Managerial & Decision Economics 1997 - Abstracts

Managerial & Decision Economics 1997
A note on fixed costs and the profitability of depository intermediaries.EconomicsHasan, Iftekhar, Smith, Stephen D.
A note on the Pythagorean Theorem of baseball production.EconomicsRuggiero, John, Hadley, Lawrence, Knowles, Scott, Ruggiero, Gerry
A pilot exploration of random period duration in experimental financial markets: a treatment variable?EconomicsDuxbury, Darren
Asset specificity, unionization and the firm's use of debt.EconomicsGaren, John, Cavanaugh, Joseph K.
Competition and market power in the European airline industry: 1976-90.EconomicsSickles, Robin C., Captain, Purvez F.
Corporate value and ownership structure in the post-takeover period: what role do institutional investors play?EconomicsJones, Steven L., Lee, Darrell, Tompkins, James G.
Does culture matter in inter-firm cooperation? Research consortia in Japan and the USA.EconomicsVertinsky, Ilan, Zietsma, Charlene, Nakamura, Masao
Do institutional shareholders police management?EconomicsClyde, Paul
Do supervisory inputs matter in a capital-intensive industry? some evidence from a Japanese car transplant.EconomicsKrishnan, Murugappa, Srinivasan, Ashok
Efficient intertemporal utility pricing under uncertainty.EconomicsHiebert, L. Dean
Environmental management in Japan: applications of input-output analysis to the emission of global warming gases.EconomicsNakamura, Masao, Hayami, Hitoshi, Suga, Mikio, Yoshioka, Kanji
Environmental taxation: a green stick or a green carrot for corporate social performance?EconomicsVerbeke, Alain, Coeck, Chris
EPA's Toxic Release Inventory: stimulus and response. (Environmental Protection Agency)EconomicsYandle, Bruce, Terry, Jeffrey C.
Explaining the shape of corporate law: the role of competition.EconomicsCarney, William J.
Firm ownership patterns and motives for voluntary pollution control.EconomicsHarford, Jon D.
Firm response to environmental regulation and environmental pressures.EconomicsCohen, Mark A.
'Green money' in the bank: firm responses to environmental financial responsibility rules.EconomicsBoyd, James
Information revelation via takeovers in correlated environments.(Special Feature)EconomicsKerschbamer, Rudolf
Institutional investors and corporate monitoring: a demand-side perspective.EconomicsMacey, Jonathan R.
Inventory reduction and productivity growth: a comparison of Japanese and US automotive sectors.EconomicsLieberman, Marvin B., Asaba, Shigeru
Investor self-selection: evidence from a mutual fund survey.EconomicsAlexander, Gordon J., Jones, Jonathan D., Nigro, Peter J.
Issues on Japan's intellectual product.EconomicsNakajima, Takanobu, Hamada, Koichi
Japanese - American joint restructuring of National Steel Corporation.EconomicsTsurumi, Yoshi, Tsurumi, Hiroki
Japanese equity market response to U.S. administered protection decisions.EconomicsHuth, William L., Harper, Richard K.
Japanese technology management: introduction to the special issue.EconomicsNakamura, Masao
Life cycle cost: an individual consumer's perspective.EconomicsLiebermann, Yehoshua, Ungar, Meyer
Limits on managerial discretion in management buyouts: the effectiveness of institutional, market and legal mechanisms.EconomicsSeth, Anju, Easterwood, John, Singer, Ronald
Management optimism and corporate acquisitions: evidence from insider trading.EconomicsBoehmer, Ekkhart, Netter, Jeffrey M.
Managerial efficiency, managerial succession and organizational performance.EconomicsFizel, John L., D'Itri, Michael P.
Market structure and the value of growth.EconomicsHirschey, Mark, Chauvin, Keith W.
Optoelectronic in Japan: a market evaluation of government high-technology policy.EconomicsSaxonhouse, Gary R.
Organizational strategy, managerial decision-making, and market-based environmental policies: utility company bidding behavior in the sulfur dioxide allowance trading auctions.EconomicsBailey, Michael, Lober, Douglas J.
Privatization success and failure: finance theory and regulation in the transitional economies of Albania and the Czech Republic.EconomicsGoldstein, Michael A.
Protection of minority interest and the development of security markets.EconomicsPerotti, Enrico, Modigliani, Franco
Pythagora's petulant persecutors. (comment on Ruggiero's conclusion that the Pyhthagorean Theorem is an inappropriate basis for evaluating baseball managers)EconomicsHorowitz, Ira
Schumpeterian competition and environmental R&D. (research and development)EconomicsScott, John T.
Shareholder litigation: share price movements, news releases, and settlement amounts.EconomicsBhagat, Sanjai, Beck, James D.
State antitakeover legislation and firm financial policy.EconomicsPugh, William N., Jahera, John S., Jr.
Stock-price reaction to equity issues of utilities: the influence of regulatory climate.EconomicsGorman, Raymond F., Filbeck, Greg, Vora, Gautam
Stock price volatility, transaction costs and securities transactions taxes.EconomicsDyl, Edward A., Atkins, Allen B.
Sustainability and corporate environmental focus: an analysis of Danish small and medium sized companies.EconomicsUlhoi, John P., Madsen, Henning, Sinding, Knud
Target costing performance based on alternative participation and evaluation methods: a laboratory experiment.EconomicsMonden, Yasuhiro, Akter, Mahmuda, Kubo, Naoto
The causes and consequences of accounting fraud.EconomicsLehn, Kenneth, Gerety, Mason
The concept and practice of the production seat system.EconomicsTamura, Takayoshi, Fujita, Seiichi, Kuga, Takeo
The limitations of signalling by the choice of accounting methods.EconomicsGaeremynck, Ann
The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: the stock market casts its vote....EconomicsSpiess, D. Katherine, Tkac, Paula A.
The structuring of interfirm exchanges in business know-how: evidence from international collaborative ventures.EconomicsChi, Tailan, Roehl, Thomas W.
Top-down production management: a recent trend in the Japanese productivity-enhancement movement.(Total Productivity Management)EconomicsNakamura, Masao, Fruin, W. Mark
Two-stage budgeting as an economic decision-making process for Spanish consumers.EconomicsMolina, Jose Alberto
Why both insider trading and non-mandatory disclosures should be prohibited.EconomicsKhanna, Naveen
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