Journal of Urban Economics 1999 - Abstracts

Journal of Urban Economics 1999
Agglomeration and land rents: evidence from the prefectures.(Statistical Data Included)GovernmentDekle, Robert, Eaton, Jonathan
Agglomeration economies as manifested in technical efficiency at the firm level.GovernmentMitra, Arup
An endogenous model of public school expenditures and private school enrollment.GovernmentGoldhaber, Dan
A simple test for convergence of metropolitan income in the united States.(Statistical Data Included)GovernmentLobo, Jose, Drennan, Matthew P.
Bank consolidations and minority neighborhoods.GovernmentFiglio, David N., Genshlea, Joseph W.
Commutes, neighborhood effects, and compensating differentials: revisited.GovernmentRoss, Stephen L., Petitte, Ryan A.
Congestion caused by speed differences.GovernmentRietveld, Piet, Verhoef, Erik T., Rouwendal, Jan
Congestion, land use, and job dispersion: a general equilibrium model.GovernmentAnas, Alex, Xu, Rong
Crime and the timing of work.GovernmentHamermesh, Daniel S.
Do homeless shelter conditions determine shelter population? The case of the Dinkins Deluge.(Statistical Data Included)GovernmentO'Flaherty, Brendan, Cragg, Michael
Do knowledge spillovers contribute to U.S. state output and growth?(includes appendix)GovernmentSmith, Pamela J.
Do states play welfare games?(Statistical Data Included)GovernmentFiglio, David N., Kolpin, Van W., Reid, William E.
Expected and unexpected residential mobility.GovernmentKan, Kamhon
Federal acid rain games.GovernmentCaplan, Arthur J., Silva, Emilson C.D.
Financing productive local public goods.(includes appendix)GovernmentDuranton, Gilles, Deo, Stephane
Fiscal decentralization and economic growth in the United States.(includes appendix)GovernmentXie, Danyang, Zou, Heng-fu, Davoodi, Hamid
Fortress building in global tax competition.GovernmentKonrad, Kai A., Schjelderup, Guttorm
Gated communities and the economic geography of crime.GovernmentStrange, William C., Helsley, Robert W.
Geographic mobility, race, and wage differentials.(includes appendix)GovernmentRaphael, Steven, Riker, David A.
How industries migrate when agglomeration economies are important.GovernmentHolmes, Thomas J.
Incentives and social capital: are homeowners better citizens?GovernmentGlaeser, Edward L., DiPasquale, Denise
Infrequent assessments distort property taxes: theory and evidence.GovernmentStrumpf, Koleman S.
Job moving, residential moving, and commuting: a search perspective.(Statistical Data Included)GovernmentNijkamp, Peter, Rietveld, Piet, Van Ommeren, Jos
Learning-by-doing and the development of industrial districts.(includes appendix)GovernmentSoubeyran, Antoine, Thisse, Jacques-Francoise
Learning in cities.(Statistical Data Included)GovernmentGlaeser, Edward L.
Managing urban growth with urban growth boundaries: a theoretical analysis.GovernmentDing, Chengri, Knaap, Gerrit J., Hopkins, Lewis D.
Modeling parking.GovernmentArnott, Richard, Rowse, John
Neighborhood information and home mortgage lending.GovernmentBeeson, Patricia E., Avery, Robert B., Sniderman, Mark S.
On the emergence of cities.(includes appendix)GovernmentPage, Scott E.
On the optimal structure of government subsidies for enterprise zones and other locational development programs.GovernmentMauer, David C., Ott, Steven H.
On the pricing strategy of a land developer.(includes appendix)GovernmentHenderson, J. Vernon, Thisse, Jacques-Francois
Optimal and equilibrium membership in clubs in the presence of spillovers.GovernmentConley, John, Dix, Manfred
Optimal metering in the bottleneck congestion model.GovernmentO'Dea, William P.
Peak-load pricing of a bottleneck with traffic jam.(Statistical Data Included)GovernmentMun, Se-il
Politics vs economics: evidence from municipal annexation.(includes appendix)GovernmentAustin, D. Andrew
Prices, parents, and young people's household formation.(includes appendix)GovernmentErmisch, John
Public capital accumulation and private sector performance.(Statistical Data Included)GovernmentPereira, Alfredo M., De Frutos, Rafael Flores
Public goods, club goods, and the measurement of crowding.GovernmentWeichenrieder, Alfons J., Reiter, Michael
Public sector technical inefficiency in large U.S. cities.(Statistical Data Included)GovernmentGrossman, Philip J., Wassmer, Robert W., Mavros, Panayiotis
Spatial job search, spatial mismatch, and the employment and wages of racial and ethnic groups in Los Angeles.(Los Angeles, CA)GovernmentStoll, Michael A.
Tax competition with two types of capital.GovernmentSmith, Stefani C.
Taxes, fees, and urban development.(Statistical Data Included)GovernmentMcFarlane, Alastair
The mistaken improver problem.(includes appendix)GovernmentMiceli, Thomas J., Sirmans, C.F.
The relative efficiency of taxes in a two-period model of urban growth.(includes appendix)GovernmentLim, Duck-Ho
The silver lining of rust belt manufacturing decline.(Statistical Data Included)GovernmentKahn, Matthew E.
Transaction taxes in a search model of the housing market.GovernmentLundborg, Per, Skedinger, Per
Why are Hispanic- and Asian-American homeownership rates so low?: immigration and other factors.GovernmentCoulson, N. Edward
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