Managerial & Decision Economics 1992 - Abstracts

Managerial & Decision Economics 1992
Accounting methods and managerial discretion: the case of dollar-value LIFO. (last in first out)EconomicsShaftel, Timothy L.
A mechanism for reducing small-business customer waiting-line dissatisfaction.EconomicsMartin, G.E., Grahn, Joyce L., Pankoff, Lyn D., Madeo, Laurence A.
Analysis and modeling of recent business failures in Greece.EconomicsPapoulias, Costas, Theodossiou, Panayiotis
An econometric model of a retail firm. (The Economics of Retail Activities)EconomicsRatchford, Brian T., Stoops, Glenn T.
A note on the equitable treatment of mergers.EconomicsSzpiro, George G.
A service-based theory of retail banking. (The Economics of Retail Activities)EconomicsHanak, Ellen E.
A systems approach to measuring retail structure in Germany and the Netherlands. (The Economics of Retail Activities)EconomicsSybrandy, A., Tuninga, R.
A two-part incentive scheme to implement productive efficiency over time.EconomicsTam, Mo-Yin S.
Broken sticks- why mergers may fail to garner market share.EconomicsGilman, John J.
Capital budgeting with technology choice and demand fluctuations in a simple manufacturing model: sample calculations and observations on output flexibility.EconomicsAranoff, Gerald
Changes in comparative price and changes in market share: evidence from the BLS Point-of-Purchase survey. (Bureau of Labor Statistics) (The Economics of Retail Activities)EconomicsReinsdorf, Marshall
Competition under continuous technological change.EconomicsMing-Je Tang, Zannetos, Zenon S.
Corporate growth, corporate strategy, and the choice of capital structure.EconomicsWoo, Carolyn Y., Lewellen, Wilbur G., Kracaw, William A.
Cross-ownership as a hostage exchange to support collaboration.EconomicsPerotti, Enrico
Decision making in mergers: an application of the analytic hierarchy process.EconomicsRao, Ramesh P., Bagchi, Prabir
Diversification patterns and long-term corporate performance.EconomicsDe, Sankar
Executive compensation and the performance of the firm.EconomicsLoderer, Claudio, Lewellen, Wilbur, Martin, Kenneth, Blum, Gerald
Executive compensation, method of payment and abnormal returns to bidding firms at takeover announcements.EconomicsTravlos, Nickolaos G., Waegelein, James F.
Graphical analysis and financial classification: a case study.EconomicsSrinivasan, Venkat, Chatterjee, Sangit
Horizontal shareholding interlocks.EconomicsFlath, David
Information and decision making: a search for method and understanding.EconomicsKeasey, Kevin, Moon, Philip
International joint ventures: theoretical considerations.EconomicsTang Ming-Je, Joseph Yu Chwo-Ming
Investment and pricing strategies of competing firms: a computational approach.EconomicsKivijarvi, Hannu, Soismaa, Margareta
Investment in salvage equipment.EconomicsRhee, S. Ghon, Mangiameli, Paul M., Tannous, George F.
Is economic efficiency the driving force behind mergers?EconomicsDe Bondt, Werner F.M.
LIFO adoption and dividend payout. (last-in first-out)EconomicsEttredge, Michael, Kim, Jeong Youn
Managerial compensation and the agency costs of debt finance.EconomicsBrander, James A., Poitevin, Michel
Monitoring costs as a basis for the dispersion of firm ownership.EconomicsJaditz, Ted
Mutually related firms and the rationality of producing nothing.EconomicsDobson, Paul W.
Note: some differences between licensed and internalized transfers of machine tool technology: an empirical note.EconomicsDavies, Howard
Organizational structure and the internal economy of the firm: the UK insurance industry.EconomicsIngham, Hilary
Ownership structure and corporate liquidity policy.EconomicsTravlos, Nickolaos G., Strock, Elizabeth, Papaioannou, George J.
Personal taxes and the underpricing of initial public offerings.EconomicsDandapani, Krishnan, Dossani, Rafiq, Prakash, Arun J., Reside, Mary Ann
Portfolio management using a factor-analytic stock selection strategy.EconomicsKini, Omesh, Badrinath, S.G.
Price uncertainty and the effect of capital costs in a point in-point out inventory investment.EconomicsThorstenson, Anders, Hultman, Peter
Promoting to strategic consumers. (The Economics of Retail Activities)EconomicsRao, Ram C.
Ramsey pricing in the presence of risk.EconomicsBerry, S. Keith
Retailer-manufacturer price and profit relationships along the advertising life cycle: an empirical examination. (The Economics of Retail Activities)EconomicsLiebermann, Yehoshua, Ayal, Alex
Retail pricing: does channel length matter? (The Economics of Retail Activities)EconomicsLal, Rajiv, Coughlan, Anne T.
Shark repellents and the role of institutional investors in corporate governance. (antitakeover measures)EconomicsAgrawal, Anup, Mandelker, Gershon N.
Tax wedges, bid-ask spreads, and international financial parity conditions.EconomicsSchnabel, Jacques A.
Technical efficiency of for-profit and non-profit nursing homes.EconomicsFizel, John L., Nunnikhovewn, Thomas S.
Technology, dependent investments, and discounting rules for corporate investment decisions.EconomicsTalmor, Eli, Thompson, Howard E.
The areal dynamics of of the daily products retail trade: a case study from the market area of Vaasa, Finland. (The Economics of Retail Activities)EconomicsMikkonen, Kauko
The concept of strategic groups: theoretical construct or analytical convenience.EconomicsThomas, Howard, Tang Ming-Je
The dynamics of cost-plus pricing.EconomicsHanson, Ward
The economics of decision making in the new manufacturing firm.EconomicsMcNamara, John R.
The effects of ownership structure and diversification strategy on performance.EconomicsBelkaoui, Ahmed, Pavlik, Ellen
The factors determining the profitability of international airlines: some econometric results.EconomicsAntoniou, Andreas
The measurement of the gains or losses to an enterprise through relative price changes: the terms-of-trade effect and real income.EconomicsSilver, Mick
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