Managerial & Decision Economics 2000 - Abstracts

Managerial & Decision Economics 2000
Conspicuous consumption and the positional economy: policy and prescription since 1970.EconomicsMason, Roger
Corporate criminal law and organization incentives: a managerial perspective.EconomicsGaroupa, Nuno
Corporate Takeovers, Bargaining and Managers' Incentives to Invest.EconomicsCanoy, Marcel, Riyanto, Yohanes E., Van Cayseele, Patrick
Cost and Productivity.EconomicsGrifell-Tatje, E., Lovell, C.A.K.
Costs, Technology and Ownership of Gas Distribution in Italy.EconomicsFraquelli, Giovanni, Fabbri, Paola, Giandrone, Roberto
Demonstrating Cournot and collusive equilibria using computer spreadsheets.EconomicsHegji, Charles E.
Do firm and state antitakeover provisions affect how well CEOs earn their pay?(chief executive officers)EconomicsBarnhart, Scott W., Spivey, Michael F., Alexander, John C.
Estimating deferred taxation on dividends in business groups.EconomicsBrioschi, Francesco, Giudici, Giancarlo, Paleari, Stefano
Firm resources and joint ventures: what determines zero-sum versus positive-sum outcomes?EconomicsWolff, James A., Reed, Richard
Foreign investment and global sourcing of firms in the US.EconomicsPark, Hong Y.
Inappropriate sales in the financial services industry: the limits of the rational calculus?EconomicsLeece, David
Investment with an arithmetic process and lags.EconomicsBar-Ilan, Avner
Just-Cause Provisions, Severance Pay, and the Efficiency Wage Hypothesis.EconomicsJames, Harvey S., Jr., Johnson, Derek M.
Latent demand and the browsing shopper.EconomicsEarl, Peter E., Potts, Jason
Maintenance contracts for leased goods: their role in creating brand loyalty.EconomicsHunsaker, Julie
On the benefits of collaboration: consumer psychology, behavioral economics and relational frame theory.EconomicsQuinones, Rene, Hayes, Linda J., Hayes, Steven C.
Performance Evaluation of National Football League Teams.EconomicsRuggiero, John, Hadley, Lawrence, Poitras, Marc, Knowles, Scott
Planned obsolescence and marketing strategy.EconomicsUtaka, Atsuo
Separating Contract from Governance.EconomicsJames, Harvey S., Jr.
Survivorship in the US hospital services industry.EconomicsSanterre, Rexford E., Pepper, Debra
Team Performance: The Case for English Premiership Football.EconomicsCarmichael, Fiona, Thomas, Dennis, Ward, Robert
The effect of ESOP adoptions on corporate performance: are there really performance changes?(Employee Stock Ownership Programs)EconomicsPugh, William N., Oswal, Sharon L., Jahera, John S., Jr.
The extent, motivation, and effect of tying in franchise contracts.EconomicsMichael, Steven C.
The impact of privatization and regulation on the water and sewerage industry in England and Wales: a translog cost function model.EconomicsSaal, David S., Parker, David
The poverty of economic explanations of consumption and an action theory alternative.EconomicsBagozzi, Ricard P.
Towards a behavioral ecology of consumption: delay-reduction effects on foraging in a simulated Internet mall.EconomicsRajala, Amy K., Hantula, Donald A.
When (not) to indulge in 'puffery': the role of consumer expectations and brand goodwill in determining advertised and actual product quality.EconomicsKopalle, Praveen K., Assuncao, Joao L.
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