Managerial & Decision Economics 2001 - Abstracts

Managerial & Decision Economics 2001
A market-process approach to corporate coherence.EconomicsFoss, Nicolai J., Christensen, Jens Froslev
An agency analysis of Church-pastor relations.EconomicsZech, Charles
Assessing self-reported expenditures on gambling.EconomicsVolberg, Rachel A., Gerstein, Dean R., Christiansen, Eugene M., Baldridge, John
Business profitability versus social profitability: Evaluating industries with externalities, the case of casinos.EconomicsGrinols, Earl L., Mustard, David B.
Cartelizing effects of horizontal shareholding interlocks.EconomicsMerlone, Ugo
Casino gambling and crime: a panel study of Wisconsin counties.EconomicsGazel, Ricardo C., Rickman, Dan S., Thompson, William N.
Corporate investment and strategic stability in hypercompetition.EconomicsParayre, Roch, Hurry, Dileep
Decision theory and real estate investment: An analysis of the decision-making processes of real estate investment fund managers.EconomicsFrench, Nick
Efficiency in pre-merger and post-merger non-bank financial institutions.EconomicsWorthington, Andrew C.
Estimating serial cross-correlation in real estate returns.EconomicsBrown, Gerald R., Seow-Eng Ong
Firm strategy, innovation and consumer demand: a market process approach.EconomicsRobertson, Paul L., Yu, Tony F.
First do not harm: What could be done by casinos to limit pathological gambling?EconomicsQuinn, Frank L.
Gambling in Canada: some insights for cost - benefit analysis.EconomicsHenriksson, Lennart E.
Innovation and firm-level persistent profitability: a Schumpeterian framework.EconomicsRoberts, Peter W.
Internal markets and the theory of the firm.EconomicsEllig, Jerry
Linking hypercompetition and strategic group theories: strategic maneuvering in the US insurance industry.EconomicsFiegenbaum, Avi, Thomas, Howard, Ming-Je Tang
Modeling regional electric power markets and market power.EconomicsCope, Robert F., III, Dismukes, David E., Cope, Rachelle F.
Modeling the competitive process.EconomicsJacobson, Robert, Hansen, Gary
Real estate and corporate valuation: An asset pricing perspective.EconomicsLiow Kim Hiang
Rent extraction, principal-agent relationships, and pricing strategies: vendor licensing during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.EconomicsAllen, Ralph C., Stone, Jack H.
Risk reduction and real estate portfolio size.EconomicsLee, Stephen, Byrne, Peter J.
Stories about firms: boundaries, structures, strategies, and processes.EconomicsAddelson, Mark
Strategy and the market process: introduction to the special issue.EconomicsLanglois, Richard N.
Strategy in turbulent environments: the role of dynamic competence.EconomicsSubbaNarasimha, P.N.
The costs of addicted gamblers: should the states initiate mega-lawsuits similar to the tobacco cases?EconomicsKindt, John Warren
The determinants of voluntary investment decisions.EconomicsChapple, Wendy, Cooke, Andrew, Galt, Vaughan, Paton, David
The effects of ownership concentration on investment and performance in privatized firms in Russia.EconomicsFilatotchev, Igor, Kapelyushnikov, Rostislav, Dyomina, Natalya, Aukutsionek, Sergey
The feasibility of regulating gambling on the internet.EconomicsClarke, Roger, Dempsey, Gillian
The impact of riverboat casinos on the demand for gambling at casino resorts: a theoretical and empirical investigation.EconomicsHunsaker, Julie
The option to change the use of a property when future property values amd construction are uncertain.EconomicsGunnelin, Ake
The political economy of gambling regulation.EconomicsSauer, Raymond D.
The probability and timing of price reversals in the property market.EconomicsPartington, Grasham, Stevenson, Max
The trade-off of reliability for relevance within a stewardship setting.EconomicsYoung, Richard A., Woodlock, Peter D.
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