Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management 1991 - Abstracts

Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management 1991
Analyzing the ethical decision making of sales professionals. (includes appendices)Retail industryVitell, Scott J., Singhapakdi, Anusorn
An analysis of leading contributors to the sales force research literature, 1980 through 1990.Retail industryBush, Alan J., Grant, E. Stephen
An applied analysis of buyer equity perceptions and satisfaction with automobile salespeople.Retail industryOliver, Richard L., Swan, John E.
An exploratory investigation of reward and corrective responses to salesperson performance: an attributional approach.Retail industryJohnston, Mark W., Sherrell, Daniel L., Hair, Joseph F., Jr., McKay, Sandra
An exploratory study of reciprocal trust between sales managers and salespersons.Retail industryLagace, Rosemary R.
A social responsibility framework to guide sales management. (includes appendix)Retail industryLaFleur, Elizabeth K., Forrest, Pj
Assessing the relationships among performance measures, managerial practices, and satisfaction when evaluating the salesforce: a replication and extension.Retail industryMorris, Michael H., Allen, Jeffrey W., Avila, Ramon A., Davis, Duane L., Chapman, Joseph
Comments on "Utilization of Sales Management Knowledge and Identification of Contributors: An Analysis of JPSSM 1980-1990." (Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management)Retail industryChonko, Lawrence B.
Discrimination issues in the selection of salespeople: a review and managerial suggestions.Retail industryShepherd, C. David, Heartfield, James C.
Ethical climate, organizational commitment, and indebtedness among purchasing executives. (include appendices)Retail industryDorsch, Michael J., Kelley, Scott W.
Ethical dilemmas faced in the selling of complex services: significant others and competitive pressures. (includes appendix)Retail industryHardigree, Donald W., Hoffman, K. Douglas, Howe, Vince
Gender and sales ethics: are women penalized less severely than their male counterparts?Retail industryLambert, David R., Joyce, Mary L., Sayre, Shay
Leadership style and sales performance: a test of the situational leadership model.Retail industryButler, John K., Jr., Reese, Richard M.
Leaders in sales management: Dr. Blair Stephenson, Director of Strategic Market Development for Mary Kay Cosmetics.Retail industrySeitz, Victoria A.
Leaders in selling and sales management: John Wyman, AT&T and University of Florida.Retail industryJohnson, Eugene M.
Leaders in selling and sales management: Lee A. Iacocca.Retail industryKelly, Kathleen, Crittenden, William F.
Needs assessment and evaluation in sales-training programs.Retail industryErffmeyer, Robert C., Hair, Joseph F., Jr., Russ, K. Randall
Perceptions of gender stereotypic behavior: an exploratory study of women in selling.Retail industryJolson, Marvin A., Comer, Lucette B.
Salesperson evaluation: a systematic structure for reducing judgmental biases.Retail industryGentry, James W., Mowen, John C., Tasaki, Lori
Sales technology applications: interactive video technology in sales training: a case study.Retail industryMartin, Warren S., Collins, Ben H.
Selling and sales management in action: attitudes and applications of quotas by sales executives and sales managers.Retail industryGood, David J., Stone, Robert W.
Selling and sales management in action: sales management students vs. business practitioners: ethical dilemmas and perceptual differences.Retail industryHaley, Debra A.
Selling and sales management in action: the sales force's role in international marketing research and marketing information systems.Retail industryChonko, Lawrence B., Tanner, John F., Jr., Smith, Ellen Reid
The effect of salesforce behavior on customer satisfaction: an interactive framework. (includes appendix)Retail industrySharma, Arun, Grewal, Dhruv
The evolution of personal selling.Retail industryWotruba, Thomas R.
The influence of personal variables on salesperson selling orientation.Retail industryJohnston, Mark W., Boles, James S., O'Hara, Bradley S.
The relevance of ethical salesperson behavior on relationship quality: the pharmaceutical industry. (includes appendix)Retail industryLagace, Rosemary R., Gassenheimer, Jule B., Dahlstrom, Robert
The role of accent on the credibility and effectiveness of the salesperson.Retail industryLaTour, Michael S., Tsalikis, John, DeShields, Oscar W., Jr.
Type A behavior pattern (TABP) among salespeople and its relationship to job stress.Retail industrySager, J.K.
Utilization of sales management knowledge and identification of contributors: an analysis of JPSSM 1980-1990. (Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management)Retail industryPowers, Thomas L., Swan John E., Sobczak, Patrick M.
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