Journal of Management Studies 2001 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 2001
A belief-focused process model of organizational learning.Business, generalWilliams, Allan P.O.
Accounting for change: a discourse analysis of graduate trainees' talk of adjustment.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalCoupland, Christine
Between the ivory tower and the academic assembly line.(managerialism at the university)Business, generalBarry, Jim, Chandler, John, Clark, Heather
Complexities and controversies in linking HRM with organizational outcomes.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalTruss, Catherine
Cross-cultural role expectations in nine European country-units of a multinational enterprise.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalYcaoni, Leonardo Liberman
Delivering customer-oriented behaviour through empowerment: an empirical test of HRM assumptions.(human resource management)(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalPeccei, Riccardo, Rosenthal, Patrice
Employer policies and organizational commitment in Britain, 1992-97.Business, generalGreen, Francis, Felstead, Alan, Gallie, Duncan
Enhancing strategy evaluation in scenario planning: a role for decision analysis.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalGoodwin, Paul, Wright, George
Environmental change, leadership succession and incrementallism in local government.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalBoyne, George, Ashworth, Rachel, Powell, Martin
From dependency to defiance? Work-unit relationships in China's state enterprise reforms.Business, generalMorris, Jonathan, Sheehan, Jackie, Hassard, John
Hoshin Kanri: policy management in Japanese-owned UK subsidiaries.Business, generalWitcher, Barry J., Butterworth, Rosemary
Ignorant theory and knowledgeable workers: interrogating the connections between knowledge, skills and services.(Special Issue: Knowledge Management: Concepts and Controversies)Business, generalWarhurst, Chris, Thompson, Paul, Callaghan, George
Institutional ownership, strategic choices and corporate efficiency: evidence from Japan.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalGeringer, J. Michael, Chowdhury, Shamsud D.
Job evaluation and high performance work practices: compatible or conflictual?(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalMcNabb, Robert, Whitfield, Keith
Kaizen, ethics, and care of the operations: management after empowerment.(Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement)Business, generalStyhre, Alexander
Looking inside the joint venture to help understand the link between inter-parent cooperation and performance.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalPearce, Robert J.
Management as a professional discipline.Business, generalSquires, Geoffrey
Management 'intuition': an interpretative account of structure and content of decision schemas using cognitive maps.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalClarke, Ian, Mackaness, William
Managerial perceptions of corporate environmentalism: interpretations from industry and strategic implications for organizations.Business, generalBanerjee, Subhabrata Bobby
Managers' perceptions of criteria of organizational effectiveness.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalWalton, Eric J., Dawson, Sarah
Managing dispersed knowledge: organizational problems, managerial strategies, and their effectiveness.(Knowledge Management: Concepts and Controversies)Business, generalBecker, Markus C.
Managing knowledge in loosely coupled networks: exploring the links between product and knowledge dynamics.(Knowledge Management: Concepts and Controversies)Business, generalBrusoni, Stephano, Prencipe, Andea
Market orientation and performance: objective and subjective empirical evidence from UK companies.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalHarris, Lloyd C.
Markets, culture and institutions: the emergence of large business groups in Taiwan, 1950s-1970s.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalChi-nien Chung
Odd couple: making sense of the curious concept of knowledge management.(Knowlege Management : Concepts and Controversies)Business, generalAlvesson, Mats, Karreman, Dan
Organizational causes and strategic consequences of the extent of top management team replacement during turnaround attempts.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalBarker, Vincent L. III, Patterson, Paul W., Jr., Mueller, George C.
Perceived environmental uncertainty: the extension of Miller's scale to the natural environment.(environmental management theory)(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalLewis, Gerard J., Harvey, Brian
Power, control, and resistance in "the factory that time forgot".Business, generalEzzamel, Mahmoud, Willmott, Hugh, Worthington, Frank
Stakeholding: confusion or utopia? Mapping the conceptual terrain.Business, generalWinstanley, Diana, Stoney, Christopher
Strategic communication through the world wide web: an empirical model of effectiveness in the CEO's letter to shareholders.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalSegars, Albert H., Kohut, Gary F.
Strategic risk behaviour and its temporalities: between risk propensity and decision context.Business, generalDas, T.K., Teng, Bing-Sheng
Tacit knowledge: some suggestions for operationalization.Business, generalBowman, Cliff, Ambrosini, Veronique
Technology and the courtroom: an inquiry into knowledge making in organizations.(Knowledge Management: Concepts and Controversies)Business, generalLanzara, Giovan Francesco, Patriotta, Gerardo
Teleworking: frameworks for organizational research.Business, generalDaniels, Kevin, Lamond, David, Standen, Peter
The dynamics of the adoption of product and process innovations in organizations.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalGopalakrishnan, Shanthi, Damanpour, Fariborz
The effects of entrepreneurial personality, background and network activities on venture growth.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalLee, Don Y., Tsang, Eric W.K.
The impact of the board on strategy: an empirical examination.Business, generalStiles, Philip
The new international division of labour in Asian electronics: work organization and human resources in Japan and Malaysia.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalMorris, Jonathan, Wilkinson, Barry, Gamble, Joe, Humphrey, John, Anthony, Doug
Towards a post-dualistic business ethics: interweaving reason and emotion in working life.Business, generalBos, Rene ten, Willmott, Hugh
Transition trajectories for market structure and firm strategy in China.Business, generalLiu, Xielin, White, Steven
Unequal pay, unequal responses? Pay referents and their implications for pay level satisfaction.Business, generalBrown, Michelle
What is organizational knowledge?'(Knowledge Management: Concepts and Controversies)Business, generalTsoukas, Haridimos, Valdimirou, Efi
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