Journal of Management Studies 2005 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 2005
A Dual Networks Perspective on Inter-Organizational Transfer of R&D Capabilities: International Joint Ventures in the Chinese Automotive Industry.(Strategy Research in Emerging Economies: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom)Business, generalMitchell, Will, Anand, Jaideep, Zheng Zhao
Agency problems in diverse contexts: a global perspective.(executive pay)Business, generalWiseman, Robert M., Gomez-Mejia, Luis, Dykes, Bernadine Johnson
Aligning Manufacturing Strategy and Business-Level Competitive Strategy in New Competitive Environments: The Case for Strategic Resonance.Business, generalBrown, Steve, Blackmon, Kate
An action pattern model of inter-firm cooperation.Business, generalNgo, Hang-yue, Lui, Steven S.
An Empirical Test of Cognitive Style and Strategic Decision Outcomes.Business, generalHough, Jill R., Ogilvie, D.T.
An Examination of Differences Between Organizational Legitimacy and Organizational Reputation.Business, generalDeephouse, David L., Carter, Suzanne M.
An integrative framework for measuring the extent to which organizational variables influence the success of process improvement programmes.(quality management)Business, generalWalsh, Paul, Crawford, John, Lok, Peter, Hung, Richard Y., Wang, Paul
Are German, Japanese and Anglo-Saxon strategic decision styles still divergent in the context of globalization?Business, generalCarr, Chris
CEO Portraits and the Authenticity Paradox.Business, generalGuthey, Eric, Jackson, Brad
Conflict Management for Effective Top Management Teams and Innovation in China.Business, generalTjosvold, Dean, Chunhong Liu, Guoquan Chen
Cooperation costs, governance choice and alliance evolution.(business partnership)Business, generalWhite, Steven
Country Resource Environments, Firm Capabilities, and Corporate Diversification Strategies.(Strategy Research in Emerging Economies: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom)Business, generalWan, William P.
Crafting Brand Authenticity: The Case of Luxury Wines.Business, generalBeverland, Michael B.
Does the Natural-Resource-Based View of the Firm Apply in an Emerging Economy? A Survey of Foreign Invested Enterprises in China.Business, generalChan, Ricky Y. K.
Finding form: looking at the field of organizational aesthetics.Business, generalTaylor, Steven S., Hansen, Hans
Foreign Investment Strategies and Sub-national Institutions in Emerging Markets: Evidence from Vietnam.(Strategy Research in Emerging Economies: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom)Business, generalMeyer, Klaus E., Hung Vo Nguyen
From the Critics' Corner: Logic Blending, Discursive Change and Authenticity in a Cultural Production System.Business, generalGlynn, Mary Ann, Lounsbury, Michael
Generic Product Strategies for Emerging Market Exports into Triad Nation Markets: A Mimetic Isomorphism Approach.(Strategy Research in Emerging Economies: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom)Business, generalBrouthers, Lance Eliot, O'Donnell, Edward, Hadjimarcou, John
In Search of Authenticity.Business, generalPeterson, Richard A.
In the Name of the Practical: Unearthing the Hegemony of Pragmatics in the Discourse of Environmental Management.Business, generalPrasad, Pushkala, Elmes, Michael
'Kindergarten cop': paternalism and resistance in a high-commitment workplace.(organizational behavior)Business, generalFleming, Peter
Knowledge communities and knowledge collectivities: a typology of knowledge work in groups.Business, generalLindkvist, Lars
Language and the Circuits of Power in a Merging Multinational Corporation.Business, generalVaara, Eero, Piekkari, Rebecca, Tienari, Janne, Santti, Risto
Learning to Build a Car: An Empirical Investigation of Organizational Learning.Business, generalStarke, Frederick A., Dyck, Bruno, Mischke, Gary A., Mauws, Michael
Management, Theology and Moral Points of View: Towards an Alternative to the Conventional Materialist-Individualist Ideal-Type of Management.Business, generalDyck, Bruno, Schroeder, David
Managing task interdependencies in multi-team projects: a longitudinal study.Business, generalHoegi, Martin, Weinkauf, Katharina
Micro-practices of strategic sensemaking and sensegiving: how middle managers interpret and sell change every day.(strategic business planning)Business, generalRouleau, Linda
Middle-earth Meets New Zealand: Authenticity and Location in the Making of 'The Lord of the Rings'.(Critical Essay)Business, generalSmith, Karen, Jones, Deborah
Narrating the Power of Non-Standard Employment: The Case of the Israeli Public Sector.Business, generalBenjamin, Orly, Goclaw, Rona
Offshore Outsourcing: Implications for International Business and Strategic Management Theory and Practice.(Point-Counterpoint)Business, generalDoh, Jonathan P.
Offshoring in the New Global Political Economy.(Point-Counterpoint)Business, generalLevy, David L.
Offshoring: Value Creation through Economic Change.(Point-Counterpoint)Business, general 
Ordering top pay: interpreting the signals.(executive payment)Business, generalHendry, Chris, Perkins, Stephen J.
Practical Idealism: An Oxymoron?Business, generalNewton, Tim
Reputation and Strength of Ties in Predicting Commercial Success and Artistic Merit of Independents in the Italian Feature Film Industry.(Critical Essay)Business, generalUsai, Alessandro, Delmestri, Giuseppe, Montanari, Fabrizio
Reverse diffusion in US multinationals: barriers from the American business system.Business, generalFerner, Anthony, Clark, Ian, Colling, Trevor, Edwards, Tony, Almond, Phil
Rooted in Supervision, Branching into Management: Continuity and Change in the Role of First-Line Manager.Business, generalHales, Colin
Strategy Research in Emerging Economies: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom: Guest Editors' Introduction.(Strategy Research in Emerging Economies: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom)Business, generalWright, Mike, Peng, Mike W., Filatotchev, Igor, Hoskisson, Robert E.
Temporary Liaisons: The Commitment of 'Temps' Towards Their Agencies.Business, generalOlie, Rene, Breugel, Gerla Van, Olffen, Woody Van
The antecedents of middle managers' strategic contribution: the case of a professional bureaucracy.(organizational effectiveness)Business, generalCurrie, Graeme, Procter, Stephen J.
The Configuration of Organizational Images Among Firms in the Canadian Beer Brewing Industry.Business, generalHeugens, Pursey P. M. A. R., Lamertz, Kai, Calmet, Loic
The Continuity-Change Duality in Narrative Texts of Organizational Identity.Business, generalChreim, Samia
The Dynamic Between Firms' Environmental Strategies and Institutional Constraints in Emerging Economies: Evidence from China and Taiwan.(Strategy Research in Emerging Economies: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom)Business, generalChild, John, Tsai, Terence
The fallacy of misplaced leadership.Business, generalWood, Martin
The Fragmentation of a Railway: A Study of Organizational Change.Business, generalParker, David, Tyrrall, David
The Impact of Institutional Reforms on Characteristics and Survival of Foreign Subsidiaries in Emerging Economies.(Strategy Research in Emerging Economies: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom)Business, generalBeamish, Paul W., Chung, Chris Changwha
The Impact of Organizational Culture and Reshaping Capabilities on Change Implementation Success: The Mediating Role of Readiness for Change.Business, generalGriffiths, Andrew, Jones, Renae A., Jimmieson, Nerina L.
The Impact of Profit Sharing on the Performance of Financial Services Firms.Business, generalMagnan, Michel, St-Onge, Sylvie
'The Path with the Heart': Creating the Authentic Career.Business, generalSvejenova, Silviya
The Relevance of the Institutional Underpinnings of Porter's Five Forces Framework to Emerging Economies: An Epistemological Analysis.(Strategy Research in Emerging Economies: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom)Business, generalFahey, Liam, Narayanan, V. K.
The role, use and activation of strong and weak network ties: a qualitative analysis.Business, generalJack, Sarah L.
Top executive remuneration: a view from Europe.(employee benefits and compensation)Business, generalBuck, Trevor, Bruce, Alistair, Main, Brian G. M.
Tricks of the Trade: The Performance and Interpretation of Authenticity.Business, generalMoeran, Brian
Understanding Business Group Performance in an Emerging Economy: Acquiring Resources and Capabilities in Order to Prosper.(Strategy Research in Emerging Economies: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom)Business, generalBruton, Garry D., Yiu, Daphne, Yuan Lu
Unpacking Commitment: Multiple Loyalties and Employee Behaviour.Business, generalRedman, Tom, Snape, Ed
Value Chain Envy: Explaining New Entry and Vertical Integration in Popular Music.Business, generalMol, Joeri M., Wijnberg, Nachoem M., Carroll, Charles
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