Journal of Management Studies 2004 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 2004
A Capabilities Perspective on the Evolution of Firm Boundaries: A Comparative Case Example from the Portuguese Moulds Industry.Business, generalMota, Joao, Castro, Luis M. de
A Final Word on Edith Penrose.(Point-counterpoint)Business, generalRugman, Alan M., Verbeke, Alain
A Knowledge Accessing Theory of Strategic Alliances.Business, generalBaden-Fuller, Charles, Grant, Robert M.
'A Land of Milk and Honey'? Reengineering the 'Past' and 'Present' in a Call Centre.Business, generalMcCabe, Darren
Analysing the Influence of Institutional, Organizational and Interpersonal Forces in Shaping Inter-Organizational Relations.Business, generalMarchington, Mick, Vincent, Steven
Appreciating Stockbroking: Constructing Conceptions to Make Sense of Performance.Business, generalBlomberg, Jesper
A Simple Matter of Control? NHS Hospital Nurses and New Management.(National Health Service)Business, generalBolton, Sharon C.
Building a Strong Foothold in an Emerging Market: A Link Between Resource Commitment and Environment Conditions.Business, generalYadong Luo
Building External Corporate Venturing Capability.Business, generalKeil, Thomas
Choosing Constraints as a Third Solution to Agency.Business, generalMichael, Steven C., Pearce, John A., II
Constructing Organizational Identities on the Web: A Case Study of Royal Dutch/Shell.Business, generalCoupland, Christine, Brown, Andrew D.
Coordination Networks Within and Across Organizations: A Multi-level Framework.Business, generalGittell, Jody Hoffer, Weiss, Leigh
Corporate Entrepreneurship and Real Options in Transitional Policy Environments: Theory Development.Business, generalPearce, John A., II, Doh, Jonathan P.
Crossing the Threshold from Founder Management to Professional Management: A Governance Perspective.(Point-counterpoint)Business, generalSchulze, William S., Lubatkin, Michael H., Gedajlovic, Eric
East Meets West: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Charismatic Leadership Among Canadian and Iranian Executives.Business, generalJavidan, Mansour, Carl, Dale E.
Economics, Politics and Nations: Resistance to the Multidivisional Form in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, 1983-1993.Business, generalWhittington, Richard, Mayer, Michael
Edith Penrose's (1959) Contributions to the Resource-based View of Strategic Management.(Point-counterpoint)Business, generalMahoney, Joseph T., Kor, Yasemin Y.
Edith Penrose's Contributions to the Resource-based View: An Alternative Perspective.(Point-counterpoint)Business, generalThompson, Steve, Lockett, Andy
Exploring Exploration Orientation and its Determinants: Some Empirical Evidence.Business, generalCommandeur, Harry R., Volberda, Henk W., Sidhu, Jatinder S.
Exploring Organizationally Directed Citizenship Behaviour: Reciprocity or 'It's my Job'?Business, generalPurcell, John, Kessler, Ian, Coyle-Shapiro, Jacqueline A-M.
Firing Blanks? An Analysis of Discursive Struggle in HRM.(human resource management)Business, generalHardy, Cynthia, Harley, Bill
For the Sake of Argument: Towards an Understanding of Rhetoric as Process.Business, generalCarter, Pippa, Jackson, Norman
From Dramaturgy to Theatre as Technology: The Case of Corporate Theatre.Business, generalClark, Timothy, Mangham, Iain
Geographic and Industrial Diversification of Developing Country Firms.Business, generalNachum, Lilach
Governance of the Entrepreneurial Threshold Firm: A Knowledge-based Perspective.(Point-counterpoint)Business, generalZahra, Shaker A., Filatotchev, Igor
HRM and Critical Social Science Analysis.(human resource management)Business, generalWatson, Tony J.
Human Resource Management and the Permeable Organization: The Case of the Multi-Client Call Centre.Business, generalCooke, Fang Lee, Grugulis, Irena, Rubery, Jill, Earnshaw, Jill, Carroll, Carilyn
In Search of Theory Development in Grounded Investigations: Doctors' Experiences of Managing as an Example of Fitted and Prospective Theorizing.Business, generalHallier, Jerry, Forbes, Tom
Integrating Decentralized Strategy Making and Strategic Planning Processes in Dynamic Environments.Business, generalAndersen, Torben Juul
Intellectual Capital Profiles: An Examination of Investments and Returns.Business, generalSnell, Scott A., Youndt, Mark A., Subramaniam, Ohan
Is a Long-term Business Relationship an Implied Contract? Two Views of Relationship Disengagement.Business, generalHarrison, Debbie
Knowledge Stocks and Information Flows in New Product Development.Business, generalRuyter, Ko de, Kyriakopoulos, Kyriakos
Kurt Lewin and the Planned Approach to Change: A Re-appraisal.Business, generalBurnes, Bernard
Management Control as an Employee Resource: The Case of Front-line Service Workers.Business, generalRosenthal, Patrice
Management Research Based on the Paradigm of the Design Sciences: The Quest for Field-Tested and Grounded Technological Rules.Business, generalAken, Joan E. van
Managerial Technologies, Ethics and Managing.Business, generalTownley, Barbara
Network Updating and Exploratory Learning Environment.Business, generalRhee, Mooweon
Organizational De-development.Business, generalNutt, Paul C.
Organizational Task Environments: An Evaluation of Convergent and Discriminant Validity.Business, generalHarris, Randall D.
Ownership Structure of Cooperatives as an Environmental Buffer.Business, generalNunez-Nickel, Manuel, Moyano-Fuentes, Jose
Ownership Types and Strategic Groups in an Emerging Economy.Business, generalPeng, Mike W., Tan, Justin, Tong, Tony W.
Places and Spaces: The Role of Metonymy in Organizational Talk.Business, generalMusson, Gill, Tietze, Susanne
Placing Knowledge Management in Context.Business, generalWalsham, Geoff, Thompson, Mark P. A.
Point-counterpoint: The Future of the Business School.(Point-Counterpoint)Business, general 
Political Hybrids: Tocquevillean Views on Project Organizations.Business, generalClegg, Stewart, Courpasson, David
Power, Innovation and Problem-Solving: The Personnel Managers' Three Steps to Heaven?Business, generalGuest, David, King, Zella
Rationality and Its Symbols: Signalling Effects and Subjectification in Management Consulting.Business, generalArmbruster, Thomas
Reputation Management Capabilities as Decision Rules.Business, generalBosch, Frans A. J. van den, Heugens, Pursey P. M. A. R., Riel, Cees B. M. van
Resourceful Sensemaking in an Administrative Group.Business, generalManning, Michael R., Wright, Charles R.
Rethinking the Business School.(Point-Counterpoint)Business, generalHatchuel, Armand, Starkey, Ken, Tempest, Sue
Strategies as Discursive Constructions: The Case of Airline Alliances.Business, generalVaara, Eero, Kleymann, Birgit, Seristo, Hannu
Strategy as Simulacra? A Radical Reflexive Look at the Discipline and Practice of Strategy.Business, generalGrandy, Gina, Mills, Albert J.
Survival and Failure of Small Businesses Arising Through Government Privatization: Insights from Two New Zealand Firms.Business, generalMouly, V. Suchitra, Sankaran, Jayaram K.
Symmetrical Absence/Symmetrical Absurdity: Critical Notes on the Production of Actor-Network Accounts.Business, generalHassard, John, McLean, Chris
Team Learning from Mistakes: The Contribution of Cooperative Goals and Problem-Solving.Business, generalTjosvold, Dean, Chun Hui, Zi-you Yu
The Bridge to the 'Real World': Applied Science or a 'Schizophrenic Tour de Force'?Business, generalNicolai, Alexander T.
The Business School 'Business': Some Lessons from the US Experience.(Point-Counterpoint)Business, generalPfeffer, Jeffrey, Fong, Christina T.
The Definition of Strategic Liabilities, and their Impact on Firm Performance.Business, generalArend, Richard J.
The Development of Corporate Charitable Contributions in the UK: A Stakeholder Analysis.Business, generalBrammer, Stephen, Millington, Andrew
The Influence of a Structurationist View on Strategic Management Research.Business, generalPozzebon, Marlei
The Professionally Managed Family-ruled Enterprise: Ethnic Chinese Business in Singapore.Business, generalLai Si Tsui-Auch
Too Busy To Serve? An Examination of the Influence of Overboarded Directors.Business, generalHarris, Ira C., Shimizu, Katsuhiko
When Production and Consumption Meet: Cultural Contradictions and the Enchanting Myth of Customer Sovereignty.Business, generalKorczynski, Marek, Ott, Ursula
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