Journal of World Business 2008 - Abstracts

Journal of World Business 2008
Coporate governance, regulatory changes and coprporate restructuring in Korea, 1993-2004.Business, internationalPark, Choelsoon, Seonghoon Kim
Developing trust in vertical product development partnerships: a comparison of South Korea and Austria.(Report)Business, internationalHemmert, Martin, Bstieler, Ludwig
From diversification premium to diversification discount during institutional transitions.(Report)Business, internationalPeng, Mike W., Keun Lee, Keonbeom Lee
Individual differences and expatriate assignment effectiveness: the case of U.S.-based Korean expatriates.Business, internationalSlocum, John W., Jr., Kwanghyun Kim
Korea's multinationals in a regional world.(Report)Business, internationalRugman, Alan M., Chang Hoon Oh
Managing the human side of cross-border acquisitons in South Korea.(Report)Business, internationalLi Choy Chong, Froese, Fabian Jintae, Yong Suhk Pak
Social capital among corporate upper echelons and its impacts on executive promotion in Korea.(Report)Business, internationalCannella, Albert A., Jr., Yangmin, Kim
The value of real options investments under abnormal uncertainty: the case of the Korean economic crisis.(Report)Business, internationalSeung-Hyun Lee, Mona Makhija, Yongsun Paik
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