Managerial & Decision Economics 1993 - Abstracts

Managerial & Decision Economics 1993
Analyzing the underlying dimensions of firm profitability.EconomicsMajumdar, Sumit K., Banker, Rajiv D., Chang, Hsi-Hui
An impulse-control method for investment decisions in dynamic technology.EconomicsBar-Ilan, Avner, Maimon, Oded
A sequential selectivity model of the decisions of arbitrators.EconomicsCaudill, Steven B., Oswald, Sharon L.
Case study: designing state contingency funds as a Markov process.EconomicsBraun, Bradley M., Otsuka, Yasuji
Contracts and control in Japanese distribution.EconomicsMarvel, H.P.
Customer perception and competitive quality strategy.EconomicsSeshadri, Sudhindra, Ali, Abdul
Do some firms rely on the owners' preferences instead of sunk investments to guarantee performance?EconomicsDick, A.R., Lott, J.R., Jr.
Effective patent life of drugs in Sweden - a comparison with international studies.EconomicsAndersson, F., Hertzman, P.
Equilibrium pricing and advertising strategies for nondurable experience products in a dynamic duopoly.EconomicsRao, Vithala R., Chintagunta, Pradeep K., Vilcassim, Naufel J.
Extent of diversification and company performance: the New Zealand evidence.EconomicsHamilton, R.T., Shergill, G.S.
Firm value and investment in R&D. (research and development)EconomicsJohnson, Lewis D., Pazderka, Bohumir
Horizontal mergers and the balance of trade.EconomicsKaserman, David L., Melese, Francois
More on Knight and the theory of the firm. (Frank Knight)EconomicsFoss, Nicolai Juul
Nontransactional data in managerial economics and marketing.EconomicsCalfee, J.E.
Opportunism and its critics.EconomicsWilliamson, O.E.
Quasi-Cournot behavior in a multimarket, multiplant setting.EconomicsHorowitz, Ira, Zappe, Christopher
Risk-return measures of hedging effectiveness: the case of multiple cash andfutures markets.EconomicsLien, Da-Hsiang Donald
Signalling, financial hierarchy and agency theory as explanations for dividend behaviour: evidence from Italian firm data.EconomicsSembenelli, Alessandro
Strategic pricing of differentiated consumer durables in a dynamic duopoly: a numerical analysis.EconomicsNascimento, Fernando, Vanhonacker, Wilfried R.
The market reaction to announced deep cuts in capital expenditures.EconomicsGordon, Lawrence A., Tsay, Yang-Tzong, Alt, Frank
The stock market response to changing drug patent legislation: the case of compulsory licensing in Canada.EconomicsSwitzer, Lorne N., Shapiro, Daniel M.
The use of initial fees and royalties in business-format franchising.EconomicsSen, K.C.
Transaction costs and corporate greenmail: theory, empirics and a Mickey Mouse case study.EconomicsMcChesney, F.S.
Transaction costs, mistakes, and performance: assessing the importance of governance.EconomicsMasten, S.E.
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