Knowledge Technology & Policy 2001 - Abstracts

Knowledge Technology & Policy 2001
A critique of science and R&D-based models of endogenous growth.(research and development)Social sciencesKealey, Terence, Ubaydli, Omar Al-
An interpretation of the changing IS/IT- standard game, Circa 2001.(Information System/ Information technology)Social sciencesRamaprasad, Arkalgud, King-Tim Mak
Banking chipcards in the Netherlands- one or two systems? .Social sciencesde Vries, Henk J.
Building information systems as universalized locals.Social sciencesHartswood, Mark, Vos, Alexander, Rouncefield, Mark, Slack, Roger, Williams, Robin, Procter, Rob
Gateways- just as important as standards: how the Internet won the "Religious War" over standards in Scandinavia.Social sciencesHanseth, Ole
Growth, population, and knowledge diffusion.(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesTodo, Yasuyuki
Information and communication technology (ICT) initiatives at the University of Fort Hare: cure or plague?.Social sciencesLetseka, Moeketsi
Infrastructure Flexibility created by standardized gateways: the cases of XML and the ISO container.Social sciencesEgyedi, Tineke
Long-run economic growth: an interdisciplinary approach.Social sciencesDibooglu, Selahattin, Kibritcioglu, Aykut
Manipulative tactics in budgetary games: the art and craft of getting the money you don't deserve.Social sciencesJong, W. Martin de
McGregor's Theory Y vs. Bentham's Panopticism: toward a critique of the economic theory of agency.Social sciencesEllerman, David
Open source standardization: The rise of Linux in the network era.Social sciencesWest, Joel, Dedrick, Jason
Political institutions and economic growth.Social sciencesMinier, Jenny
R&D and economic growth.(research and development)(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesSylwester, Kevin
Re-examining intellectual property rights in the context of standardization, innovation and the public sphere.Social sciencesSchoechle, Timothy
Standardization and the competition on the market for ERP-systems.Social sciencesReitwiesner, Bernd, Volkert, Stefan
Standardization systems as indicators of mental, cultural and socio-economic states.Social sciencesCzaya, Axel, Hesser, Wilfried
Standardizing management of software engineering projects.Social sciencesRada, Roy, Craparo, John S.
Standards and standards organizations in the International free trade regime.Social sciencesWerle, Raymund
Strategies for De facto compatibility: standardization, proprietary and open source approaches to Javaww.Social sciencesEgyedi, Tineke
The development and implementation of European entrepreneurship training curricula.Social sciencesRey, Amalio
The failure of endogenous growth.(Statistical Data Included)Social sciencesParente, Stephen
The role of standards in sustainable development of cellular mobile communications.Social sciencesFomin, Vladislav
Using real options to value modularity in standards.Social sciencesGaynor, Mark, Bradner, Scott
Why open content matters.Social sciencesPfaffenberger, Bryan
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