Management Accounting (USA) 1984 - Abstracts

Management Accounting (USA) 1984
Abandonment Value in Capital Budgeting: Another View.Business, generalG.M. McCabe, G.N. Sanderson
A New Era for Operating and Financial Management - NAA's 5th Annual Controllers' Conference.Business, generalC. Pridemore
Are You Really Managing Your Inventory?Business, generalJ.D. Kimes
Computer Graphics for Financial Management.Business, generalB.A. Benson
Dangers in Discounting.Business, generalC.T. Thomsen
Facts about FASB.Business, general 
Financing with R & D Partnerships Reduces Risk.Business, generalJ.W. Hardy
Getting What's Yours When You're the Subcontractor.Business, generalJ.A.Jr. Fader
Good Stuff: Making More 'Dough' via Computer Control.Business, generalP.J. Kelley, J.A. Collins
'Hey Kelly - You're an Accountant'.Business, generalK. Williams, R.L. Shultis
How an Information Center Improved Productivity.Business, generalJ.P. Murray
How Motivation Affects Accountants' Productivity and Turnover.Business, generalJ.C. Lampe, K.R. Earnest
How Non-U.S. MNCs Practice Capital Budgeting.Business, generalS.H. Kim, T. Crick
Investment Versus Financing Decisions.Business, generalS.S. Singhvi, R.J. Lambrix
Management Principles Revisited - or How Dad Ran His Grocery Store.Business, generalT.C. Kress
Management Support Systems: Opportunity for Controllers.Business, generalA.D. Crescenzi, J. Kocher
Microcomputers For Financial Consulting.Business, generalT.A. Rose
Micros for Small Business: The Time Is Now.Business, generalH.L. Shuster, P.D. Warner
MS or MBA: Which Is Right for the Accountant?Business, generalT.D. Lewis, T.A. Shimerda
NAA Research.Business, generalR.W. McGee
Nabisco Brands' Schaeberle: From Management Accountant to Industry Spokesman.Business, generalK. Williams, R.L. Shultis
Pensions: Most Opposed Controversial Proposals at FASB's Public Hearing.Business, generalS. Miller
Pensions: The Surprise Package in Corporate Marriage.Business, generalF.S. Novak, W.M. Koeblitz
Positioning for the Upturn after Surviving the Downturn.Business, generalR.E. McCoy, R.C. Robinson
Redesigning an Accounting Department for Corporate and Personal Goals.Business, generalR.M. Roderick
Selecting an Auditor: Times Have Changed.Business, generalR. Whittington, V.B. Ballew, D.Z. Williams
Software Taxation: A New NAA Research Study.Business, generalR.W. McGee
Standard Costing Games That Managers Play.Business, generalR.V. Calvasina, E.J. Calvasina
Taking Visicalc to the Limit.Business, generalE.C. McGinnis, L.G. Maglione
Transfer Pricing Can Improve Sales and Credit Cooperation.Business, generalL.H. Beard, C.W. Caldwell
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