Knowledge Technology & Policy 2007 - Abstracts

Knowledge Technology & Policy 2007
Are new technologies the enemy of privacy?Social sciencesEtzioni, Amitai
Are you alive? sensor data as a resource for social interaction.Social sciencesKurvinen, Esko, Lahteenmaki, Mia, Salovaara, Antti, Lopez, Fabiola
Controversies of information discovery.Social sciencesHargraves, Ian
Cyber security and authentication: The marketplace role in rethinking anonymity - before regulators intervene.Social sciencesCrews, Clyde Wayne, Jr.
Design research for social scientists: reading instructions for this issue.Social sciencesHummels, Caroline, Redstrom, Johan, Koskinen, IIpo
Erratic appliances and energy awareness.Social sciencesRedstrom, Johan, Ernevi, Anders, Palm, Samuel
Fabric-circle-slider: prototype exploring the interaction aesthetic of contextual integration.Social sciencesZimmerman, John, Hurst, Amy K., Peeters, Michel M.R.
Improving independence of elderly people by introducing smart products: the guide me localization case.Social sciencesJoore, J.P.
International aspects of radio frequency identification tags: different approaches to bridging the technology/privacy divide.Social sciencesErickson, G. Scott, Kelly, Eileen P.
Issues around the protection or revelation of personal information.Social sciencesHillyard, Daniel, Gauen, Mark
Privacy and social stratification.Social sciencesMarx, Gary T.
Radical innovation and end-user involvement: the Ambilight case.Social sciencesDiederiks, Elmo M.A., Hoonhout, Henriette C.M.
Searching for salient aspects of resonant interaction.Social sciencesHummels, Caroline
Ubicomp: fifteen years on.(Ubiquitous computing)Social sciencesHargraves, Ian
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