Managerial & Decision Economics 2004 - Abstracts

Managerial & Decision Economics 2004
Alliances and cost declaration.EconomicsGensemer, Susan, Kanagaretnam, Kiridaran
Analysing absence behaviour using event history models.EconomicsBarmby, Tim, Sibly, Suzyrman
A note on equity ownership and corporate value in Greece.EconomicsKarathanassis, G. A.
Assessing the costs of 'addicted' gamblers.(Professor John Warren Kindt's research paper on gambling industry)EconomicsGerstein, Dean R., Harwood, Henrick J., Christiansen, Eugene M
Behavioral uncertainty and investments in cooperative relationships.EconomicsVetschera, R.
Causes and effects of multimarket activity from theory to empirical analysis.EconomicsVanoni, Davide
College football conferences and competitive balance.EconomicsQuirk, James
Comment on Kindt's paper.(Professor John Warren Kindt's paper advocating legally permitting gambling)EconomicsEadington, William R.
Comment on Kindt's paper.(Professor John Warren Kindt's paper on gambling industry)EconomicsBirdwell, R. Randall
Comment on Kindt's paper.(Professor John Warren Kindt's paper on gambling industry)EconomicsLorenz, Valerie C.
Compensating for innovation: do small firms offer high-powered incentives that lure talent and motivate effort?EconomicsLazzarini, Sergio G., Zenger, Todd R.
Competing in groups.EconomicsBaum, Joel A.C., Greve, Henrich R., Rao, Hayagreeva, Rowley, Tim J., Shipilov, Andrew V.
Competitive repertoire simplicity and firm performance: the moderating role of top management team heterogeneity.EconomicsFerrier, Walter J., Lyon, Douglas W.
Consumer rationality and credit card pricing: an explanation based on the option value of credit lines.EconomicsPark, Sangkyun
Coupons and price discrimination in vertically correlated markets.EconomicsHu, J.L., Chiou, Y.H., Hwang, H.
Delegation in First-price All-pay auctions.EconomicsKonrad, Kai A.
Empirical evidence regarding the tension between knowledge sharing and knowledge expropriation in collaborations.EconomicsNickerson, Jack A., Heiman, Bruce A.
Endogenous R&D spillovers and locational choice with discriminatory pricing.EconomicsPiga, Claudio, Poyago-Theotoky
Financial health and airline safety.EconomicsNoronha, G., Singal, V.
Fixed cost, marginal cost, and the decision to buy or make.EconomicsHegji, Charles E.
From corporate strategy to business-level advantage: relatedness as resource congruence.EconomicsAnderson, Philip, D'Aveni, Richard A., Ravenscraft, David J.
Fundamental analysis of stocks by two-stage DEA.(data envelopment analysis)EconomicsAbad, Cristina, Thore, Sten A., Laffrga, Joaquina
Inelastic sports pricing.EconomicsFort, Rodney
Kindt's paper epitomizes the problems in gambling research.(Professor John Warren Kindt's paper on gambling industry)EconomicsWalker, Douglas M.
Motivating long-term employment contracts: risk management in major league baseball.EconomicsMaxcy, Joel
Overcoming stickiness: an empirical investigation of the role of the template in the replication of organizational routines.EconomicsSzulanski, Gabriel, Jensen, Robert J.
Player salary share and the distribution of player earnings.EconomicsScully, Gerald W.
R&D spillovers and strategic delegation in oligopolistic contests.EconomicsKrakel, Matthias
Reach out or reach within? Performance implications of alliances and location in Biotechnology.EconomicsZaheer, Akbar, George, Varghese P.
Redeployment of corporate resources: a study of acquisition strategies in the US defense industries, 1978-1996.EconomicsAnand, Jaideep
Residual income claimancy, monitoring, and the R&D firm: theory with application to biotechs.(research and developmet firms)EconomicsKoyin Chang, Garen, John
Resources, capabilities, and the performance of industrial firms: a multivariate analysis.EconomicsTishler, Asher, Carmeli, Abraham
Strategic measure of competitiveness for ranked data.EconomicsRohm, Andrew J., Chaterjee, Sangit, Habibullah, Mohamed
Subsidies as incentive mechanisms in sports.(inverse relationship between sports subsidies and ticket prices)EconomicsFort, Rodney
Taxation vs. litigation.(controlling gambling as a social evil)EconomicsGrinols, Earl L.
The construction of a firm's governance structure in a setting of uncertainty.EconomicsDonoghue, Erik J. O'
The economics of Managerialism and the drive for efficiency in policing.EconomicsDrake, Leigh M., Simper, Richard
The Savanna Principle.EconomicsKanazawa, S.
Vertical group formation: a social process perspective.EconomicsShanley, Mark, Peteraf, Margaret
Wagering war.(protecting citizens from indulging in gambling)EconomicsLevy, Robert A.
Whither franchising? the case of Avis Europe PLC.EconomicsJacobsen, Lowell R.
Winning at craps: are casinos vulnerable to state suits for social costs? - a preliminary analysis.EconomicsVandall, Frank J.
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