Journal of Urban Economics 1991 - Abstracts

Journal of Urban Economics 1991
A comparative dynamic analysis of zoning in a growing city.GovernmentTurnbull, Geoffrey K.
Agglomeration economies and urban capital markets.GovernmentStrange, William C., Helsley, Robert W.
A market for exclusion: trading low-income housing obligations under Mount Laurel III. (New Jersey Supreme Court rulings)GovernmentMcGuire, Therese J., Hughes, Mark Alan
A Markov Chain model of zoning change.GovernmentMcDonald, John F., McMillen, Daniel P.
Amenities and regional differences in returns to worker characteristics.GovernmentBeeson, Patricia E.
An empirical test of credit rationing in the mortgage market.GovernmentRosenthal, Stuart S., Duca, John V.
Anxiety as a cost of commuting to work.GovernmentSmith, Bruce H.
Asymmetric tax competition.GovernmentBucovetsky, S.
Capitalization of local income taxes.GovernmentStull, William J., Stull, Judith C.
Causes of changes in wage variation among states.GovernmentTreyz, George I.
Coexistence and segregation of two groups in a metropolitan area through externalities.GovernmentKishimoto, Kazuo
Commutes, quits, and moves.GovernmentZax, Jeffrey S., Kain, John F.
Compensation for commutes in labor and housing markets.GovernmentZax, Jeffrey S.
Contributing authors and institutions to the Journal of Urban Economics: 1974 - 1989.GovernmentKau, James B., Allen, Marcus T.
Credit rationing and the demand for owner-occupied housing.GovernmentRosenthal, Stuart S., Gabriel, Stuart A., Duca, John V.
Credit rationing, race, and the mortgage market.GovernmentRosenthal, Stuart S., Gabriel, Stuart A.
Density bonuses, exactions, and the supply of affordable housing.GovernmentRubin, Jeffrey I., Seneca, Joseph J.
Determinants and consequences of the private-public school choice.GovernmentHamilton, Bruce W., Macauley, Molly K.
Discomfort externalities and marginal cost transit fares.GovernmentKraus, Marvin
Do the poor still pay more? Food price variations in large metropolitan ares?GovernmentMacDonald, James M., Nelson, Paul E., Jr.
Existence of equilibrium configurations of competitive firms on an infinite two-dimensional space.GovernmentOkabe, Atsuyuki, Aoyagi, Masaki
Explaining variations in employment growth: structural and cyclical change among states and local areas.GovernmentTerkla, David G., Doeringer, Peter B.
Free riders and distortionary zoning by local communities.GovernmentMiceli, Thomas J.
Housing appreciation, mortgage interest rates, and homeowner mobility.GovernmentNakagami, Yasuhiro, Pereira, Alfredo M.
Housing demand and real interest rates.GovernmentVan Order, Robert, Dougherty, Ann
Housing price functions and ownership capitalization rates.GovernmentLinneman, Peter, Voith, Richard
Housing quality differentials in urban areas.GovernmentGiannias, Dimitrios A.
Impact fees, exclusionary zoning, and the density of new development.GovernmentGyourko, Joseph
Optimal investments to establish property rights in land.GovernmentSchwab, Robert M., Malik, Arun
Optimal regulation of land development through price and fiscal controls.GovernmentHenderson, J. Vernon
Private contracts for durable local public good provision.GovernmentKnapp, Kim
Property taxation, Nash equilibrium, and market power.GovernmentHoyt, William H.
Property tax revaluation and tax levy growth revisited.GovernmentLadd, Helen F.
Public infrastructure and regional economic development: a simultaneous equations approach. (includes appendix)GovernmentDuffy-Deno, Kevin T., Eberts, Randall W.
Regions, the dollar, and reindustrialization. (economic growth forecasts)GovernmentNorton, R.D.
Residential segregation and the economic status of black workers: new evidence for an old debate.GovernmentHughes, Mark Allen, Madden, Janice Fanning
Residential spatial growth with perfect foresight and multiple income groups.GovernmentBraid, Ralph M.
Separating Tiebout equilibria.GovernmentHenderson, J. Vernon
Spatial duopoly and residential structure.GovernmentFujita, Masahisa, Thisse, Jacques-Francois
Supply-side regional economics.GovernmentMuth, Richard F.
Tall buildings on cheap land: building heights and intrabuilding travel costs.GovernmentSullivan, Arthur M.
The demand for housing in Sweden: equilibrium choice of tenure and type of dwelling.GovernmentBrownstone, David, Englund, Peter
The elusive flypaper effect.GovernmentWyckoff, Paul Gary
The highway speed-volume relationship revisited.GovernmentWilson, Paul W.
The impact of rental properties on the value of single-family residences.GovernmentWang, Ko, Grissom, Terry V., Webb, James R., Spellman, Lewis
The impact of toxic waste sites on housing values.GovernmentKohlhase, Janet E.
The long-run elasticity of demand for commuter rail transportation.GovernmentVoith, Richard
The optimal size distribution of cities.GovernmentSuh, Seoung Hwan
Urban agglomeration economies in the presence of technical change.GovernmentCarlino, Gerald A., Calem, Paul S.
Urban land value functions with endogenous zoning.GovernmentMcDonald, John F., McMillen, Daniel P.
Urban-rural cost-of-living differentials in a developing economy.GovernmentRavallion, Martin, van de Walle, Dominique
Valuation of pollution abatement benefits: direct and indirect measurement.GovernmentShechter, M., Kim, M.
Wasteful commuting: a re-examination.GovernmentCropper, Maureen L., Gordon, Patrice L.
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