Journal of Public Policy 1995 - Abstracts

Journal of Public Policy 1995
Control over bureaucracy: cultural theory and institutional variety.Political scienceHood, Christopher
Corporate direct taxation in the European Union: explaining the policy process.Political scienceRadaelli, Claudio M.
East-west migration and the Czech republic.Political scienceWallace, Claire, Palyanitsya, Andrii
Economic benefits and support for membership in the E.U.: a cross-national analysis.Political scienceAnderson, Christopher J., Reichert, M. Shawn
Influences on deficit spending in industrialized democracies.Political scienceMowery, David C., Kamlet, Mark S., Hahm, Sung Deuk
Modernizing military organizations and political control in Central Europe.Political scienceDemchak, Chris C.
Statutory coherence and policy implementations: the case of family planning.Political scienceMeier, Kenneth J., McFarlane, Deborah R.
The declining role of western powers in international organizations: exploring a new model of U.N. burden sharing.Political scienceKwon, Gi-Heon
The impact of old politics and new politics value orientations on party choice - a comparative study.Political scienceKnutsen, Oddbjorn
The logic of local business associations: an analysis of voluntary Chambers of Commerce.Political scienceBennett, Robert J.
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