Journal of Management Studies 2003 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 2003
All in all, it's just another plaque on the wall: the incidence and the impact of the investors in people standard.Business, generalHoque, Kim
An empirical exploration of decision-making under agency controls and stewardship structure.Business, generalKatz, Jeffrey P., Tosi, Henry L., Brownlee, Amy L., Silva, Paula
A neo-Gramscian approach to corporate political strategy: conflict and accommodation in the climate change negotiations.(A. Gramsci)Business, generalLevy, David L., Egan, Daniel
An exploratory study of employee silence: issues that employees don't communicate upward and why.Business, generalMilliken, Frances J., Morrison, Elizabeth W., Hewlin, Patricia F.
Aspiring for, and achieving growth: the moderating role of resources and opportunities.Business, generalWiklund, Johan, Shepherd, Dean
Breaking silence: tactical choices women managers make in speaking up about gender-equity issues.Business, generalAshford, Susan J., Piderit, Sandy Kristin
Breaking the silence: the moderating effects of self-monitoring in predicting speaking up in the workplace.Business, generalBedeian, Arthur G., Premeaux, Sonya Fontenot
Capabilities in motion: new organizational forms and the reshaping of the Hollywood movie industry.(Special Research Symposium: Beyond Adaptation vs. Selection Research: Organizing Self-Renewal in Co-Evolving Environments)Business, generalLampel, Joseph, Shamsie, Jamal
Co-evolution in an institutionalized environment.(Special Research Symposium: Beyond Adaptation vs. Selection Research: Organizing Self-Renewal in Co-Evolving Environments)Business, generalChild, John, Rodrigues, Suzana
Co-evolution in strategic renewal behaviour of British, Dutch and French financial incumbents: interaction of environmental selection, institutional effects and managerial intentionality.(Special Research Symposium: Beyond Adaptation vs. Selection Research: Organizing Self-Renewal in Co-Evolving Environments)Business, generalVolberda, Henk W., Flier, Bert, Bosch, Frans A. J. van den
Complexity, identity and the value of knowledge-intensive exchanges.Business, generalKaramanos, Anastasios G.
Conceptualizing employee silence and employee voice as multidimensional constructs.Business, generalVan Dyne, Linn, Ang, Soon, Botero, Isabel C.
'Control - what control?' Culture and ambiguity within a knowledge intensive firm.Business, generalSwan, Jacky, Robertson, Maxine
Corporate governance, strategy and survival in a declining industry: a study of UK cotton textile companies.Business, generalFilatotchev, Igor, Toms, Steve
Environmental uncertainty and product-process life cycles: A multi-level interpretation of change over time.Business, generalCannon, Alan R., Pouder, Richard W., St John, Caron H.
Executives' orientations as indicators of crisis management policies and practices.Business, generalScheaffer, Zachery, Mano-Nigrin, Rita
Explaining sales pay strategy using agency, transaction cost and resource dependence theories.Business, generalBalkin, David B., Tremblay, Michel, Cote, Jerome
Foucault, HRM and the ethos of the critical management scholar.(Michel Foucault, human resource management)Business, generalBarratt, Edward
Governing through teamwork: reconstituting subjectivity in a call centre.Business, generalMcCabe, Darren, Knights, David
Guest Editors' Introduction: Co-evolutionary Dynamics Within and Between Firms: From Evolution to Co-evolution .(Special Research Symposium: Beyond Adaptation vs. Selection Research: Organizing Self-Renewal in Co-Evolving Environments)Business, generalLewin, Arie Y., Volberda, Henk W.
Guest editors' introduction: micro strategy and strategizing: towards an activity-based view.Business, generalJohnson, Gerry, Whittington, Richard, Melin, Leif
Institutional conditioning of foreign expansion: some evidence from Finnish-based paper industry firms, 1994-2000.Business, generalLaurila, Juha, Ropponen, Minna
Internal market failure: a framework for diagnosing firm inefficiency.Business, generalVining, Aidan R.
Invoking Satan or the ethics of the employment contract.Business, generalFord, Jackie, Harding, Nancy
Knowledge content and worker participation in environmental management at NUMMI.(New United Motor Manufacturing)Business, generalRothenberg, Sandra
Knowledge levels and their transformation: towards the integration of knowledge creation and individual learning.Business, generalAkbar, Hammad
Long term incentive plans, executive pay and UK company performance.Business, generalMain, Brian G.M., Buck, Trevor, Bruce, Alistair, Udueni, Henry
Making space: valuing our talk in organizations.Business, generalKing, Ian W.
Network resources for internationalization: the case of Taiwan's electronics firms.(Industry Overview)Business, generalChen, Tain-Jy
Orchestral manoeuvres in the dark: understanding failure in organizational strategizing.Business, generalLawrence, Thomas B., Maitlis, Sally
Organizational learning in multinationals: R&D networks of Japanese and US MNEs in the UK.(multinational enterprises)Business, generalLam, Alice
Organizational transformation in transition economies: resource-based and organizational learning perspectives.Business, generalHitt, Michael A., Uhlenbruck, Klaus, Meyer, Klaus E.
Peering at the past century's corporate strategy through the looking glass of time-series analysis: extrapolating from Chandler's classic mid-century American firms?(Alfred D. Chandler Jr.)Business, generalAcar, William, Keating, Robert J., Aupperle, Kenneth E., Hall, William W., Jr., Engdahl, Richard A.
Planned or prioritized? Two options in managing the implementation of strategic decisions.Business, generalWilson, David C., Hickson, David J., Miller, Susan J.
Post-acquisition integration as sensemaking: glimpses of ambiguity, confusion, hypocrisy, and politicization.Business, generalVaara, Eero
Post-acquisition restructuring as evolutionary process.Business, generalMeyer, Klaus E., Lieb-Doczy, Enese
Predicting the performance of international joint ventures: An investigation in China.Business, generalChild, John, Yan, Yanni
Psychological contract breach in a Chinese context: an integrative approach.Business, generalAryee, Samuel, Lo, Susanna
Reflexivity in management research.Business, generalJohnson, Phil, Duberley, Joanne
Resources, knowledge and influence: the organizational effects of interorganizational collaboration.Business, generalPhillips, Nelson, Lawrence, Thomas B., Hardy, Cynthia
Seeing the need for ISO 14001.(International Organization for Standardization's environmental management system standard)(Industry Overview)Business, generalJiang, Ruihua Joy, Bansal, Pratima
Sensemaking on the shop floor: narratives of knowledge in organizations.Business, generalPatriotta, Gerardo
Shades of silence: emerging themes and future directions for research on silence in organizations.Business, generalMorrison, Elizabeth Wolfe, Milliken, Frances J.
Social structure and intermediation: market-making strategies in international exchange.Business, generalEllis, Paul D.
Sources of fidelity in purposive organizational change: lessons from a re-engineering case.Business, generalYan, Aimin, Johnson-Cramer, Michael E., Cross, Robert L.
Speaking up in the operating room: how team leaders promote learning in interdisciplinary action teams.Business, generalEdmondson, Amy C.
Spirals of silence: the dynamic effects of diversity on organizational voice.Business, generalBowen, Frances, Blackmon, Kate
Stories from the front-line: how they construct the organization.Business, generalHopkinson, Gillian C.
Strategic groups, frontier benchmarking and performance differences: evidence from the UK retail grocery industry.Business, generalAthanassopoulos, Antreas D.
Strategic organizational change: exploring the roles of environmental structure, internal conscious awareness and knowledge.Business, generalBloodgood, James M., Morow, J.L., Jr.
Strategic practices: an activity theory perspective on continuity and change.Business, generalJarzabkowski, Paula
Strategists and strategy-making: strategic exchange and the shaping of individual lives and organizational futures.Business, generalWatson, Tony J.
Strategizing as lived experience and strategists' everyday efforts to shape strategic direction.Business, generalSamra-Fredericks, Dalvir
Strategy creation in the periphery: inductive versus deductive strategy making.Business, generalRegner, Patrick
Strategy in the public sector: management in the wilderness.Business, generalLlewellyn, Sue, Tappin, Emma
Talk as technique - a critique of the words and deeds distinction in the diffusion of customer service cultures in call centres.Business, generalSturdy, Andrew, Fleming, Peter
The changing Japanese multinational: Application, adaptation and learning in car manufacturing and financial services.Business, generalWhitley, Richard, Morgan, Glenn, Kelly, William R., Sharpe, Diana
The changing roles of personnel managers: old ambiguities, new uncertainties.Business, generalCaldwell, Raymond
The contestation of archetypes: negotiating scripts in a UK hospital trust board.(United Kingdom)Business, generalMueller, Frank, Harvey, Charles, Howorth, Chris
The denial of slavery in management studies.Business, generalCooke, Bill
The dynamics of delayering: changing management structures in three countries.Business, generalLittler, Craig R., Wiesner, Retha, Dunford, Richard
The failure of the Sport7 TV-channel: controversies in a business network.Business, generalSminia, Harry
The false promise of organizational culture change: a case study of middle managers in grocery retailing.(Industry Overview)Business, generalOgbonna, Emmanuel, Wilkinson, Barry
The multiple boundaries of the firm.Business, generalAraujo, Luis, Gadde, Lars-Erik, Dubois, Anna
The organization of marketing: a study of decentralized, devolved and dispersed marketing activity.Business, generalOgbonna, Emmanuel, Harris, Lloyd C.
The recontextualization of management: a discourse-based approach to analysing the development of management thinking.Business, generalThomas, Pete
The relationship between acculturation, individualism/collectivism, and job attribute preferences for Hispanic MBAs.(masters of business administration)Business, generalGomez, Carolina
The role of micro-strategies in the engineering of firm evolution.Business, generalSalvato, Carlo
The saliency of synecdoche: the part and the whole of employment relations.Business, generalHamilton, Peter M.
The social construction of contextual rationalities in MNCs: An Anglo-German comparison of subsidiary choice.(multinational companies)Business, generalWilliams, Karen, Geppert, Mike, Matten, Dirk
The structure and management of alliances: syndication in the venture capital industry.Business, generalWright, Mike, Lockett, Andy
The structure and significance of strategic episodes: social systems theory and the routine practices of strategic change.Business, generalHendry, John, Seidl, David
The visible hands of hierarchy within the M-form: an empirical test of corporate parenting of internal product exchanges.Business, generalPoppo, Laura
Three responses to the methodological challenges of studying strategizing.Business, generalHuff, Anne Sigismund, Balogun, Julia, Johnson, Phyl
Toggling with Taylor: A different approach to reading a management text.(Frederick Winslow Taylor)Business, generalBarry, David, Monin, Nanette, Monin, D. John
'Totally un-Australian!': discursive and institutional interplay in the Melbourne Port Dispute of 1997-98.Business, generalSelsky, John W., Spicer, Andre, Teicher, Julian
Towards a theory of organizational improvisation: looking beyond the jazz metaphor.Business, generalCunha, Miguel Pina e, Kamoche, Ken, Cunha. Joao Vieira da
Two dimensions of the internationalization of firms.Business, generalHassel, A., Hopner, M., Kurdelbusch, A., Rehder, B., Zugehor, R.
Understanding labour turnover in a labour intensive industry: evidence from the British clothing industry.(Industry Overview)Business, generalTaplin, Ian M., Winterton, Jonathan, Winterton, Ruth
Voice lessons: tempered radicalism and the use of voice and silence.Business, generalCreed, W.E. Douglas
'We are all customers now...' Rhetorical strategy and ideological control in marketing management texts.Business, generalHackley, Chris
Why service and manufacturing entry mode choices differ: the influence of transaction cost factors, risk and trust.Business, generalBrouthers, Keith D., Brouthers, Lance Eliot
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