological view of costs of price adjustment: contributions from grounded theory methods.(Report)EconomicsZbaracki, Mark J.
Asymmetric price adjustment: evidence from weekly product-level scanner price data.(Report)EconomicsRay, Sourav, Muller, Georg
Bank monitoring, managerial ownership and Tobin's Q: An empirical analysis for India.(bank relationships and market value)EconomicsGhosh, Siabal
Bargaining over managerial contracts in delegation games: managerial power, contract disclosure and cartel behavior.(Report)Economicsvan Witteloostuijin, Arjen, Jansen, Thijs, van Lier, Arie
Benefits and costs of newer drugs: an update.(Report)EconomicsLichtenberg, Frank R.
'Branded generics' as a strategy to limit cannibalization of pharmaceutical markets.(Report)EconomicsReiffen, David, Ward, Michael R.
Commentary.(A Primer on the Economics of Re-Importation of Prescription Drugs)(Critical essay)EconomicsPhilipson, Tomas J.
Commentary: drug and vaccine pricing and innovation, what is the story?(Determinants of Drug Prices and Expenditures)(Pharmaceutical-Embodied Technical Progress, Longevity, and Quality of Life: Drugs as 'Equipment of Your Health')(An Industrial Organization Perspective on the Influenza Vaccine Shortage)(Critical essay)EconomicsPauly, Mark V.
Commentary.(Dynamic Competition in Pharmaceuticals: Cross-National Evidence from New Drug Diffusion)('Branded Generics' as a Strategy to Limit Cannibalization of Pharmaceutical Markets)(Uncertainty and Choice: The Challenges of Pharmaceutical Efficacy, Safety, and Cost)(Critical essay)EconomicsDiMasi, Joseph A.
Commentary.(Entry and Competition in Generic Biologics)(Critical essay)EconomicsPhilipson, Tomas J.
Commentary.(Product Differentiation, Competition and Regulation of New Drugs: The Case of Statins in Four European Countries)(Critical essay)EconomicsPhilipson, Tomas J.
Commentary.(The Cost of US Pharmaceutical Price Regulation: A financial Simulation Model of R&D Decisions)(Mergers and Acquisitions in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries)(Effects of Profit-Reducing Policies on Firm Survival, Financial Performance, and New Drug Introductions in the Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry)(Critical essay)EconomicsGolec, Joseph
Contests with investment.(Report)EconomicsMunster, Johannes
Corporate governance and the returns to acquiring firms shareholders: an international comparison.(Report)EconomicsMueller, Dennis C., Yurtoglu, B. Burcin
Corporate investments and growth options.(Report)EconomicsReuer, Jeffrey J., Tong, Tony W.
Correction of errors in Vetschera's (2004) model of behavioral uncertainty and investment.EconomicsTularam, G.A., Soomro, A.S.
Costly price adjustment and the optimal rate of inflation.(Report)EconomicsKonieczny, Jerzy D.
Credible collusion in multimarket oligopoly.(multimarket contact in controlled supply markets)EconomicsSorenson, Timothy L.
Determinants of drug prices and expenditures.(Report)EconomicsComanor, William S., Schweitzer, Stuart O.
Do stable strategic time periods exist? Towards new methodological and theoretical insights.EconomicsVicente-Lorente, Jose David, Rodriguez-Puerta, Julio, Zuniga-Vicente, Jose Angel, Fuente-Sabate, Juan Manuel de la
Dynamic competition in pharmaceuticals: cross-national evidence from new drug diffusion.(Report)(Graph)EconomicsDanzon, Patricia M., Berndt, Ernst, Kruse, Gregory B.
Effects of profit-reducing policies on firm survival, financial performance, and new drug introductions in the research-based pharmaceutical industry.(Report)EconomicsFilson, Darren, Masia, Neal
Efficient organization of information processing.(economic efficiency models)EconomicsCukrowski, Jacek, Fischer, Manfred M.
Entry and competition in generic biologics.(Report)EconomicsGrabowski, Henry G., Schulman, Kevin A., Ridley, David B.
Explaining hump-shaped inflation responses to monetary policy shocks.(Report)(Graph)EconomicsYetman, James
Firm governance and duopoly: In weakness may lie strength.(business performance and duopoly markets)EconomicsBrady, Malcolm P.
Follow the leader: price change timing in internet-based selling.(Report)EconomicsKauffman, Robert J., Wood, Charles A.
Generic competition and market exclusivity periods.(Report)(Graph)EconomicsGrabowski, Henry G., Kyle, Margaret
Hidden monopsony rents in winner-take-all markets-sport and economic contribution of soccer players.(German soccer clubs)EconomicsGarcia-del-Barrio, Pedro, Pujol, Francesc
Hierarchical delays as a source of nominal price rigidities: evidence from the microcomputer industry.(Report)EconomicsHicks, Michael J.
If you play well they will come-and vice versa: bidrectional causality in major-league baseball.(sports team performance and audience percentage)EconomicsHorowitz, Ira
Investment in organizational capital.(profit optimization methods)EconomicsGomes, Orlando
Managerial expertise, learning potential and dynamic incentives: get more for less?EconomicsLukas, Christian
Mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.(Report)EconomicsDanzon, Patricia M., Nicholson, Sean, Epstein, Andrew
New estimates of pharmaceutical research and development spending by US-based firms from 1984 to 2003.EconomicsGolec, Joseph, Vernon, John A.
New institutional economics' contribution to strategic groups analysis.EconomicsGalvin, Peter, Tywoniak, Stephane, Davies, Jennifer
Non-price rigidity and cost of adjustment.(Report)EconomicsLevy, Daniel, Dutta, Shantanu, Bergen, Mark, Muller, Georg
Optimal price promotion in the presence of asymmetric reference-price effects.(Report)EconomicsLowengart, Oded, Gavious, Arieh, Fibich, Gadi
Organisational susceptibility to fraud and theft, organizational size and the effectiveness of management controls: some UK evidence.EconomicsBarnes, Paul, Webb, Jill
Patterns of corporate governance and technical efficiency in Italian manufacturing.EconomicsSena, Vania, Destefanis, Serigo
Pharmaceutical-embodied technical progress, longevity and quality of life: drugs as 'equipment for your health.'(Report)EconomicsLichtenberg, Frank R., Virabhak, Suchin
Price rigidities, inventories, and growth fluctuations.(Report)EconomicsTsoukis, Chris, Naqvi, Naveed
Price rigidity and market power in German retailing.(Report)EconomicsWeber, Sascha A., Anders, Sven M.
Price variability and price dispersion in a stable monetary environment: evidence from German retail markets.(Report)EconomicsFengler, Matthias R., Winter, Joachim K.
Product differentiation, competition and regulation of new drugs: the case of statins in four European countries.(Report)EconomicsMcGuire, Alistair, Kanavos, Panos, Font, Joan Costa
Production, inventory and waiting time.(Report)EconomicsEpstein, Gil S.
Retail prices during a change in monetary regimes: evidence from Sears, Roebuck catalogs, 1938-1951.(Report)EconomicsYoung, Andrew T., Blue, Alexander K.
Rural Internet access: over-subscription strategies, regulations and equilibrium.EconomicsShin, S., Weisss, M.B., Tucci, J.
Rx Roulette: combatting counterfeit pharmaceuticals in developing nations.EconomicsLybecker, Kristina M.
Small price changes and menu costs.(Report)EconomicsTsiddon, Daniel, Lach, Saul
The cost of biopharmaceutical R&D: is biotech different?(research and development)(Report)EconomicsGrabowski, Henry G., DiMasi, Joseph A.
The cost of US pharmaceutical price regulation: a financial simulation model of R&D decisions.(Report)EconomicsAbbott, Thomas A., Vernon, John A.
The dynamics of daily retail gasoline prices.(Report)EconomicsDavis, Michael C.
The frequency and costs of individual price adjustment.(Report)EconomicsWolman, Alexander L.
The frequency and size of price adjustment: microeconomic evidence.(Report)EconomicsRatfai, Attila
The mechanics of price adjustment: new evidence on the (Un)importance of menu costs.(Report)EconomicsChakrabarti, Rajesh, Scholnick, Barry
The real effects of inflation in continuous versus discrete time sticky price models.(Report)(Graph)EconomicsYetman, James, Ho, Wai-Yip Alex
The roles of different types of health insurance on access and utilization: comparative results on two chronic conditions (hypertension and diabetes type II without complication): how patient economic may influence physicians' prescribing decisions.(Report)EconomicsHuttin, Christine
The strategic use of managerial incentives in a non-profit firm mixed duopoly.(managerial contracts and mixed duopoly scenarios )EconomicsGoering, Gregory E.
Thick markets, market competition and pricing dynamics: evidence from retailers.(Report)EconomicsAxarloglou, Kostas
Trust and formal contracts in interorganizational relationships - substitutes and complements.(Report)EconomicsMellewigt, Thomas, Madhok, Anoop, Weibel, Antoinette
Uncertainty and choice: the challenges of pharmaceutical efficacy, safety, and cost.(Report)EconomicsScherer, F.M.
Why do prices rise faster than they fall? With an application to mortgage rates.(Report)EconomicsToolsema, Linda A.
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