Journal of Management Studies 1997 - Abstracts

Journal of Management Studies 1997
Accounting for management and managing accounting: reflections on recent changes in the UK.Business, generalEzzamel, Mahmoud, Willmott, Hugh, Lilley, Simon
Animating the pioneer versus late entrant debate: an historical case study.Business, generalBryman, Alan
Asset productivity turnaround: the growth/efficiency challenge.Business, generalWinn, Joan
A UK 'hands-off' venture capital firm and the handling of post-investment investor-investee relationships.Business, generalSweeting, R.C., Wong, C.F.
Benchmarking as a mixed metaphor: disentangling assumptions of competition and collaboration.Business, generalMann, Leon, Samson, Danny, Cox, Julie R. Wolfram
Born again? The ethics and efficacy of the conversion experience in contemporary management development.Business, generalAckers, Peter, Preston, Diane
Changing of the guard: the influence of CEO socialization on strategic change.Business, generalFondas, Nanette, Wiersema, Margarethe
Cognitive inertia in a turbulent market: the case of UK residential estate agents.(Special Issue: Thinking in Organizations)Business, generalHodgkinson, Gerard
Contextual determinants of strategic planning processes. (includes appendix)Business, generalYasai-Ardekani, Masoud, Haug, Ralph S.
Contextual influences on executive selection: firm characteristics and CEO experience.Business, generalDatta, Deepak K., Guthrie, James P.
Contextual influences on thinking in organizations: learner and tutor orientations to organizational learning.(Special Issue: Thinking in Organizations)Business, generalThomas, Alan B., Al-Maskati, Huda
Entrepreneurial intentions and outcomes: a comparative causal mapping study. (includes appendix)(Special Issue: Thinking in Organizations)Business, generalJohnson, Gerry, Jenkins, Mark
Flexibility in strategic decision making: informational and ideological perspectives.Business, generalDean, James W., Jr., Sharfman, Mark P.
Green business: technicist kitsch? (impact of green business literature on organizational ecochange)Business, generalHarte, George, Newton, Tim
'How would you measure something like that?': quality in a retail bank.Business, generalMcCabe, Darren, Knights, David
Integrating the crisis management perspective into the strategic management process.Business, generalPreble, John F.
Japanese interfirm networks: exploring the seminal sources of their success.Business, generalEdwards, Clive T., Samimi, Rod
Job insecurity and labour market lemons: the (mis)management of redundancy in steel making, coal mining and port transport.Business, generalTurnbull, Peter, Wass, Victoria
Making the matrix matter: strategic information systems in financial services.Business, generalScarbrough, Harry
Middle management's strategic influence and organizational performance.Business, generalFloyd, Steven W., Wooldridge, Bill
Middle managers and the employee psychological contract: agency, protection and advancement.Business, generalJames, Philip, Hallier, Jerry
Multiple stakeholder orientation in UK companies and the implications for company performance.Business, generalGreenley, Gordon E., Foxall, Gordon R.
Patterns of 'mock bureaucracy' in mining disasters: an analysis of the Westray coal mine explosion.Business, generalPrasad, Pushkala, Hynes, Timothy
Perceptions of strategic priorities, consensus and firm performance.Business, generalBowman, Cliff, Ambrosini, Veronique
Seeing isn't believing: understanding diversity in the timing of strategic response.Business, generalBarr, Pamela S., Huff, Anne S.
Soft and hard models of human resource management: a reappraisal.Business, generalMcGovern, Patrick, Stiles, Philip, Truss, Catherine, Gratton, Lynda, Hope-Hailey, Veronica
Strategic technology management in a mid-corporate firm: the case of Otter Controls. (includes appendices)Business, generalJones, Oswald, Smith, David
The cognitive and behavioral dimensions of organizational learning in a merger: an empirical study.(Special Issue: Thinking in Organizations)Business, generalRamanantsoa, Bernard, Leroy, Frederic
The consultancy process - an insecure business?Business, generalSturdy, Andrew
The influence of institutional and task environment relationships on organizational performance: the Canadian construction industry.Business, generalOliver, Christine
The thin line between advanced and conventional new technology: a case study on paper industry management.Business, generalLaurila, Juha
TQM and BPR: beyond the beyond myth. (total quality management; business process reengineering)Business, generalDe Cock, Christian, Hipkin, Ian
Transacting in the state of union: a case study of exchange governed by convergent interests.Business, generalRing, Peter Smith
Understanding configuration and transformation through a multiple rationalities approach.Business, generalDyck, Bruno
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