Journal of Management Studies 2006 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 2006
A cognitive model of CEO dismissal: understanding the influence of board perceptions, attributions and efficacy beliefs.(chief executive officer removal)Business, generalRajagopalan, Nandini, Haleblian, Jerayr
A general dynamic capability: does it propagate business and social competencies in the retail food industry?Business, generalAnderson, Marc H., Marcus, Alfred A.
A methodology for assessing organizational core values.Business, generalWierenga, Berend, Riel, Cees B. M. van, Rekom, Johan van
A multi-theoretical model of knowledge transfer in organizations: determinants of knowledge contribution and knowledge reuse.Business, generalHewett, Kelly, Watson, Sharon
A narrative approach to collective identities.Business, generalBrown, Andrew D.
An examination of collaboration and knowledge transfer: China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park.Business, generalInkpen, Andrew C., Pien, Wang
A tale of three discourses: the dominant, the strategic and the marginalized.Business, generalHeracleous, Loizos
Being taken over: managers' emotions and rationalizations during a company takeover.Business, generalVince, Russ
Beyond self-interest revisited.(organizational behavior)Business, generalGhoshal, Sumantra, Rocha, Hector O.
Board characteristics and involvement in strategic decision making: evidence from Swiss companies.(corporate governance)Business, generalPeck, Simon I., Ruigrok, Winfried, Keller, Hansueli
CEO experiences: effects on the choice of FDI entry mode.(chief executive officer, foreign direct investment)Business, generalDatta, Deepak K., Herrmann, Pol
Co-authorship in management and organizational studies: an empirical and network analysis.Business, generalAcedo, Francisco Jose, Barroso, Carmen, Casanueva, Cristobal, Galan, Jose Luis
Cooperative goals, leader people and productivity values: their contribution to top management teams in China.(organizational innovation)Business, generalTjosvold, Dean, Liu, Chunhong, Chen, Guoquan
Corporate governance and financial constraints on strategic turnarounds.Business, generalFilatotchev, Igor, Toms, Steve
Corporate social responsibility in management research: focus, nature, salience and sources of influence.Business, generalLockett, Andy, Moon, Jeremy, Visser, Wayne
Corporate social responsibility, public policy, and NGO acctivism in Europe and the United States: an institutional-stakeholder perspective.Business, generalDoh, Jonathan P., Guay, Terrence R.
Corporate social responsibility: three key approaches.Business, generalWindsor, Duane
Corporate social responsibility: three key approaches.Business, generalWindsor, Duane
Cultural readjustment after crisis: regulation and learning from crisis within the UK soccer industry.Business, generalSmith, Denis, Elliott, Dominic
Empowerment and accountability: evidence from the UK privatized water industry.(United Kingdom)Business, generalOgden, Stuart, Glaister, Keith W., Marginson, David
Entrepreneurship and dynamic capabilities: a review, model and research agenda.(leadership ability)Business, generalZahra, Shaker A., Sapienza, Harry J., Davidsson, Per
Failure to mobilize in reliability-seeking organizations: two cases from the UK Railway.(organizational structure and business performance )Business, generalBusby, J. S.
Firm Performance, governance structure, and top management turnover in a transitional economy .Business, generalFirth, Michael, Rui, Oliver M., Fung, Peter M. Y.
Framing the field of homeland security: the case of Norway.(risk management in homeland security departments )Business, generalLaegreid, Per, Serigstad, Synnove
Globalfocusing: from domestic conglomerates to global specialists.(business restructuring)Business, generalMeyer, Klaus E.
Idea management: a systemic view.(transcendentalism and process interactionism)Business, generalVandenbosch, Betty, Saatcioglu, Argun, Fay, Sharon
Imbrication of representations: risk and digital technologies.(risk management in modern digital technology industries )Business, generalCiborra, Claudio
Introduction: organizations, risk and regulation.(business performance and risk management in regularized economies )Business, generalPower, Michael, Scheytt, Tobias, Soin, Kim, Sahlin-Andersson, Kerstin
'It Was Such a Handy Term': management fashions and pragmatic ambiguity.(management techniques and literature )Business, generalGiroux, Helene
Limits to communities of practice.(management practice approach )Business, generalRoberts, Joanne
Market orientation and performance: a meta-analysis and cross-national comparisons.Business, generalEllis, Paul D.
Metaphor and the dynamics of knowledge in organization theory: a case study of the organizational identity metaphor.Business, generalCornelissen, Joep P.
National cultural influences on knowledge sharing: a comparison of China and Russia.Business, generalMichailova, Snejina, Hutchings, Kate
Noise trading and the management of operational risk; firms, traders and irrationality in financial markets.Business, generalNicholson, Nigel, Willman, Paul, Fenton-O'Creevy, Mark, Soane, Emma
Organizational identity and place: a discursive exploration of hegemony and resistance.(United Kingdom based College of Further Education)Business, generalBrown, Andrew D., Humphreys, Michael
Post-formation processes in eastern and western European joint ventures.Business, generalBrouthers, Keith D., Bamossy, Gary J.
Proposing and testing an intellectual capital-based view of the firm.(intangible assets)Business, generalLubatkin, Michael, Srinivasan, Narasimhan, Reed, Kira Kristal
Refashioning organizational boundaries: outsourcing customer service work.Business, generalWalsh, Janet
Role of knowledge in value creation in business nets.(organizational learning)Business, generalMoller, Kristian, Svahn, Senja
Sensemaking and the distortion of critical upward communication in organizations.(managerl feedback)Business, generalTourish, Dennis, Robson, Paul
Stakeholder influences in organizational survival.(shareholders in organizational success and management )Business, generalPajunen, Kalle
Surviving on the margins of the economy: working relationships in small, low-wage firms.(labor supply and demand)Business, generalEdwards, Paul, Ram, Monder
Taking friedman seriously: maximizing profits and social performance.Business, generalHusted, Bryan W., Salazar, Jose de Jesus
The interaction of top management group, stakeholder, and situational factors on certain corporate reputation management activities.(decision making)Business, generalCarter, Suzanne M.
Top management teams, strategy and financial performance: a meta-analytic examination.(strategic business planning)Business, generalCerto, S. Trevis, Dalton, Dan R., Dalton, Catherine M., Lester, Richard H.
Transferring organizational learning systems to Japanese subsidiaries in China.Business, generalEasterby-Smith, Mark, Snell, Robin Stanley, Hong, Jacky F. L.
Unravelling the HRMuperformance link: value-creating and cost-increasing effects of small business HRM.(human resource management)Business, generalSels, Luc, Winn, Sophie De, Mae, Johan, Delmotte, Jeroen, Faem, Dries, Forrier, Anneleen
What's new in new forms of organizing? On the construction of gender in project-based work.Business, generalLindgren, Monica, Packendorff, Johann
Why a multinational firm chooses expatriates: integrating resource-based, agency and transaction costs perspectives.Business, generalTan, Danchi, Mahoney, J. T.
Within and beyond communities of practice: making sense of learning through participation, identity and practice.Business, generalClark, Timothy, Sturdy, Andrew, Fincham, Robin, Handley, Karen
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