Knowledge Technology & Policy 2003 - Abstracts

Knowledge Technology & Policy 2003
A brief history of terrorism in the United States.Social sciencesLarabee, Ann
Application of technology and innovation park concept in the developing world: dimensions and considerations.Social sciencesPhillips, Rhonda
Bringing actors together around large-scale water systems: participatory modeling and other innovations.Social sciencesEeten, Michel J. G. van, Loucks, Daniel P., Roe, Emery
Canadian bulk water exports: analyzing the sun belt conflict using the graph model for conflict resolution.Social sciencesObeidi, Amer, Hipel, Keith W., Kilgour, Marc D.
Code wars: steganography, signals intelligence, and terrorism.Social sciencesConway, Maura
Constitutional causes for technological leadership: why Europe?Social sciencesBackhaus, Jurgen G.
Creative cities: breeding places in the knowledge economy.Social sciencesHospers, Gert-Jan
Cyber terror: missing in action.Social sciencesLewis, James
Dutch engineering overseas: the creation of a modern irrigation system in Colonial Java.Social sciencesRavesteijn, Wim
Freedom, Boldness, and Economic Creativity.Social sciencesDiPietro, William
Hacktivism: securing the national infrastructure.Social sciencesMilone, Mark
High technology in uncertain times: the case of Bluetooth.Social sciencesRice, John, Juniper, James
Industrialization of rivers: a water system approach to hydropower development.Social sciencesJakobsson, Eva
Information needs in groundwater protection policy: agenda-setting for knowledge development.Social sciencesHoorens, S. K. G., Bots, P. W. G.
Linking actors and models for water policy development in Egypt: analyzing actors and their options.Social sciencesHermans, Leon M., El-Masry, Nader, Sadek, Tarek M.
Morphing the counter-terrorist response: beating the bombers in London's financial heart.Social sciencesCoaffee, Jon
On commerce, institutions, and underdevelopment: A comparative perspective.Social sciencesDibooglu, Selahattin
Research after September 11: security is now the sturdy child of terror.Social sciencesLeibel, Rhona
Reviewing policies on satellite broadcasts in East Asia: new technology, political economy, and civil society.Social sciencesThomas, Amos Owen
Risk, terrorism, and the Internet.Social sciencesAnderson, Alison
Securing through technology? "Smart Borders" after September 11th.Social sciencesAckleson, Jason
Terrorism and the internet: resistance in the Information Age.Social sciencesWade, Lindsey
Terrorism as technology: a discussion of the theoretical underpinnings.Social sciencesBlyth, Toby
The Biology of Technology - an explanatory essay.Social sciencesBond, Peter
The dark side of tinkering.Social sciencesTenner, Edward
The digital imprimatur: how big brother and big media can put the Internet genie back in the bottle.Social sciencesWalker, John
The key role of technology policy in the future of U.S. manufacturing.Social sciencesDuesterberg, Thomas
The new warfare and old truths: how our technologies are still our allies.Social sciencesAllen, Frederick
The patenting process, innovation, and size.Social sciencesErickson, G. Scott
The politics of wet system building: balancing interests in Dutch water management from the middle ages to the present.Social sciencesDisco, Cornelis, Vleuten, Erik van der
The shock of the old.Social sciencesTenner, Edward
Water quality, agricultural policy and science.Social sciencesRaina, Rajeswari S., Sangar, Sunita
WTC + 2 Update.Social sciencesNelson, Erik S.
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