Managerial & Decision Economics 1996 - Abstracts

Managerial & Decision Economics 1996
Airline mergers and multimarket contact.EconomicsSingal, Vijay
Altering the product life cycle of consumer durables: The case of minivans.EconomicsKwoka, John E., Jr.
An analysis of management buy-out failure.EconomicsWright, Mike, Robbie, Ken, Wilson, Nick, Ennew, Christine
A theory of foreign investment: possibility, modes and timing.EconomicsJalilian, H.
Bicyclist risks and helmet usage patterns: an analysis of compensatory behavior in a risky recreational activity.(Product Safety and Management Decisions)EconomicsRodgers, Gregory B.
Communicating the health effects of consumer products: the case of moderate alcohol consumption and coronary heart disease.(Product Safety and Managerial Decisions)EconomicsZeckhauser, Richard, Phillips, Carl V.
Corporate hedging and input price risk.EconomicsKoppenhaver, Gary D., Swidler, Steven
Dividend policy and investment: theory and evidence from US panel data.EconomicsElston, Julie Ann
Doctrine for destruction: the case of corporate criminal liability.(Special Issue: Corporate Crime)EconomicsParker, Jeffrey S.
Econometric market delineation.EconomicsSpiller, Pablo T., Scheffman, David T.
Exchange rate determination: empirical evidence for the Greek drachma.EconomicsDiamandis, Panayiotis F., Kouretas, Georgios P.
General practitioners' choice of referral destination: a probit analysis.EconomicsNewbold, Paul, Whynes, David K., Reed, Geoffrey
Healthy lifestyle and safety: an expected net benefit approach to seat belt use.(Product Safety and Management Decisions)EconomicsMiller, Ted R., Blomquist, Glenn C., O'Conor, Richard M.
Identifying contracts, combinations and conspiracies in restraint of trade.EconomicsDick, Andrew R.
Labeling and performance standards for product safety: the case of CPSC's lawn mower standards. (Consumer Product Safety Commission)(Product Safety and Management Decisions)EconomicsMagat, Wesley A., Moore, Michael J.
Managerial style and the strategic choice of executive incentives.EconomicsGoering, Gregory E.
Market power in aftermarkets.EconomicsKlein, Benjamin
Market share and market power in merger and monopolization cases.EconomicsCameron, Duncan, Glick, Mark
Mergers, strategic investments and antitrust policy.EconomicsWakker, Peter, Deneffe, Daniel
Monopoly and the problem of the economists.EconomicsShughart, William F., II
New evidence on the origins of corporate crime.(Special Issue: Corporate Crime)EconomicsCohen, Mark A., Alexander, Cindy R.
Nonlinear dynamical systems and inventory management.EconomicsPinder, Jonathan P.
Ownership structure and firm performance: some empirical evidence from Spain.EconomicsFumas, Vicente Salas, Gorriz, Carmen Galve
Postmerger performance, managerial superiority and the market for corporate control.EconomicsPhilippatos, George C., Baird, Philip L., III
Product differentiation, voluntary export restraints, and profits.EconomicsChao, Chi-Chur, Yu, Eden S. H.
Product safety and managerial decisions: editor's introduction.(Product Safety and Managerial Decisions)EconomicsViscusi, W. Kip
Safety behavior and consumer responses to cigarette lighter safety mechanisms.(Product Safety and Managerial Decisions)EconomicsViscusi, W. Kip, Cavallo, Gerald
Scale efficiencies in US telecommunications: an empirical investigation.EconomicsMajumdar, Sumit K., Chang, Hsi-hui
Smoking, seat belts, and other risky consumer decisions: differences by gender and race.(Product Safety and Managerial Decisions)EconomicsHersch, Joni
The 1986-88 stock market: investor sentiment or fundamentals?EconomicsStevens, Eric, Baur, Michael N., Quintero, Socorro
The differential impact on stockholder wealth of various antitakeover provisions.EconomicsMahoney, Joseph T., Mahoney, James M., Sundaramurthy, Chamu
The economics of corporate criminal liability.(Special Issue: Corporate Crime)EconomicsUlen, Thomas S.
The impact of proxy contests on managerial turnover: a test of the job security hypothesis.EconomicsHuang, Wei-Chiao, Yen, Gili
The impact of rules allocating legal responsibilities between principals and agents.(Special Issue: Corporate Crime)EconomicsDavis, Michael L.
The level of optimal fines to prevent fraud when reputations exist and penalty clauses are unenforceable.(Special Issue: Corporate Crime)EconomicsLott, John R., Jr.
The nuts and bolts of antitrust analysis: some thoughts on how to develop the facts.EconomicsKaplan, David P.
Theories of punishment and empirical trends in corporate criminal sanctions.(Special Issue: Corporate Crime)EconomicsCohen, Mark A.
The remuneration of CEOs and corporate financial performance in Norway.EconomicsFirth, Michael, Lohne, Johan Chr., Ropstad, Ruth, Sjo, Jarle
The role of economics in defining antitrust injury and standing.EconomicsBlair, Roger D., Page, William H.
The role of economists in modern antitrust: an overview and summary.EconomicsMcChesney, Fred S.
The roles of insurance and well-specified standards in dealing with environmental risks.(Product Safety and Management Decisions)EconomicsKunreuther, Howard, Freeman, Paul K.
The structure of financial strategy: patterns in financial decision making.EconomicsSlater, Stanley F., Zwirlein, Thomas J.
Uncertain outlays in time-to-build problems.EconomicsThompson, Howard E., Ott, Steven H.
Urban unemployment, variable returns to scale and terms of trade.EconomicsBeladi, Hamid, Ingenue, Charles A.
Will behavioral research on managerial decision making generalize to managers?EconomicsRemus, William
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