Management Accounting (USA) 1993 - Abstracts

Management Accounting (USA) 1993
1993 student case competition. (accounting problem pertaining to the analysis of special events in a casino environment)Business, generalJohn R. Mills
Abuses in coupon accounting.Business, generalJohn W. Hill, Michael B. Metzger, Mark Erceg
A case for required public forecasts.Business, generalLarry M. Walther
Accountants and the S&L crisis. (Savings and Loan)Business, generalMarc J. Epstein
Accounting for inventory in a reorganization or liquidation.Business, generalMark A. Turner
Capitalize or expense? Accountants need guidance on software developed for internal use.Business, generalRobert J. Kirsch, Sachi Sakthivel
Continuous process improvement at Brooktree. (Brooktree Corp.)Business, generalDiane D. Pattison, James M. Caltrider, Robert Lutze
Credit unions: a force for today.Business, generalT. Carter Hagaman
Driving out inefficiency.Business, generalMichael S. Luehlfing
Educational change: a call to action. (need to improve business and accounting education)Business, generalMilton F. Usry
Ethical decision making. (Ethics)Business, generalDonald P. Robin, R. Eric Reidenbach, Steven M. Flory, Thomas J. Phillips Jr.
Ethics for academics. (faculty ethics committees in colleges and universities)Business, generalRobert B. Sweeney
File recovery techniques.Business, generalJames R. Holmes
Financial management at Georgia Tech. (Georgia Institute of Technology)Business, generalKen Milani, C. David Strupeck, James E. Murphy III
Focusing on true costs in a service organization. (Fireman's Fund Corp.)Business, generalMichael Crane, John Meyer
Good news for corporate taxpayers: no more capital gains taxes on real estate transactions. (includes related article)Business, generalLeslie S. Marcus
How to assure your quality initiative really pays off.Business, generalSara Moulton, Ed Oakley, Chuck Kremer
How to avoid bankruptcy.Business, generalGordon D. Pirrong, David Koeppen
'I reached my Peter Principle level. What do I do?' (level of incompetence) (Managing Your Career)Business, generalRobert Half
Managed care: assessing cost and quality. (Financial Manager)Business, generalArnold J. Chassen
Microsoft Windows 3.1. (Software Review) (Computers & Accounting: Hardware/Software Reviews) (Evaluation)Business, generalStuart P. Hehn Jr., Thomas B. Perry
ModelWare. (mathematical software package) (Software Review) (Software Package Review) (Evaluation)Business, generalHerbert L. Jensen
New rules for package design costs.Business, generalJames F. Hopson
Not just bean counters anymore. (South Central Bell Telephone Co.'s accounting department)(includes related article)Business, generalSteven R. Harrison
Planning: the key to small business survival.Business, generalRay A. Knight, Lee G. Knight
Powerhouse presenting. (accounting presentations)Business, generalNicholas S. Fetchina
Stolle puts world class into memory. (Stolle Corp.'s Memory Products Division achieves world-class manufacturing status)(includes related article) (Cover Story)Business, generalHerbert E. Brown, Nabil Hassan, Paula M. Saunders, Nick Koumoutzis
Sunsystems financial management software. (Software Review) (Evaluation)Business, generalCal Monsma
The accountant as production scheduler.Business, generalNathan W. Weaks
The Coors Shenandoah experience: how a state-of-the-art information system was implemented in a start-up operation.Business, generalKenton B. Walker, Terry Zinsli
Using electronic tools to improve meetings. (includes vendor list)Business, generalJoseph G. Donelan
Valuing production using engineered costs.Business, generalRichard P. Mager
What production managers really want to know ... management accountants are failing to tell them.Business, generalSharon M. McKinnon, William J. Bruns Jr.
Will cross functional information systems work?Business, generalGail Lynn Cook, Martha M. Eining
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