Managerial & Decision Economics 2005 - Abstracts

Managerial & Decision Economics 2005
A comparison of ownership structures and innovations of US and Japanese firms.EconomicsLee, Peggy M.
Analysis of Internet topology with a three-level components model.EconomicsIda, Takanori
Analyzing moviegoing demand: an individual cross-sectional approach.(analysis of factors )EconomicsCollins, Alan, Hand, Chris
An econometric analysis of trends in research joint venture activity.EconomicsLink, Albert N., Paton, David, Siegel, Donald S.
Core complementarities of the corporation: Organization of an innovating firm.EconomicsLeiponen, Aija
Corporate governance and development: the case of China.(company law)EconomicsLiu, Sean
Corporate governance, ownership structure and corporate efficiency; the case of Ukraine.(joint-stock companies)EconomicsZheka, Vitaliy
Delegation of risky activities.(reward and punishment of the agent for under presence of adverse selection and moral hazards)EconomicsWatabe, Akihiro
Disclosure level and cost of equity capital: evidence from the banking industry.(voluntary disclosures)EconomicsCourtis, John K., Poshakwale, Sunil
Duality, income and substitution effects for the competitive firm under price uncertainty.EconomicsMenezes, Carmen F., Wang, Henry
Economies of scale and market power in policing.EconomicsSouthwick, Lawrence, Jr.
Edith Penrose, organizational economics and business strategy: an assessment and extension.EconomicsPitelis, Christos
Edith Penrose's contributions to economics and strategy: an overview.EconomicsThompson, Steve, Wright, Mark
Edith Penrose's legacy to the resource - based view.EconomicsLockett, Andy
Employee motivation, external orientation and the technical efficiency of foreign - financed firms in China: A stochastic frontier analysis.EconomicsYeung, Godfrey, Mok, Vincent
Enron, corporate governance and deterrence.(reform of corporate governance in America)EconomicsDnes, Antony W.
Entry of foreign banks in Shanghai: Implications for business strategies in an increasingly competitive market.EconomicsYoung, T., Leung, M.K.
Examining the Penrose effect in an international business context: the dynamics of Japanese firm growth in US industries.EconomicsMahoney, Joseph T., Tan, Danchi
Experimental evidence on trading behavior, market efficiency and price formation in double auctions with unknown trading duration.EconomicsDuxbury, Darren
Export channel dynamics: an empirical investigation.EconomicsPedersen, Torben, Petersen, Bent, Benito, Gabriel R.G.
Horizontal alliances and the merger paradox.EconomicsSawler, James
Insider ownership and firm performance in Taiwan's electronics industry: a technical efficiency perspective.EconomicsYang, Chi-Yih, Sheu, Her-Jiun
Normative target-based decision making.EconomicsAbbas, Ali E., Matheson, James E.
Penrose and the growth of multinational firms.(Edith Penrose's theory on growth of firm )EconomicsKay, Neil M.
Price-matching policy with imperfect information.EconomicsMao, Wen
Pricing training and development programs using stochastic CVP analysis.(cost-volume profit model)EconomicsYunker, James A., Schofield, Dale
Problem - solving and competence creation in the early development of new firms.EconomicsGarnsey, Elizabeth, Hugo, Oliver
Property rights theory, transaction costs theory, and agency theory: an organizational economics approach to strategic management.EconomicsMahoney, Joseph T., Kim, Jongwook
Proxy contest, board reelection, and managerial turnover - yes, the proxy contest outcome matters.EconomicsGili Yen, Ching-Lung Chen
Sewer plant operating efficiency, patronage, and competition.EconomicsSouthwick, Lawrence Jr.
Simultaneous determination of inventories and accounts receivable.EconomicsMehar, Ayub
Stackelberg leadership with demand uncertainty.(Stackelberg model)EconomicsLiu, Zhiyong
Strategic managerial incentives under adverse selection.EconomicsCavagnac, Michel
Structuring residual income and decision rights under internal governance: results from the Hungarian trucking industry.(property rights and monitoring costs)EconomicsWindsperger, Josef, Jell, Maria
Subgame perfection and the ethics of competition.EconomicsArce, Daniel G.
Tax asymmetry and futures hedging under liquidity constraints.EconomicsKit Pong Wong
Technological opportunity and the relationship between innovation output and market structure.EconomicsKoeller, C. Timothy
The impact of institutions on Entrepreneurial activity.(experimental examination)EconomicsStephen, Frank H., Urbano, David, Hemmen, Stefan van
The limits of the wage impact of discrimination.EconomicsBecker, Elizabeth, Lindsay, Cotton M.
The mystification of operational competitiveness rating analysis.EconomicsWang, Shouhong, Wang, Hai
The myth of racial discrimination in pay in the United States.(General Social Survey data report collected between 1974 and 2004)EconomicsKanazawa, Satoshi
Top executive turnovers: separating decision and control rights.EconomicsVoetmann, Torben, Neumann, Robert
Understanding the implications of empirical work on corporate growth rates.EconomicsGeroski, P.A.
When adding a fuel efficient car increases an automaker's CAFE penalty.(Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards)EconomicsYun, John M., Tenn, Steven
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