Knowledge Technology & Policy 2004 - Abstracts

Knowledge Technology & Policy 2004
Audience surveillance and the right to anonymous reading in interactive mediaD.Social sciencesBaruh, Lemi
Diffusion of E-commerce in Denmark: An analysis of institutional intervention.Social sciencesHenriksen, Helle Zinner, Andersen, Kim Viborg
Epilogue.Social sciencesVoort, Haiko Van der, Joode, Ruben van Wendel de, Jong, Martin De
Evolutionary theory in the administrative sciences: introduction.Social sciencesDe Jong, Martin, Voort, Haiko Van der
Evolving standards and regulation: Exploring the development and provision of closed circuit television in the United Kingdom.Social sciencesWebster, C. William R.
Facing the threat: invading the body for national security.Social sciencesWade, Lindsey
Innovation in open source communities through processes of variation and selection.Social sciencesJoode, Ruben van Wendel de
Parallel experimentation and the problem of variation.Social sciencesEllerman, David P.
Privacy, technology, and social change.Social sciencesHillyard, Daniel P., Knight, Sarah M.
Process arrangements for variety, retention, and selection.Social sciencesBruijn, Hans de, Heuvelhof, F. ten
Self- and co-regulation in the medianmatics sector: European community (EC) strategies and contributions towards a transformed statehood.Social sciencesJust, Natasha, Latzer, Michael
Standardization and the democratic design of information and communication technology.Social sciencesWerle, Raymund, Iversen, Eric J., Vedel, Thierry
Tales of a successful memeplex: how the water wars in the everglades were changed into a comprehensive plan.Social sciencesDicke, Willemijn M.
Techscope.Social sciencesEllis, Robert
The Boston bio-bang: the emergence of a "regional system of innovation".Social sciencesVoort, Haiko Van der, Jong, Martin De
Theory and policy in online privacy.Social sciencesHinduja, Sameer
What's new about the "New Surveillance"?: classifying for change and continuity.Social sciencesMarx, Gary T.
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