Managerial & Decision Economics 2006 - Abstracts

Managerial & Decision Economics 2006
99: are retailers' best responding too rational consumers? Experimental evidence.(retail traders and potential rational consumers )EconomicsRuffle, Bradley J., Shtudiner, Ze'ev
A cross-national analysis of affirmative action: an evolutionary psychological perspective.EconomicsColarelli, Stephen M., Yang, Chulguen, D'Souza, Geeta C., Bapat, Ashwini S.
After Enron: Lessons for Public Policy.(Book review)EconomicsReksulak, Michael
Analysis of the effects of settlement of interfirm lawsuits.EconomicsKoku, Paul Sergius, Qureshi, Anique A.
An experimental examination of demand reduction in multi-unit versions of the uniform-price, vickrey, and English auctions.EconomicsPorter, David, Vragov, Roumen
A note on output hedging with cost uncertainty.EconomicsAlghalith, Moawia
Applying evolutionary psychology in understanding the Darwinian roots of consumption phenomena.EconomicsSaad, Gad
Are non-binding contracts really not worth the paper?EconomicsIrlenbusch, Bernd
Balancing cooperation and competition in human groups: the role of emotional algorithms and evolution.EconomicsLoch, Christoph H., Galunic, D. Charles, Schneider, Susan
Benefit packages and individual behavior: choices over discrete goods with multiple attributes.EconomicsMcKee, Michael, Boening, Mark Van, Blackstone, Tanja F., Rustrom, Elisabet
CEO compensation and the seasoned equity offering decision.EconomicsBrazel, Joseph F., Webb, Elizabeth
Choosing the partners in the licensing alliance.EconomicsSohn, Soo Jeoung
Cognitive adaptations for n-person exchange: the evolutionary roots of organizational behavior.EconomicsCosmides, Leda, Tooby, John, Price, Michael E.
Determinants of technology licensing: the case of licensors.EconomicsVonortas, Nicholas S., Kim, YoungJun
Dynasties versus pennant races: competitive balance in Major League Baseball.EconomicsHadley, Lawrence, Krautmann, Anthony C.
Efficiency in the National Basketball Association: a stochastic frontier approach with panel data.EconomicsHofler, Richard A., Payne, James E.
Envy and positional bias in the evolutionary psychology of management.EconomicsBuss, David M., Hill, Sarah E.
Explaining clustering in social networks: towards an evolutionary theory of cascading benefits.EconomicsKurzban, Robert, Levine, Sheen S.
Family ownership, corporate governance, and top executive compensation.EconomicsFirth, Michael, Cheng, Suwina
'First, kill all the economists...': the insufficiency of microeconomics and the need for evolutionary psychology in the study of management.EconomicsKanazawa, Satoshi
Hierarchial reporting, aggregation, and information cascades.EconomicsArya, Anil, Glover, Jonathan, Mittendorf, Brian
Industry clustering of initial public offerings.EconomicsBharat A. Jain, Omesh Kini
Information aggregation in a catastrophe futures market.(information in insurance industry and uncertainty)EconomicsShachat, Jason, Westerling, Anthony
International tenders and futures hedging.EconomicsLien, Donald, Wong, Kit Pong
Is there a managerial life cycle? Evidence from the NFL.(National Foodball League)EconomicsGoff, Brian L., Wisley, Thomas O.
Marketing/inventory interactions in the characterization of retailer response to manufacturer trade deals.EconomicsSrinivasan, G., Arcelus, F.J.
Modelling employment durations of NHL head coaches: turnover and post-succession performance.(National Hockey League)EconomicsAudas, Rick, Goddard, John, Rowe, W.Glen
On-the-job leisure as a cause of asymmetric observed-effort distributions.(workers' on-the-job leisure on their productivity )EconomicsDickson, David L.
Optimal response to a next generation new product introduction: to imitate or to leapfrog?EconomicsSudharshan, D., Ratchford, Brian T., Liu, Ben Shaw-Ching
Option pricing by students and professional traders: a behavioral investigation.(behaviors of rookie and professional stock brokers )EconomicsAbbink, Klaus, Rockenbach, Bettina
Price-setting power and information asymmetry in sealed bidding.EconomicsParco, James E.
R&D in a strategic delegation game revisited: a note.EconomicsKopel, Michael, Riegler, Christian
Revisiting agency and transaction costs theory predictions on vertical financial ownership and contracting: electronic integration as an organizational form choice.EconomicsMahoney, Joseph T., Lajili, Kaouthar
Risk tolerance in the present and the future: an experimental study.(evaluating risk factors in lotteries )EconomicsNoussair, Charles, Ping Wu
Sales by multi-product retailers.EconomicsRichards, Timothy J.
Sex, power, and dominance: the evolutionary psychology of sexual harassment.EconomicsBrowne, Kingsley R.
Technological and organizational changes as determinants of the skill bias: evidence from the Italian machinery industry.EconomicsVivarelli, Marco, Piva, Mariacristina, Santarelli, Enrico
The effect of communication in incentive systems-an experimental study.EconomicsHarbring, Christine
The international drivers of domestic airline mergers in twenty nations: integrating industrial organization and international business.EconomicsClougherty, Joseph A.
The measurement of marketing efficiency in the presence of spillovers: theory and evidence.EconomicsTremblay, Victor J., Vardanyan, Michael
The opt-out revolution in the United States: implications for modern organizations.EconomicsStill, Mary C.
The pace of intermediate-product introductions.EconomicsTyagi, Rajeev K., Raju, Jagmohan S.
The U.S. Brewing Industry: Data and Economic Analysis.(Book review)EconomicsElzinga, Kenneth G.
US-style contingent fee and UK-style conditional fees: agency problems and the supply of legal services.EconomicsEmons, Winand, Garoupa, Nuno
Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship, and Public Policy.(Book review)EconomicsSobel, Russell S.
Wage versus efficient bargaining in oligopoly.EconomicsKraft, Kornelius
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