Knowledge Technology & Policy 2000 - Abstracts

Knowledge Technology & Policy 2000
Analysis of the marketing provisions of the HIPAA privacy rules.(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)Social sciencesGellman, Robert
Beginners as a scarce resource.(non-users of computers)Social sciencesAgre, Philip
Blocking in libraries.(internet filtering software requirement to be challenged)Social sciences 
Broadband broadside.(attack on broadband access in schools; excerpted from Reason Express, Dec 27, 2000)(Excerpt)Social sciencesTaylor, Jeff
Denmark, an update on Echelon.Social sciencesElkjaer, Bo
From the therapeutic society to the regulatory state: theoretical issues in studying privacy and publicity.Social sciencesHorowitz, Irving Louis
In the future of storytelling, why do we need words? Why do we need authors?(excerted from the Washington Post, April 26, 2000)(Excerpt)Social sciencesWeeks, Linton
Poland wants SORM-2.(wire tapping and anti-data encryption devices)Social sciences 
The market logic of information.(Internet marketing)Social sciencesAgre, Philip
The political economy of information exchange politics and property rights in the development and use of interorganizational information systems.Social sciencesHomburg, Vincent
The rhetoric of dread: fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) in information technology marketing.Social sciencesPfaffenberger, Bryan
The top 10 privacy stories of 2000.Social sciences 
The use of knowledge in organizations: a preliminary exploration.Social sciencesShearmur, Jeremy
Top 12 most luddite films of all time.(anti-technology)Social sciences 
Verizon to face tumor suits?(reprinted from Reuters)(Excerpt)Social sciences 
Yahoo ask U.S. court to rule against French court.(sale of Nazi memorabilia on Yahoo's auction site; excerpted from the Industry Standard 2000)(Excerpt)Social sciencesPerine, Keith
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