Journal of Regulatory Economics 2003 - Abstracts

Journal of Regulatory Economics 2003
A bottleneck input supplier's opportunity cost of competing downstream.GovernmentDeGraba, Patrick
Access to pielines in competitive gas markets.GovernmentLaffont, Jean-Jacques, Cremer, Helmuth, Gasmi, Farid
Analyzing gas and electric convergence mergers: A supply curve is worth a thousand words.GovernmentHunger, David
Assessing the effectiveness of state regulation and enforcement of hazardous waste.GovernmentStafford, Sarah L.
Asymmetric demand information in uniform and discriminatory call auctions: an experimental analysis motivated by electricity markets.GovernmentAbbink, Klaus, Brandts, Jordi, McDaniel, Tanga
Bidding in an electricity pay-as-bid auction.GovernmentFederico, Giulio, Rahman, David
Business demand for broadband access capacity.GovernmentDuffy-Deno, Kevin T.
Collusive long-run investments under transmission price-caps.GovernmentHogendorn, Christiaan
Comparative company analysis - paper and forest products.(Illustration)Government 
Conforma Clad coatings survive tough challenges.GovernmentFerguson, Sarah L.
Cost heterogeneity and the potential savings from market-based policies.GovernmentNewell, Richard G., Stavins, Robert N.
Discriminatory price auctions in electricity markets: low volatility at the expense of high price levels.GovernmentWilson, Bart J., Smith, Vernon L., Rassenti, Stephen J.
Entry and exchanges of cost information.GovernmentArmantier, Olivier, Richard, Oliver
Estimating telephone demand with state decennial census data from 1970-1990: update with 2000 data.GovernmentGarbacz, Christopher, Thompson, Herbert G., Jr.
Expert advice and regulatory complexity.GovernmentHeyes, Anthony G.
Holding its own: Bluegrass Research and Industrial Park still seen as viable despite showing age.GovernmentKarman, John R., III
Honesty in environmental regulation.GovernmentRodriguez-Ibeas, Roberto
How large are the welfare gains from technological innovation induced by environmental policies?GovernmentParry, Ian W.H., Pizer, William A., Fischer, Carolyn
Measuring the impact of asymmetric information: an example from energy conservation.GovernmentSettle, Chad, Tschirhart, John
On intertemporal subsidy-free prices and economic depreciation: Constrained market pricing revisited.GovernmentGunn, Calum
Optimal pricing and price-cap regulation in the postal sector.GovernmentCremer, Helmuth, Roy, Bernard, De Villemeur, Etienne Billette, Toledano, Joelle
Paper and forest products: a major U.S. industry.(Industry Overview)Government 
Paper recovery stalls but outlook firming.Government 
Pollution abatement as a barrier to entry.GovernmentHelland, Eric, Matsuno, Mayumi
Punishment in a regulatory setting: experimental evidence fro the VCM.GovernmentAnderson, Lisa R., Stafford, Sarah L.
Putting Louisville on the biotech map; efforts to promote the area's scientific community are paying off for Greater Louisville.GovernmentMcDonald, Susan
Regulation through collaboration: final authority and information symmetry in environmental Coasean bargaining.GovernmentShogren, Jason F., Rhoads, Thomas A.
Room for growth: More warehouse space makes A Taste of Kentucky more efficient.GovernmentEagles, Cynthia
Self regulation, innovation, and the finnancial industry.GovernmentStefanadis, Christodoulos
Sending out an S.O.S.? Experts help home, business coputer users solve pesky problems.(Digital Realms)GovernmentRomine, Linda
The broadband access market: competition, uniform pricing and geographical coverage.GovernmentKind, Hans Jarle, Foros, Oystein
The demand for water: consumer response to scarcity.GovernmentBrookshire, David S., Krause, Kate, Chermak, Janie M.
The effect of endogenous regulation on telecommunications expansion and efficiency in Latin America.(Industry Overview)GovernmentGutierrez, Luis Hernando
The effects of emissions standards on industry.GovernmentFarzin, Y.H.
The emergence of market power in emission rights markets: the role of initial permit distribution.GovernmentMaeda, Akira
The Post Office vs. parcel delivery companies: competition effects on costs and productivity.GovernmentMizutani, Fumitoshi, Uranishi, Shuji
Transaction costs in tradable permit markets: an experimental study of pollution market designs.GovernmentCason, Timothy N., Gangadharan, Lata
Using random nth price auctions to value non-market goods and services.GovernmentList, John A.
Vertical integration and competition policy.GovernmentHackner, Jonas
Wholesale spot price pass-through.GovernmentLittlechild, Stephen C.
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