Journal of Management Studies 1998 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 1998
A comparison of slack resources in high and low performing British companies.Business, generalGreenley, Gordon E., Oktemgil, Mehmet
Agents, stakeholders and corporate governance in Russian firms.Business, generalWright, Mike, Filatotchev, Igor, Buck, Trevor
Alliance management: a view from the past and a look to the future.Business, generalSpekman, Robert E., Isabella, Lynn A., MacAvoy, Thomas C., Forbes, Theodore M., III
An analysis of corporate donations: United Kingdom evidence.Business, generalAdams, Mike, Hardwick, Philip
A strategic choice-resource dependence analysis of union mergers in the British and Australian broadcasting and film industries.Business, generalCampling, John T., Michelson, Grant
Board composition and organizational performance: two studies of insider/outsider effects.Business, generalWagner, John A., III, Stimpert, J.L., Fubara, Edward I.
Confounding market and hierarchy in venture capital governance: the Canadian immigrant investor program.(Sustainability of New Organizational Arrangements)Business, generalSteier, Lloyd
Developing co-operative buyer-supplier relationships: a case study of Toyota.Business, generalGreenwood, Michelle R., Langfield-Smith, Kim
Dual commitment: contract workers in Australian manufacturing enterprises.Business, generalBenson, John
Durkheim and the limits of corporate culture: whose culture? Which Durkheim?Business, generalStarkey, Ken
Explaining performance changes in newly privatized firms.Business, generalAndrews, William A., Dowlingl, Michael J.
Exploring the conceptual expansion within the field of organizational behaviour: organizational climate and organizational culture. (includes appendixes)Business, generalVerbeke, Willem, Volgering, Marco, Hessels, Marco
Global new product development processes: preliminary findings and research propositions.Business, generalRosenthal, Stephen R., Subramaniam, Mohan, Hatten, Kenneth J.
Identifying organizational subcultures: an empirical approach.Business, generalHofstede, Geert
Industry and regional patterns in sequential foreign market entry.Business, generalChang, Sea-Jin, Rosenzweig, Philip M.
Interpreting nicknames: a micropolitical portal.Business, generalFortado, Bruce
Leverage, resistance and the success of implementation approaches.Business, generalNutt, Paul C.
Maintaining leadership legitimacy in the transition to new organizational forms.(Sustainability of New Organizational Arrangements)Business, generalGargiulo, Martin, Chakravarthy, Bala
Managerial sensemaking and occupational identities in Britain and Italy: the role of management magazines in the process of discursive construction.Business, generalWatson, Tony J., Bargiela-Chiappini, Francesca
Managers' innovations and the structuration of organizations. (includes appendix)Business, generalCoopey, John, Keegan, Orla, Emler, Nick
Narrative, politics and legitimacy in an IT implementation. (information technology)Business, generalBrown, Andrew D.
Organizational learning activities in high-hazard industries: the logics underlying self-analysis.Business, generalCarroll, John S.
Performance implications of incorporating natural environmental issues into the strategic planning process: an empirical assessment. (includes appendix)Business, generalJudge, William Q., Jr., Douglas, Thomas J.
Playing with the pieces: deconstruction and the loss of moral culture.Business, generalFeldman, Steven P.
Privatization from the acquirer's perspective: a mergers and acquisitions based framework.Business, generalUhlenbruck, Nikolaus, De Castro, Julio
Relationship between organizational change and failure in the wine industry: an event history analysis.(Sustainability of New Organizational Arrangements)Business, generalParker, Gerald E., Stoeberl, Philipp A., Joo, Seong-Jong
Systems for sustainable organizations: emergent strategies, interactive controls and semi-forma information.(Sustainability of New Organizational Arrangements)Business, generalOsborn, Charles S.
Telling tales: management gurus' narratives and the construction of managerial identity.Business, generalClark, Timothy, Salaman, Graeme
The competitiveness of networked production: the role of trust and asset specificity.(Sustainability of New Organizational Arrangements)Business, generalCarney, Mick
The influence of cognitive-based group composition on decision-making process and outcome.Business, generalVolkema, Roger J., Gorman, Ronald H.
The relationship between mission statements and firm performance: an exploratory study.Business, generalBart, Christopher Kenneth, Baetz, Mark C.
The violent rhetoric of re-engineering: management consultancy on the offensive.Business, generalGrint, Keith, Case, Peter
Value incongruity and strategic choice.Business, generalLachman, Ran, Pant, P. Narayan
'What happens when the phone goes wild?': staff, stress and spaces for escape in a BPR telephone banking work regime. (business process reengineering)Business, generalMcCabe, Darren, Knights, David
Why are these islands of conscious power found in the ocean of ownership? Institutional and governance hypotheses explaining the existence of business groups in Sweden.Business, generalCollin, Sven-Olof
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