Journal of Monetary Economics 1995 - Abstracts

Journal of Monetary Economics 1995
A growth model of inflation, tax evasion, and financial repression.EconomicsRoubini, Nouriel, Sala-i-Martin, Xavier
An empirical analysis on the substitutability between private consumption and government purchases.EconomicsNi, Shawn
Are apparent productive spillovers a figment of specification error?EconomicsBasu, Susanto, Fernald, John G.
Asset returns and economic disasters: evidence from the S&L crisis.EconomicsStrahan, Philip E.
Banks and loan sales: marketing nonmarketable assets.EconomicsPennacchi, George G., Gorton, Gary B.
Bounded rationality in macroeconomics: a review essay.EconomicsHonkapohja, Seppo
CEO compensation and bank risk: is compensation in banking structured to promote risk taking?EconomicsHouston, Joel F., James, Christopher
Commodity money under private information.EconomicsLi, Yiting
Comovements in national stock market returns: evidence of predictability, but not cointegration.EconomicsRichard, Anthony J.
Convergence in stochastic growth models: the importance of understanding why income levels differ.EconomicsHaan, Wouter J. den
Disinflation with imperfect credibility.EconomicsBall, Laurence
Does it matter how monetary policy is implemented?EconomicsHein, Scott E., Haslag, Joseph H.
Economic growth in a cross-section of cities.EconomicsShleifer, Andrei, Scheinkman, Jose A., Glaeser, Edward L.
Endogenous capital utilization, investor's effort, and optimal fiscal policy.EconomicsZhu, Xiaodong
Estimating common sectoral cycles.EconomicsEngle, Robert F., Issler, Joao Victor
Estimating the linear-quadratic inventory model: maximum likelihood versus generalized method of moments.EconomicsFuhrer, Jeffrey C., Moore, George R., Schuh, Scott D.
Evidence on the role of cash flow for investment.EconomicsGilchrist, Simon, Himmelberg, Charles P.
Federal Reserve interest rate targeting, rational expectations, and the term structure.EconomicsRudebusch, Glenn D.
Fixing exchange rates: a virtual quest for fundamentals.EconomicsRose, Andrew K., Flood, Robert P.
'Flight to quality' in banking and economic activity.EconomicsLang, William W., Nakamura, Leonard I.
Genetic algorithms and inflationary economies.EconomicsArifovic, Jasmina
Global versus country-specific productivity shocks and the current account.EconomicsRogoff, Kenneth, Glick, Reuven
Government budget deficits and trade deficits: are present value constraints satisfied in long-term data?EconomicsAhmed, Shaghil, Rogers, John H.
Imperfect insurance and differing propensities to consume across households.EconomicsMcCarthy, Jonathan
Interest rate rules vs. money growth rules: a welfare comparison in a cash-in-advance economy.EconomicsCarlstrom, Charles T., Fuerst, Timothy S.
Intertemporal substitution and marginal-utility-of-wealth-constant comparative statics.EconomicsMcLaughlin, Kenneth J.
LIquidity and real activity in a simple open economy model.EconomicsSchlagenhauf, Don E., Wrase, Jeffrey M.
Measuring noise in inventory models.EconomicsMaccini, Louis J., Durlauf, Steven N.
Money and wage contracts in an optimizing model of the business cycle.EconomicsBenassy, Jean-Pascal
Money demand and the relative price of capital goods in hyperinflations.EconomicsWang, Ping, Tallman, Ellis W.
New index of coincident indicators: a multivariate Markov switching factor model approach.EconomicsKim, Myung-Jig, Yoo, Ji-Sung
Product diversity, endogenous markups, and development traps.EconomicsGali, Jordi
Search in the labor market and the real business cycle.EconomicsMerz, Monika
Search, unemployment and growth.EconomicsKing, Ian, Welling, Linda
Stylized facts and regime changes: are prices procyclical?EconomicsRavn, Morten O., Sola, Martin
Tax rates and tax revenues in a model of growth through human capital accumulation.EconomicsPecorino, Paul
Tests of long-run neutrality using permanent monetary and real shocks.EconomicsBoschen, John F., Mills, Leonard O.
The demand and liquidity effects of monetary shocks.EconomicsDow, James P., Jr.
The great wars, the great crash, and steady state growth: some new evidence about an old stylized fact.EconomicsPapell, David H., Ben-David, Dan
The identification of monetary policy disturbances: explaining the liquidity puzzle.EconomicsStrongin, Steven
The long-run relationship between inflation and output in postwar economics.EconomicsBullard, James, Keating, John W.
The Macroeconomics of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: a review essay.EconomicsSalyer, Kevin D.
The role of institutions in reputation models of sovereign debt.EconomicsCole, Harold L., Kehoe, Patrick J.
The stability of long-run money demand in five industrial countries.EconomicsHoffman, Dennis L., Rasche, Robert H., Tieslau, Margie A.
Time-consistent policy and persistent changes in inflation.EconomicsBall, Laurence
Trade credit in a monetary economy.EconomicsReffett, Kevin L., Norrbin, Stefan C.
When and how much to talk credibility and flexibility in monetary policy with private information.EconomicsGarfinkel, Michelle R., Oh, Seonghwan
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