Journal of Management Studies 2000 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 2000
A dialogic analysis of organizational learning.(Organizational Learning: Past, Present and Future)Business, generalKeenoy, Tom, Oswick, Cliff, Grant, David, Anthony, Peter, Mangham, Iaian L.
Becoming a leader in a complex organization.Business, generalDenis, Jean-Louis, Langley, Ann, Pineault, Marc
Boards of directors and shark repellents: assessing the value of an agency theory perspective.Business, generalFrankforter, Steven A., Berman, Shawn L., Jones, Thomas M.
Boards of directors and the adoption of a CEO performance evaluation process: agency - and institutional - theory perspectives.Business, generalYoung, Gary J., Stedham, Yvonne, Beekun, Rafik I.
British factory, Japanese factory and Mexican factory: an international comparison of front-line management and supervision.Business, generalLowe, James, Morris, Jonathan, Wilkinson, Barry
Communities of practice, Foucalt and actor-network theory.(Organizational Learning: Past, Present and Future)Business, generalFox, Stephen
Consequences of the psychological contract for the employment relationship: a large-scale survey.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalCoyle-Shapiro, Jackie, Kessler, Ian
Decentralization, integration and the post-bureaucratic organization: the case of R&D.(research and development)Business, generalHill, Stephen, Martin, Roderick, Harris, Martin
Decision-making success in public, private, and third sector organizations: finding sector dependent best practice.Business, generalNutt, Paul C.
Determinants of a relational exchange orientation in the marketing-manufacturing interface: an empirical investigation.Business, generalWetzels, Martin, Ruyter, Ko De
Enactment, sensemaking, and decision making: redesign processes in the 1976 reorganization of US intelligence.Business, generalOrton, James Douglas
Environmental constraints and sectoral recipes: strategy change in Britain's military industrial base.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalHislop, Donald
Factory innovations and management machinations: the productive and repressive relations of power.Business, generalMcCabe, Darren
Fads, techniques and control: the competing agendas of TPM and TECEX at the Royal Mail (UK).(Total Productive Maintenance and Technical Centres of Excellence)Business, generalNoon, Mike, Jenkins, Sarah, Lucio, Miguel Martinez
Foreign direct investments in the UK 1985-1994: the impact on domestic management practice.Business, generalChild, John, Faulkner, David, Pitkethly, Robert
Framework of joint venture development: theory building through qualitative research.Business, generalBuchel, Bettina
Implementing collaboration between organizations: an empirical study of supply chain partnering.Business, generalBoddy, David, Macbeth, Douglas, Wagner, Beverly
Incremental organizational change in a transforming society: managing turbulence in Hungary in the 1990s.Business, generalCzaban, Laszlo, Whitley, Richard
Influences on knowledge processes in organizational learning: the psychosocial filter.(Organizational Learning: Past, Present and Future)Business, generalAndrews, Kate M., Delahaye, Brian L.
Inter-organizational collaboration and the dynamics of institutional fields.Business, generalPhillips, Nelson, Lawrence, Thomas B., Hardy, Cynthia
Learning through joint ventures: a framework of knowledge acquisition.Business, generalInkpen, Andrew C.
Making sense of inquiry sensemaking.Business, general 
Management ethics and corporate policy: a cross-cultural comparison.Business, generalJackson, Terence
Managerial behavior research in private and public sectors: distinctiveness, disputes and directions.Business, generalNoordegraaf, Mirko, Stewart, Rosemary
Managing the post-acquisition integration process: how the human integration and task integration processes interact to foster value creation.Business, generalBirkinshaw, Julian, Hakanson, Lars, Bresman, Henrik
Memory systems in organizations: an empirical investigation of mechanisms for knowledge collection, storage and access.(Organizational Learning: Past, Present and Future)Business, generalOlivera, Fernando
Missionaries, mercenaries or car salesmen?: MBA teaching in Malaysia.(master of business administration degree)Business, generalSturdy, Andrew, Gabriel, Yiannis
Mythicizing and reification in entrepreneurial discourse: ideology-critique of entrepreneurial studies.Business, generalOgbor, John O.
Organizational learning: debates past, present and future.(Organizational Learning: Past, Present and Future)Business, generalNicolini, Davide, Easterby-Smith, Mark, Crossan, Mary
Organization and management in an Anglo-French consortium: the case of Transmanche-Link.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalWinch, Graham M., Clifton, Naomi, Millar, Carla
Penrose's resource-based approach: the process and product of research creativity.(Edith Tilton Penrose)Business, generalMahoney, Joseph T., Kor, Yaemin Y.
Politics and organizational learning.(Organizational Learning: Past, Present and Future)Business, generalCoopey, John, Burgoyne, John
Porter's 'Competitive Advantage of Nations': time for the final judgement?(management economist M.E. Porter)Business, general 
Power, mastery and organizational learning.(Organizational Learning: Past, Present and Future)Business, generalBlackler, Frank, McDonald, Seonaidh
Project team communication in financial service innovation.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalLievens, A., Moenaert, R. K.
Rhetorical power, accountability and conflict in committees: an argumentation approach.Business, generalSillince, John A.
Schumpeterian dynamics versus Williamsonian considerations: a test of export intermediary performance.Business, generalPeng, Mike W., Hill, Charles W.L., Wang, Denis Y.L.
Selection and training for integrated manufacturing: the moderating effects of job characteristics.Business, generalSnell, Scott A., Lepak, David P., Dean, James W., Jr., Youndt, Mark A.
Social identity and the problem of loyalty in knowledge-intensive companies.Business, generalAlvesson, Mats
Strategic decision making, discourse, and strategy as social practice.Business, generalHendry, John
The interpretation and resolution of resource allocation issues in professional organizations: a critical examination of the professional-manager dichotomy.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalGolden, Brian R., Dukerich, Janet M., Fabian, Frances H.
The management implications of women's employment disadvantage in a female-dominated profession: a study of NHS nursing.(UK National Health Service)(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalLane, Nikala
Theorizing TQM: an Austrian and evolutionary economics interpretation.(total quality management)Business, generalChiles, Todd H., Choi, Thomas Y.
The political economy of trust.Business, generalKorczynski, Marek
The resource dependence role of corporate directors: strategic adaptation of board composition in response to environmental change.Business, generalHillman, Amy J., Cannella, Albert A., Jr., Paetzold, Ramona L.
The risk taker as shadow: a psychoanalytic view of the collapse of Barings Bank.(Brief Article)Business, generalStein, Mark
The strategy/structure debate: an examination of the performance implications.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalHarris, Ira C., Ruefli, Timothy W.
The underpinnings of 'bureaucratic' control systems: HRM in European multinationals.(human resource management)Business, generalFerner, Anthony
Too much or too little ambiguity: the language of total quality management.Business, generalKelemen, Mihaela
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